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I’m writing to ask about customizing the contact form’s contact us button. The default is a rounded rectangle and we’d like to use a regular rectangle. Please advise.



Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
input.submit, input.submit:focus, input.submit:active {
  border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px;

Had a quick question.. The blog is abled to go full width, correct? Basically I’m looking for a template where I don’t have the sidebar in the blog.


You can choose full page / sidebar layout for blog page and for blog single page…

One more question! How do I disable the “0 COMMENTS” in the blog section? I eliminated the comments all together – I wonder how to remove this. Thanks for the help!

Brankic Panel -> Blog -> “Hide number of comments if there are no comments”

There is no option for this. I have Brankic Panel -> Blog Page and there’s no option for hide number of comments… can you please help me?

Do you have latest version of our theme?

1: I need to add this meta tag <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”b5e064e1981b4372ea15be3ec329d05e” > to the <head> of my index.html file or equivalent. Can you please direct me as to how I can find the index.html file within Wordpress and where I need to update it?

2: Also, I can’t seem to get the widgets placed in the footer to properly display on any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and I love the theme so far, Bjorn


1. Open header.php (Appearance -> Editor) and add this code.

2. Add widgets to footer sidebars (Appearance -> Widgets)

Hi, I installed this theme the other day and love it very much. However, I’m having some teething problems with the blog element. I notice that in the preview version, you can have the feature image for a blog to be the video embedded itself and play straight from the main page…however for mine it shows up as a static screenshot of the video, and then when i click the link…it shows a massive version of the screenshot followed by the embedded file further down. What is the cause of this problem?

Also, on a similar note, the gallery function of the blog doesn’t seem to be working for me. As it just shows the gallery as a series of thumbnails within the blog text.

Any help on this will be much appreciated. I’m assuming that it requires some formatting of how the blog is categorized but I have no idea what it is..

Thanks! Gau


The Video URL custom field works if I start a new blog post, HOWEVER it doesnt seem to work with my existing posts..does it have something to do with me importing them from Tumblr? I really don’t want to have to redo all those posts again…

Secondly, I can’t for the life of me get the sliders to work on my posts. The older posts taken from Tumblr have them as thumbnails. When i tried to create a new post using the Extra Images as mentioned in your Help file, they don’t even show up. Please help!


Hi Gau,

Really don’t know what’s the problem. Try to disable all plugins and install latest version of BigBangWP.

Tried that. Disabled all my plugins and installed BigBangWP again. Same issue. For example:

I had imported a blog post previously with a youtube video. Before it was embedded into the post itself, therefore appearing below the title. Now based on Blog Template 6, I wanted the video to play above the main text. So I removed the embedded code, and instead placed the FULL Youtube link into the VideoURL Custom Fields. How no video appears at all.

FYI, I used the same link to create a new post and did the same thing and it worked fine. If you go to my Blog section, you will see both posts displayed.

This is driving me nuts! Please help…I’ll be willing to give you access if it means that you can find the main problem…

Thanks again, Gau

Hello Brankic,

I’m new in wordpres. I don’t know how to do the slide home in the bigban theme

Thank you


Hi Marta,

Slider is made of Extra images (on the right hand side of page editor, below featured image)

You can add slider to page/post/portfolio post and you can set any page as home page (Settings -> Reading)

Hi brankic, thanks for your help so far, I’m enjoying using the bigbang theme but would like to have the portfolio thumbnails show without the bottom banner with text/title on each one (so just an image that you click on to see it display larger). Is there a way to remove the bit at the bottom of the thumbnails but still have the title show when it enlarges the image after clicking on it?

thanks wendy

splendid! Can I also remove the white block from underneath each of the thumbnails?

Hi Brankic – I added this to the css .portfolio-grid ul li {background-color: transparent;}

which seems to work but now the spacing between each row of thumbnails is too big compared to the space in between. How can I make the space around each thumbnail the same?

You should add this to Extra CSS
.item-info {display:none;}

Hi, I have a couple questions on your Big Bang theme. I had started developing a site for a client using the theme, and now after waiting a month for the client to get my the content it seems like the portfolio hover is no longer working in Chrome (works in IE). So you have to click on the image for the overlay with project title and description to pop up. Is there any fix for that? Also you noted a new portfolio type in the latest update “Another portfolio without hover option (pop-up image)” – how can that be implemented?


In my Chrome it’s working just fine. All Chrome related problems were due some specific Chrome setting.

