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hi there at brankic,

just saw the theme update here. bugs that still didn’t make it into your update:

> comment avatars are still displayedin hexagons by default which can’t be changed :((eg:

> the catcha block on the contact form is still too wide and overflowing the area :((eg:

would be cool if the next update could fix these, maybe along with an option to set an individual color value in addition to the predefined ones. :)

thanks so much for your continuous work on this awesome theme!



> You can disable hexagon mask if you add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.comment div .item-mask {
  background: none;

> Sorry for missing that – I’ll try to fix it in next update for sure.

> About changing colors: I think it’s easier for users to edit one of existing color schemes by editing css.colors/color-COLOR.css

Hi. I love the theme. I’ve got it looking just how I want it now.

However, I’ve only just realised that it doesn’t display properly on my phone. Ideally I’d like my site to look the same on all devices. I’ve seen the bit in FAQs about editing the CSS in various files but I just can’t see where to do this. I can edit the Header php bit in editor, but can’t see an option for changing the CSS or even accessing the files.

Is this something I should have done before installing the theme? I’m also worried because earlier in the forums I’m sure you asked one user not to edit the CSS because all changes would be lost when updating the theme ….

Excuse me if this seems like a stupid / naive question, this is the first theme I’ve ever bought! I have very little experience in editing themes etc although I’ve used wordpress for a relatively long time.

Thanks for your help.


I can’t make option in admin panel for everything :) This is why there is no option for removing responsiveness for different devices. You should follow instructions you saw (you have to edit CSS files on your computer and then upload it back to server)

Since, responsive layout isn’t that popular nowdays, I’ll add an option for disabling it in next update…

When I click on the grid in between the arrows in a portfolio item, it doesn’t direct me back to the Portfolio, but to a page that says “No posts were found.”

What am I doing wrong?

You have to define parent page for each portfolio item (last option below the editor)

Is there a way to have a banner or text/image above the slideshow on the homepage?


Not without editing header.php (beyond our support)

Anyone else getting any answers from support? I have had the same problems for weeks and just keep getting an automated message into my email apologizing for not being available. But it’s now gone on for a month! Whats happening?

Please don’t exaggerate. There was a period when we couldn’t provide support, but it’s mentioned to ask the question via this comment section.

We still have some personal obligations, but we’re giving our best to answer all questions…

Hi, If I have the home page set as the “Blog” I’m not able to see the blog styles take effect as shown in the demo, “Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, etc”


you have to disable Post page setting in Settings -> Reading.

If you have same slug for pages and category there could be some problems in a way WP choose layout.

Try to use default permalink setting to see if it’s a slug conflict…

Ah never mind! Sorry I overlooked something. Sorry.

Theme is great. Mostly set up but just a couple of problems I can’t find a solution for:

1. Somehow I have broken the site navigation on the mobile version. This seems to only affect the static home page. Appears fine on all my other pages.

2. Can’t get thumbnail version of featured images to work on by blog page. No matter what i do, images appear in full width.

3. The gallery images I’m using in my blog posts aren’t working – I get the following error: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exists.

4. I can’t get the slider to work on my homepage. I know this should be the easiest thing, extra images set and everything, but just not working!



1. Can’t help you :(

2. It’s always full width (unless you choose layout 3)

3. May I see th eURL?

4. Try to disable all plugins to see if they are making conflicts…

Hi, I was hoping you could help me figure out how to set up a child theme for this template? I’ve created all the files and a child theme folder and added ”@import url(’../bigbangwp/css/style.css’);” to my child theme’s css. However any styles I’m adding here don’t seem to be taking effect… any ideas?


For some reasons this theme isn’t child ready – I’ll try to fix it in next update…

does anybody have a problem downloading the xml (demo content file) ? I tried several times but still does not work… I deleted all the posts/comments/categories/etc but still fails.. can anybody help me out :(?? email me please !


On some servers there is timeout and file can’t be imported. Check it with your hosting provider…

Hi. I seem to have lost the footer to the theme. How do I get that back, and how do i edit it?

Footer is managed via widgets. Appearance -> Widgets footer sidebars

hi brankic,

images within portfolio items used to open in a lightbox, right? this is not the case any more (i just noticed it, maybe it’s related to the last update?). please let me know how to fix this…




It’s working now – have you fixed this?

How can I adjust the font sizes and strength in the footer? You’ve done that in the upper portion of the footer in your demo page and I’d like to do something like that. The default text is just too small. Thanks!

I haven’t used any special style in footer. I’m using Text widget with some basic HTML tags (strong)

Hi there – great theme. I’d like to change the Font size of the Caption and Description images used within the homepage slider. Please let me know which stylesheet / page to modify, thanks

Add something like this to Extra CSS
.flex-caption {

Hi. Sorry for another question, but I promise this is the last one. Is it possible to link the portfolio pages to the About page instead? We are a using the hexagons on the front page to describe our work, but we are new and don’t quite have a portfolio yet. We would like this to point to the About page until we have more work to showcase. Is this possible? Thanks in advance; it is much appreciated.

