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Hello, Thank you for the wonderful theme. I was wondering if it is possible to add a copyright footer to your theme and how I would go about doing so. Thanks


it’s easy – use Text widget in Appearance -> Widgets in footer sidebars…

Hello, I have a question about portfolio page. I use 3 columns and when the last row has less than 3 items, the items flush right. Is there a piece of code that I can make it flush to the left. Here is the link to my site

Thank you for your work.

Sorry the site was being worked on. I reloaded all of the theme files as well as Wordpress but still have the same issue. If you can check again I would appreciate it. Thanks – t (bottom row is going flush to the right)


image heights aren’t the same. Sometimes masonry effect doesn’t seems logical, but it is :)

You can fix the height in the shortcode and all items will be aligned…

That worked! Thank you for your assistance -t

I finally got my portfolio page to set up and everything works fine except for the pop up window when you click the portfolio icons. I’m not sure what thats called, but it doesn’t work with any of my vimeo video links it just continues to load and never stops. It works with youtube though, but I most of my work is on vimeo.

my site is

Help me fix this and thanks!

As I can see Vimeo videos are working fine. What was the problem (please share it for other users)

Just wondering if there are any tutorials on using this theme? I am trying to create a layout for our team the same as in your demo view, but, I can’t work it out!


Every theme here on ThemeForest has it’s own help file. Just look in the ZIP you’ve downloaded and you’ll find our help file…

Hi! The first question. How does the preview excerpt in the portfolio? Some texts end with ”...”, others continue! Second, it is possible to accept PHP to the “Additional HTML”? thank you very much!


Script strips the text if there is too many words. Use Excerpt field to control the length of the text in this section. You can’t use PHP in Additional HTML, sorry :(

Hello Again!

I have a few more questions:

1. I started by using the demo website and changed my menu options by accident. I like the look but the issue is, I can’t seem to activate the drop down page options that come up when you scroll over parent pages in the menu bar. How can I fix this?

2. Is there any way I can create a border for portfolio images? (

3. How can I center the logo?

4. The Instagram photostream rarely loads… Is this an issue with the theme or with Instagram?

5. How can I create a form that can be sent to the contact email with this theme?


- Liz

1. You mus use Primary Menu in Appearance -> Menus

2. It’s Extra CSS and we’re not providing support for these kind of issue. It’s a <1hr job, so you should try to hire freeelancer

3. You can’t do that – it’s not <1hr job, but you shoudl try to hire freelancer for that too

4. It’s working just fine on our Live preview. Not sure what’s the problem on your side :(

5. You can customize email form in Brankic Panel -> Contact. Check the help file for detailed instructions…

Where is the PHP file for search results? I want to change the layout of the search results (removing the dates and the sidebar) but I can’t find the “search results” file anywhere…. it works effectively as a widget on my site, but I can’t find the actual file… Can you direct me to it?

Search results are in file index.php. You can copy index.php and name it search.php but before that, check the WordPress Codex…

I have a problem in the footer menu. It is difficult to explain..but it gets covered by another footer square.. What do I have to Check?

Thank you…again! :)


Not sure if this is because that add there, or something else – really weird…

Can you please tell me if the homepage is widgetized?

Homepage is just a normal page. Widgets are only in the footer and in the sidebar (if there is any)

Hello, I have another question. When you choose a portfolio for a page, you have the option to choose a shape, and my question is how do I make the shape in a mask, so that instead of a white background, it will show my background of my site? I saw in an early comment that you could do it by going into editor, but I could not find where I could change the image.

Thanks again, and sorry to have added to your list of questions


If you have mask, you have to edit images/mask-SHAPE.png It’s very hard to make the mask same color as background (unless it’s a solid color background)

I had a similar question to ndreyn. I was hoping to make the whole item linkable and remove the two icons (magnifying glass & link) but still have the hover/rollerover effect on the item.

Tried this code referenced here:

but no luck…Thanks and an outstanding theme by the way.


You can’t have whole area clickable on hover.



I would like to add the Contact Form to the website but don’t seem to find how? Can you help please?



Please read the help file.

Brankic Panel -> Contact page and use Contact template on any page you want…

Hello, yes I found it later and it’s beautifu. Thank you for your reply. Problem I’m facing now is the Captcha that doesn’t work. I have got public and private key (verified they are not swapped) but every time I try to send the form, it says Invalid Captcha. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, please? Even if you can point me to a right direction .. website link etc.


