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How do you add the “Portfolio Filters” to the portfolio page? I want for it to say ALL/PRINT/WEB/IDENTITY….like how it is on the live preview. Anybody know? Thanks.

You must have category SOMENAME and subcats print, web, identity. Add your posts (with featured images) into thee subcats and in portfolio shortcode pop-up window choose SOMENAME

There seems to be strange styling happening on my site all of a sudden. The word “Comment” is no longer fitting into the comment box when looking at a post.

Screenshot –

site –

Can you please help!


Hi Sean,

It’s because Disqus plugin. This issue is solved in latest version of Bigbang. (Check the FAQ about updating the theme )

Hi Brankic, How can I reduce the height of the menu buttons? To let you understand better I want to reduce the hight of ABOUT and CONTACTS in this website

Is it possibile to change the size of the titles? Like SHORT BIO, TRAINING, ECC.. I can’t find them in the css

Thanks a lot Valerio

Hi Valerio,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#primary-menu ul li a {
  font-size: 16px;

Thanks a lot Brankic, it works very well but is it possible also to change the side of the buttons in the primary menu? I don’t know what I have to change in the style.css. I would like to resize the heigh and width.

Hi again,

You should increase padding
#primary-menu ul li a {
  padding: 27px 25px;

Don’t change anything in style.css. Add these codes to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel…

How do I reorder the categories on the Portfolio page? My categories are not the same as yours are in the template.

Also, is there a forum or something where people ask you questions? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have answered this, but I don’t have the time to scroll through 100 pages to find the answer and I don’t think I can search the comments.


There is no forum. Only HELP FILE, FAQ section (with answer to your question) and this thread.


Hello, If I want to add a image instead of background color behind the DATE BOX, can I do it ?

Like this , there is a post it note behind the date of the posts….


We’re not supporting such a specific issue. You must have CSS knowledge and add some Extra CSS in Brankic Panel…

I hope you understand…

sending e-mail doesn’t works in the contact page


Have you configured Brankic Panel -> Contact page properly?

Hello again :)

I got a short question:

Is it possible to link the whole portfolio circle with a project? I mean instead of clicking on the project headline inside the circle.

The whole circle should be a link :)

I found this:

But that didn’t work for me :(

Here’s my website:

Thanks for helping me! Great support!!! :)


Hi ndreyn,

Sorry, but you can’t edit shaped portfolio that way.

Hey, On the demo page of the HTML version ( I do not see an example of the Masonry style, like you have in the WP theme ( Is the HTML version an exact copy of the WP theme, and are all the same features possible (including the Masonry portfolio) ? Thanks for clearing that out.

Hey B, hope you you feel better now and that all your personal issues are resolved. Sorry, but your answer is not quit clear to me. I wish to change from WP to HTML to add more personal features, so I’ll buy the HTML template. But because I didn’t see the Masonry option in your HTML template, I just wondered if the coding of Masonry is included in the template. So, the HTML template has the same features (including Masonry) as the WP ? Thanks for clearing that.


As I said, Masonry effect doesn’t use special script – it all depends on the thumb sizes. If thumbs have different heights masonry effect will be used. In fact, masonry script is always active, but if the images have same height, there is no way to use masonry effect…

Cool, thanks!

Hi, I love this theme! However, my boss would really like the logo centered in between the menu bar. Is there anyway I can edit the alignment or enter some css code into the brankic page that would allow me to do this? Please help!

Thank you!


Not that easy. You can try to add some Extra CSS, but you’ll have to find freelancer to do that – we’re not providing such a support, sorry…


thnx for the nice template. I also bought zigzag before and i miss one feature i need in this template. The feature to put all pages under each other instead of all separate pages. Is it easy for me to add this feature? For instance copy some code from the functions.php form zigzag into Bigbang? Will be nice if you can help me out. thnx!


Sorry, but it’s not easy at all – a lot’s of scripts and styles are involved.

Thanks for buying our themes…

Hey there,

Ive just noticed that you havent been answering posts on here for over 7 days and as mine was sent over 24hrs ago it seems its on a very long waiting list. Is this standard for your replies? Every other business at least seems to get back within a few days but I do appreciate you may not have the infrastructure to cope with all these questions.

No problem though as the design is amazing and I can see why everyone wants a part of the action

Good luck


this is not usual, but right now we’re in the middle of some private stuff (home renovation, knee surgery before that…)

In a 10 days we’ll be answering posts in 48hrs…

Disregard that last comment I am new to using wordpress… it was on my error.

Could you please tell me the CSS I should add to your panel to remove the section title from each page. Great theme, and thank you in advance for answering my question.

You can do it for each page manually (there is Brankic Custom Field below the editor) Extra CSS is
.section-title h1.title {
  display: none;

Disregard last comment; I found the option you included. Sorry for asking before thoroughly looking around.

Never mind – someone else could read this…

A Byer of BigBang Hi, I have done a stupid thig I was writting on Team menu from my site and I have save the changes when I realized that I delet somethig from the code I don´t see any more the bars form Our Skills Could you please tell me what I am missing? We want to show up our website for the end of this month Thanks a lot

Our Skills bra_graph_container bra_graph Title=”Ilusión” Percent=”100” bra_graph Title=”Desilusión” Percent=”5” [bra_graph Title=”SEO” Percent=”75”]

I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name

ps: use revisions…

On my calendar page when I click “Agenda,” “Categories,” or “Tags” I get the “Choose Your Style” vertical drop down that is on your theme demo. How do I disable this?

I see.

Well, I would suggest to remove this panel completely from the code. Open footer.php (Appearance -> Footer) and delete DIV with ID = “panel”

I tried this and it still didn’t remove the “Choose Your Style” box when Agenda or Category is clicked on the calendar page. To be clear I tried deleting and I tried deleting all of the options listed under this. Nothing seemed to get rid of the “Choose Your Style” box. Any other ideas?


I really don’t know how this panel appears when it isn’t in the source :(

I just purchased BigBang and love it so far. I am having trouble creating a portifilio page. Is there basic instructions somewhere?

Also, how can I make all the pictures on my front page the same size?


Thanks for purchasing. Of course, there are instructions. They’re in the Help file in the ZIP you’ve downloaded.

For any slider it’s the best practice to edit your images before uploading. You can optimize it’s size and dimensions…

Hi I purchased this theme (BigBang) and when I upload it to wordpress, it looks nothing like what you have advertised on your website in the live preview. The theme is completely blank. I want it to look like what I see on your live preview. Please tell me what to do. Thanks.


Please read the help file – section Importing Demo Content…

Hi, is there any way to make the width of the website wider? I noticed that your demo website’s width is wider than mine. The reason why I want to make it wider is because I want the slideshow of the single portfolio page to be big enough (wide enough)!Let me know


It’s not possible, sorry…

You can try to hire freelancer, but it can’t be done without a couple of days editing files…