You should install some kind of redirection plugin and define it manually..

Hi I posted yesterday about making my site appear the same on phones and computers.

I should clarify. I can see no style css to edit. All I get is this ….


Theme Name: BigBang Theme URI: Description: For all updates, please follow us on Twitter (Brankic1979) Author: Brankic1979 Author URI: License: GNU General Public License License URI: license.txt Version: 1.7.7


/* CSS changes can be made in files in the /css/ folder. This is a placeholder file required by WordPress, so do not delete it.


1.7.7 Brankic shortcodes fix for WP3.5 (includes/bra_shortcodes.js) 1.7.6 Replaced get_theme_data() with wp_get_theme() (functions.php) Icon box shortcode added alt attribute to icon (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Hide ALL button if there are no portfolio subcats (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Help file Custom field don’t vanish if quick edit is perform (includes/bra_custom_fields.php) Full width contact pop-up can’t scroll on mobile fix (page-contact-2.php) Image distortion on pages on smaller devices fix (javascript/custom.js) Portfolio item 404 error fix(includes/bra_theme_functions) Hide featured image empty space fix (javascript/custom.js) 1.7.5 Slider fix (double navigation and external URL) (,, single.php) 1.7.4 Portfolio shortcode hover fix (javascript/bra_shortcodes.js), Google map disable scroll (javascript/google_map_plugin.js) If there is no featured image fix (javascript/custom.js) Blog page with multiple sliders – (, Shortcodes in text widgets – (includes/bra_theme_functions.php) 1.7.3 Portfolio slider pop-up fix ( 1.7.2 Fix for portfolio slider on iPad (portrait) (css/blog.css) Minor fix in portfolio shortcode (if there is no title attribute, no title will be use) (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Portfolio slider pop-up image if there is no URL provided ( Contact form drop down style fixed (css/style.css) Fixed issue on some servers (bra_create_portfolio_select.php) 1.7.1 1/2 + 1/2 shortcode fix (includes/bra_shortcodes.js) FB Like button fix for posts ( New XML file 1.7 New shortcode engine (should work on all servers) (includes/bra_shortcode_.php, includes/bra_shortcodes.js) New parameter for centered title shortcode – top margin (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Spacing issues on blog and category pages (index.php, page-blog-1-6.php, single.php) Photostream pages fix if there is no title, or title is too long (custom.js) Heading fix (css/style.css) Blog single images with prettyPhoto pop-up (single.php) New option – Hide number of comments if there are no comments (index.php, page-blog-1-6.php, single.php, includes/bra_admin_3.php) XSS safety search fix (index.php) XSS contact form fix (includes/ajax.recaptcha.php) XSS minor fix (footer.php, header.php) Blog titles hover bug (css/blog.css) Blockquote paragraph fix (css/style.css) Shortcodes fix for empty paragraphs (includes/bra_theme_functions.php, includes/bra_shortcodes.php) No title gap fix (page.php) Facebook share pop-up z-index fix (css/blog.css) 1.6 Shadow issue on fixed menu in stretched version (css/style-stretched.css) Removing image from blog pages if there is no featured image defined (javascript/custom.js) Fix for images with height attribute in blog posts (javascript/custom.js) Better solution for email from field in contact form (includes/bra_admin_3.php, includes/ajax.recaptcha.php) Slider width fix for pages with sidebar (css/flexslider.css) Fix for number of comments on blog pages (index.php, page-blog-1-6.php) Blog pages fix for sidebar (page-blog-1-6.php,,, javascript/jquery.flexslider.js) Portfolio thumb fix for extra large images (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) CSS fix for contact full width map on small devices (css/style.css) Portfolio single navigation only through same category (includes/ambrosite-post-link-plus.php, functions.php) 1.5.2 Minor fix in page.php Bad code in javascript/jquery.isotope.min.js Full width contact page fix for pop up title (page-contact-2.php) Fix for fixed height in portfolio shortcode (javascript/jquery.isotope.min.js) 1.5.1 Pop-up video auto start is changed to false (javascript/prettyPhoto.js) Featured image and slider can be shown on blog pages (page-blog-1-6.php) Hide featured image is working on single posts (single.php) Fix for full width blog pages (css/blog.css) 1.5 Blog single and blog page full width layout (single.php, page-blog-1-6.php, includes/bra_admin_2.php, css/blog.css) Portfolio layout with fixed height (includes/bra_shortcodes.php, includes/shortcodes_portfolio.php, includes/bra_shortcodes_options.js, javascript/jquery.isotope.min.js) Some transaltion issues (includes/bra_pagenavi.php, single.php, page-blog-1-6.php, footer.php languages/en_EN.po/mo) Full width contact map fix for iPhone (css/style.css) Cients grid URLs are oppened in prettyPhoto pop-up. (javascript/custom.js) 1.4 Fix for Circle and Hexagon shape elements (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) If title is hidden, divider is added (page.php, page-contact.php, page-blog-1-6.php) Portfolio shortcode fix for deleted categories (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Pagination fix for blog pages (page-blog-1-6.php) Large Flickr photostream fix for some users (javascript/bra.photostream.js) Typo in Brankic Custom Fields (includes/bra_custom_fields.php) Disable hover option for portfolio layout (includes/shortcodes_portfolio.php, includes/bra_shortcodes.php, includes/bra_shortcodes_options.js) 1.3 Portfolio shortcode can use Blog categories now(not only Portfolio ones) (includes/shortcodes_portfolio.php, includes/bra_shortcodes.php) Blog posts with video will show video on featured image place (single.php, page-blog-1.php, page-blog-2.php, page-blog-3.php, page-blog-4.php, page-blog-5.php, page-blog-6.php) Extra images fix for portfolio items and posts (includes/bra_custom_fields.php) 1.2 Show/hide pinned menu on scroll option added to Brankic Panel (includes/bra_admin_1.php, includes/bra_theme_functions.php) Additional HTML option for portfolio single posts (includes/bra_custom_fields.php, single-portfolio_item.php) Added comments on single portfolio posts (single-portfolio_item.php) Extra CSS moved to the end of page source (header.php and footer.php) 1.1.3 Grid layout fix for Chrome (javascript/custom.js) 1.1.2 Fix for 1.1.1 (Grid layout fix if images aren’t proportional (javascript/custom.js)) 1.1.1 Local bg image fix (footer.php) Grid layout fix if images aren’t proportional (custom.js) 1.1. Added updates to Dashboard (includes/twitter.js, includes/bra_admin_functions.php) Removed subtitle custom field for single posts (includes/bra_custom_fields.php) z-index fix for shortcode pop-up window (includes/bra_admin_style.css) Fix for not closed tags in portfolio excerpts (includes/bra_theme_functions.php) Option for defining number of Extra images (includes/bra_admin_1.php,, function.php, includes/bra_custom_fields.php, includes/bra_theme_functions.php) Twin slides option for portfolio items (, includes/bra_custom_fields.php ) Home page link in pinned menu fixed (javascript/header.js)) Fix for iPhone resolution boxed version layout (css/style.css) 1.0.7. iPhone portrait orientation layout fix (css/style.css), Portfolio bug on touch devices (javascript/custom.js) 1.0.6. Some minor changes in help file and photostream plugin. 1.0.5. 2nd submenu fix (css/style.css), shortcode button popup z-index fix (includes/bra_admin_style.css), default_translation file added and fixed translation issues (functions.php, includes/bra_theme_functions.php, single-portfolio_item.php, page-contact.php, page-contact-2.php), if Latest posts is seleted for home page title is added (index.php) 1.0.4. Fixed pinned menu (javascript/header.php) 1.0.3. Added links in help file 1.0.1. & 1.0.2. ThemeForest approval issues