Update the theme and in the portfolio shortcode pop-up window you’ll be able to choose new hover option…

Hey there, Having used the CONTACT US form, the following message appears once clicking SEND – ‘Email Server Error’. The email message is still coming through to us so the form is working. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


There is workaround for this (not that smart, but it’s working)

Open page-contact(-2).php and replace “Email server error” message with “Thank you message”

To edit that file go to Appearance -> Editor…

I found the fix to my font issue in Chrome. I had the font locally installed since I was doing artwork, and found that it only affects the PC viewing the website:

Fix was to uninstall the font locally.


I hope this will be helpful for others…

Is there a way to make the portfolio item hover an entire link instead of just linking from the title and link icon? I still want the hover overlay action. ie. I want to be able to click anywhere when hovering over the item, and be taken to the link.


Sorry, but no.

You can use no hover option if you want to have bigger click area…


1. What’s the font name and how can I change different type for the page title?

2.I tried to block the slider but it turned out no images showing up at all. Could you please figure out?

Please see my question before regarding to question 2:

Hello Brankic, Could you please let me know how to change the featured slide show to a normal scroll down images on the single portfolio page? This is the demo of your page, the right side is like a slide show: Here is a example that what I want: I really just want the folio images show up vertically one by one. Would you be able to show me how to change the code? Thanks.

Brankic1979 AUTHOR 26 days ago Hi, Try to delete from (Appearance -> Editor) /* ADDITIONAL CODE FOR PORTFOLIO SLIDER */ jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(’#portfolio-slider’).flexslider({ animation: “slide”, slideDirection: “horizontal”, slideshow: true, slideshowSpeed: 3500, animationDuration: 500, directionNav: true, controlNav: false }); });

I see you’re not using our theme anymore :(

Changing Google Web Fonts is explained in the help file (it’s in Brankic Panel)

On firefox on my PC all the heading are cut in half. This seems to be ok on my mac however. Do you know why this is?

May I see the URL?

Hi Brankic, Questions about the slider:

- can I start the slider with a different image than ‘extra image 1’, e.g. ‘extra image 5’? - can I ‘fill’ the slider automatically with all images in a directory?

I try to make slideshows while keeping the design of your theme, that’s why I am asking.

Regards, Roger

Hi Roger,

You can control slider images only through Extra Images (no feeling from specific directory).

Check startAt parameter in and edit near the end of the file (to edit this file go to Appearance -> Editor)

I hope this helps…

Hi Brankic, Thanks for your help. I have found an acceptable solution for my problem with a plugin (Slideshow Gallery)... but unfortunately without your theme design.

What’s best for you…


I tried installing the XML for the same look as the demo.

I have the latest version of wordpress & the importer (just downloaded it) It doens’t give an error, but it only downloads the images to media tab, no posts, nothing else.

What happened?

Do you get the message that everything is done or you don’t get any message?

If you don’t get any message it’s due some low timeout setting on your server. Ask your hosting support about this issue…

Hello! How could I display the social buttons of your theme next to the menu? I tried to add a menu item but it doesn’t work. Maybe changing the “header” file? Thanks!

We don’t have header sidebar so only way is to tweak (yourself) header.php file…

How do you get the social icon sites to open in a new tab? Thanks

To open URLs in new tab/window add this code to Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
$(".social-bookmarks a").attr("target", "_blank")

that still isn’t fixing it… here is the page with the code

You have to add that code to Extra JavaScript, not Extra CSS (sorry for not being precise)

Hi, I have been having an issue with the contact form. I haven’t received any of the emails sent from it. It says that the emails have been sent successfully, but I never see them in my inbox or spam folder. My URL is

Thanks for your help!

Try to open You should see “success” text and empty email should cometo your inbox of the email you’ve defined in Brankic Panel -> Contact.


I cannot see the picture when I use the team member shortcode. I was having trouble with it before and you send me a link to a test page where it all looked correct, i pasted the code directly from this and the picture still didn’t appear. I tried using the shortcode button in the post but nothing happens when I click it. How can I fix this? Thanks

May I see the URL of your page with team member shortcode?

Hi, like a poster above I’m not receiving emails from my contact form. The form appears to be working correctly and I don’t see any errors but I’m just not receiving anything. For reference my URL is



Do you get empty email to the email address specified in Brankic Panel -> Contact page when you visit

What are the values in the Brankic Panel -> Contact for “Email from field” and “Insert the number of email field below” ?