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For those who want to start a portfolio, follow these steps:

- 1: make a new page - 2: name it “Portfolio” - 3: click on “visual” - 4: click on the little icon - 5: chose whatever you wish to use

Important in webdesign: start playing around, try things and look if it suits you. Trial and error … You’ll find the numbers back on this visual

Thank you very much on this tutorial.

Most people are afraid to click on icons :)


I have two questions:

1. My portfolio items often include a video demo of animation and interaction followed by static images. Is there a way that videos and images can be displayed in the same window of the portfolio item display?

2. If I’ve edited the CSS, will this be overwritten if I update the theme?



Our slider doesn’t allow videos, so this is the only way to show both videos and images on one page.

If you edit CSS files, it will be overwritten. If you add Extra CSS it won’t.

You can update the theme manually, via FTP, so just skip edited files and check change log in style.css…

Thanks for the reply.

How would I go about replacing the slider with something like easyrotater that supports both images and video ?

Would this require much development or can I just change the reference to the slider plugin? If so, where do I edit this?


There should be no theme development if you want to use any well coded plugin. Just remove all Extra Images to avoid plugin conflict with our script…

Hi is it possible to exchange the contact form “success” into a “thank you site” via redirector? its then measurable as conversion goal, or do u think of another solution via GoogleAanalytics ?

best regards

To change any of these custom text, you’ll have to edit default .po file in folder languages, or to edit page-contact.php

How do i change the color to a custom value? I changed the blue.css values and some items are still not changed or have gone transparent. Please advise, thanx.

If you want to change some styles, learn to use Inspect Element feature of Firefox/Chrome

Hi, I’m using this theme in combination with Capa ( a plugin to hide content on a wp-site – )

But when I install following happens :
-When I’m logged in it show everything as it should
-But when I’m not it hides my Portfolio items ( even if I set the settings from Capa so everyone can see everything, so all my checkboxes are checked )

Can someone help me please?

Thanks !


We can’t give support on issues related to 3rd party plugins…


Is there a way to adjust the height of the hover only to cover the picture but not the text below it as well?? Otherwise it just is a loooooong, ugly block over every image.

If not, can’t there be another option to have some other hover effect (even just dimmed image on rollover) instead of disabling it which causes even more confusion because a visitor wouldn’t know if the subject is clickable or not…

Thank you!


I can only give you the Extra CSS for opacity of hover (you can find this in FAQ ).
.item-info-overlay {
  background: rgba(249, 110, 91, 0.5);

Also one more thing, if you go to the homepage; you’ll notice the description under the slider images mixed up in between (give it a second looking at it, you’ll notice) and the third extra image shows up the first instead of the first image and it stucks for a while.

This started to happen ever since I disabled the sliders in single portfolio. (to do that, I input the code you provided into the Extra CSS and deleted some code in single.portfolio.php)

Thanks again!!


I can’t figure it out what’s wrong there :(

Hi, I have a banner image that I want to span the full 960 pixels, is there any way to have the links, still in the same position, basically overlaid or floating on top of my image? Right now they end up being bumped under the banner image Thanks!


You’ll have to edit core theme files (of course basic knowledge of WP development is necessary)

How do I have portfolios show up on my home page? Whats the difference between a portfolio and a page?

Portfolio is a shortcode which can be used on any page you want (without sidebar)

not so good in Wordpress. Where do I go to edit my footer? If anyone could help me who bought this one it would be great. Feels like it would take time before the Author see it. thanks!

Please read the help file.

Footer is managed via Appearance -> Widgets…

Hi, I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to center the logo and have the menu sit below it in the header? 2. When you scroll over thumbnail images, is there a way to take off the Category listing and just have the description appear?

Thanks in advance!

1. You can’t center the logo easily. You can hire someone who is good in CSS to try to use some Extra CSS

2. Yes, Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info-overlay h4 {display:none;}

I’ve put this in my css but not working, why?

h1 { font-size:42px; line-height:44px; }

It depends where you put it (in CSS file, in Extra CSS)

May I see the URL of the page?

I put it in extra css and the h1 size doesn’t change at all should I put it in the css file?

Hi? Portfolio page 10 Items The rest of the portfolio items display the next page how?

You can’t have pagination on portfolio, sorry…

Hi, is it possible to use regular blog posts for the portfolio? I don’t need a blog, and hope to retain better compatibility with other themes. Thanks


Yes you can use normal category in portfolio shortcode. Just select it from the drop down menu in portfolio shortcode pop-up…

hello, great theme! I need to insert an image gallery (like nextgen) within the space “additional html” ... how can I do? Li’s wrong with php, right? thanks

You can’t add it in Additional HTML field. Why don’t you use it in normal posts? You can choose “normal” categories in portfolio shortcode…

How do you turn off the comments for portfolio items?

You’ll have to do it manually for each item, or you can delete this line from single-portfolio_item.php

Hi and congats for your good job. I have 3 questions. 1. Can i have more than 9 pics in my portfolio page? how? 2.i have loose my progress bar for the skills i only have the ratio who appears. i don t know why 3.How do you get the bord for sending a message in contact page? thanks


1. In slider? You can define number of extra images in Brankic Panel

2. If you haven’t edited any of core files, check if some plugin is in conflict with our script (disable all plugins and try again)

3. Don’t understand, sorry…

How do you get a square color button, like in the preview the “home” button. i’d like have my first page title in color. thanks again

Use Brankic Shortcode button and Button shortcode…

Hi, I have done a stupid thig I was writting on Team menu from my site and I have save the changes when I realized that I delet somethig from the code I don´t see any more the bars form Our Skills Could you please tell me what I am missing? Thanks

Our Skills bra_graph_container bra_graph Title=”Ilusión” Percent=”100” bra_graph Title=”Desilusión” Percent=”5” [bra_graph Title=”SEO” Percent=”75”]

There are revisions so you can revert old version of this page.

In the code you’ve posted I don’t see opening and closing brackets…

Hi there,

Firstly id like to try and get the slider to work full width and to use a dynamic slider (with big typography) like Revolution. Then id like to move the “statement” wording down below the slider (hello and welcome) so the slider then fits tightly up against the nav. How easy is this to do?

Everything else works perfectly but I need a dynamic slider to promote some skills and my feature film photography. Under different circumstances id be inclined to leave everything as is but I need a way to push BIG statements to go with the “BIG BANG” design!!!!

Cheers Andrew

its ok – they were general pre-purchase questions before i started my own portfolio. ive had to start it so for now im trying a different theme but im sure ill be back

goodluck as I love your style Andrew

Sorry, I thought you’re using our theme without purchasing :(


no problem – good luck with the theme