I’ll try it myself these days – maybe there is something with WP update and conflict with my reCAPTCHA script…


Thanks for the great theme.

I would like to add a header logo via css / html instead of via the ‘logo’ pic on the global page. For speed & SEO reasons & also because when I upload the logo it doesn’t line up properly in safari (but does in explorer). Where do I put my code?

All I need is a block of colour the length of the page, 3 lines, 1 line under it all.

My prev. code before using your theme is below.

I also need a footer along the same lines on each page.

Appreciate any advice.



container{width:1000px; margin:0 auto;}

topbar{width:auto; display:block; height:250px; background: #8AACE1; padding-bottom: 0; margin-bottom:0;background: #8AACE1;}

Co. Name.
Building Contractors - Est. 1996 -


sorry, but we can’t give support on this kind of issue. You should hire freelancer…

Is there any way to show the full post of blog posts? It’s an awesome theme but it’s quite important for me not having to make people enter each post on the blog to see all the images.

Hope you can help.

Best regards


You’ll have to replace the_excerpt() with the_content() in index.php and page-blog-X.php

Nevermind i figured it out by searching through the comments.

In case anyone else wonders then here’s the reply again:

“Hi, yes, to do that open page-blog-X.php (depending on blog template you’re using). After that replace the_excerpt(); with the_content(); To remove “continue reading” delete (from the same file)

<?php _e(‘Continue reading ?’, BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT); ?>

Yes, that’s the way you have to do it…

Hey Brankic! Thank you for this wonderful theme! Question: I have reordered the portfolio filters following the instructions in the FAQ. I have also made the portfolio being shorted on the now first filter, let’s say “Branding” and not “All” using this line

itemSelector : ’.item’, filter : ’.branding’, animationEngine : ‘jquery’,

So the tags now read Branding, All, Photos, Videos etc. and the page opens at Branding but still for some reason “All” is bold and not “Branding”

How can I change it so that when the page loads it reads: Branding, All, Photos, Videos etc

Thanks in advance!


You’ll have to add class current to 1st element.

To do this, add to Extra JavaScript
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$(".portfolio-nav li").removeClass("current");
$(".portfolio-nav li:first").addClass("current");

I think this should work…

How do I get my footer to look like the one in your demo site? I imported the demo content but there is no footer on my site. Thanks.


Have you read the help file – it’s explained there.

Appearance -> Widgets : footer sidebars…

Sorry, worked it out ages ago. Forgot I had posted. Thanks.

Hi I just have a question. I’ve uploaded the theme and added a new portfolio post but the portfolio page looks like the blog. You can view it here at

Also sometimes when I create say 2 or 3 columns the top of them never line up and looks a bit unprofessional. Do you have a fix for that too? Thanks

It was the slug issue and I can see you’ve fixed it :)

Can you create test page (hidden from menu) with this 2/3 columns on the top so I could see what’s the problem? Try to add border dividers before, or after these columns…

Is it possible to create galleries that are NOT images from Flickr, Instagram, etc. That are images just uploaded to the site? Thanks.


2/3/4 columns pages are made of images from the media library.

Each portfolio item is a single post, and image you see is featured image…

If you’ve answered this question previously I apologize, but wasn’t able to find it.

Using this layout with an email subscription service the “subscribe” button is displaying all white. I’ve tried both MadMimi and MailChimp and am having the same problem. Neither of their widget supports can solve the issue. Is there somewhere in the code or something I can add to Extra CSS to prevent this and have the button show up correctly.

Also, I’ve removed the mobile view. I love the layout as is and want it to show up the same on all platforms. I’m seeing two things I can’t fix. 1) the Next to and Centered Title text pulses when the page is refreshed on iphone (not a big issue, but wondering if you’ve seen/heard of it). 2) Website isn’t quite centered after mobile view removed on iphone (again not a big issue but if there is a way to fix it, I’d appreciate the info).

For reference, although not complete, my website is ( Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for the help.

Hi pstonej,

Maybe you’re using some plugin which is in conflict with our CSS. In that case I suggest to use some contact form plugin (contact 7)...

We’ve never tested this layout, but we’re planning to add an option for removing responsiveness for smaller screens so we’ll test it…