This is unlike another blog I run where the style css actually appears on this screen (the first one you see under ‘Appearance’ then ‘Editor’. Is it maybe because I imported the demo content at the very beginning maybe?

Thanks for your help. I have wasted hours trying to sort this and I’m extremely frustrated now. I can’t change it in the orginal files I downloaded when I purchased the theme either (said I didn’t have permission) HELP!


You can’t access CSS files in folder css via Dashboard. You’ll have to edit it on your computer, or via File manager on your hosting…

This is very good responsive theme ans simple to use. One thing missing is high resolution feature for the images. Portfolio images become blurry. Is there coming an update about that or is there any other way to fix it? I’d like my site to be both responsive and retina ready.


thanks, but we’re not planning to make it Retina ready :(

It seems like help is absent, so let’s help eachother. Place a mailadress in your posts, and let’s make this happen !

Does anyone know how to add the masonry style, like here: I cannot find it in the shortcodes. Or is it only possible with Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and not with inserting images ? Mail me at


You must have featured images with different sizes. In that case masonry style will be used.

Can anyone please tell me, how i change the contact page style? i seem not to be able to put it from full width to whatever option there is (halfwidth?)?

i don’t want the map to be so big. where is that option? thx, love that theme!

OK i found it out!! still can’t figure out to apply filters for portfolio… :(

To apply filters, you must have posts orginized by categories and one parent category. If you choose this parent category in portfolio shortcode, subcats will be filters…

Quick question – how do I change the font/menu color from the default grey?

We’re not offering support on these kind of issues. I suggest to use Inspect Element feature of Chrome/Firefox and add additional rule declarations to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel…