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hello how i can fix the problems with my website browsing on a mobile phone? could you please let me know what i have done wrong? here is my website : and one more question i have set a box for subscribe to my newspaper and another box on the page pre-order how can i have two separate database for these emails? currently when i post a newspaper or update the preorder’s users will receive the updates also which I don’t want that!!! are there any special plug ins?

and last i believe the loading speed of my webpages are so low? can i change the settings or do i need to install a new plugins? thanks as always!


What’s wrong with the mobile view?

If you want more email forms, you should use some contact form plugin.

About slow loading – there’s nothing I can do. There are some plugins which speed things a bit, but I’m not a fan of these…

Hello, I’m a WordPress newbie, and am looking for some instructions on how to use the functions of this theme. Specifically, the short code options aren’t clickable for me to edit in my Page editor. I’ve turned off all of my plug-ins, but it’s still not working.

Looking for simple instructions to help me get started…thanks!

Please use latest version of our theme.

In help file is explained how to use theme specific features…

Hi there! I was wondering if it’s at all possible to get the blog to be seen on the homepage instead of just under the navigation ‘Blog’ link?

Of coruse it’s possible.

Hello, Thanks for this theme, it’s really good !

I’ve got a question : when your are on the 4 columns portfolio page, you’ve got two icons at the rollover = the left one open the pop-up gallery and the right one go directly to the page of portfolio item. I would like to conserve only the right one, I don’t want to open the pop-up gallery on this page. How can I do that ?

Thanks in advance ; )


Hi Arnaud,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

Hi! Thanks great theme! I’ve been using your theme for a while now and both I and my client loves it! But is there any way to take away the “magnifying glass” icon in the portfolio segment? So that just the “chain” link is visible. My client just want the “chain” link.

Thanks alot! /André

Hi Andre,

This is possible and it’s answered many time on this thread. I’d write the answer again, but I don’t see the purchased tag next to your name…

Simple question regarding portfolio images and thumbnails. I can’t figure out how to get the thumbnail show in the hexagon box in my portfolio page. You can hover over the area, and click the link to get to the images, but there’s no thumbnail to show what you’re clicking… I did use the shortcode, but I am afraid that i might not understand it as well as I should. I have attached the page which has the boxes, but you can’t see them unless you hover over it.


Does the posts in the category you’ve selected has Featured images set?

That was it! Thanks!


has the Contact Form code been updated? I checked the Twitter but can’t find any mention of an update or link to download the updated theme. Thank you.


No updates still for the contact form…

We used this template for our new company website and it works good, apart from the Twitter feed. The Twitter feed does not display unless you are logged in as administrator. How can we fix this? Thank you.

That’s weird. Try to use some other Twitter widget because I can see my Twitter feed even if I’m logged out.

Hi! we’ve been using your theme for a while now and we love it! But is there any way to take away the “magnifying glass” icon in the portfolio segment? So that just the “chain” link is visible. Thansk alot.


Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

Hi there. I have selected “No” for the “Show Panel” option in the Brankic Panel. Yet I am still seeing the “Choose Your Style” panel show up on my pages. What am I doing wrong?

Also, do you have a forum for paid customers to troubleshoot issues?

Thanks in advance.


Another user had the same problem and my solution is to delete the code for this panel completely from the code.

Appearance -> Editor : footer.php and delete DIV with id=”panel-admin”

No forum – only this thread…

Hello. First of all thanks for this great theme! I need some help here… When i’m into a portfolio section there is the image at the right and some info at the left side. Is there a way of showing the image full-with and no info?? Just the image slideshow but bigger?? My website is about showing images… so i need them to see big. Thanks for your help in advice!


You don’t have to use portfolio categories in portfolio shortcode. Use normal blog categories.

In Brankic Panel -> Blog you can disable sidebar in blog single posts…

Is there a help file that I can download for basic instructions?

Help file is included into the ZIP you’ve downloaded…

Hi, I had the same question as someone, and you said you were “providing support on disabling slider and post images one-by-one” for the single Portfolio page. I can’t find the information on how to do that. Can you explain?

Or alternatively, is it possible to use the single Sidebar layout page as the default Portfolio layout?


You can use normal posts for portfolio shortcode.

In next update there will be option to disable portfolio sidebar…

I am having a problem with the contact page – the “send message” form is all squished

please help!


It looks fine for me. What was the problem?

got it to work:) thanks so much though. love the theme!

I am wondering how you attribute the “categories” to the different page types – eg) category 14 is attributed to “Portraits” whish is then displayed in hexagon shaped things. How do i set the category “portraits” to be a number etc.. ??

In help file is explained how to obtain cat_id.

You can use Brankic Shortcode button in editor where you can choose category for portfolio shortcode without bothering about IDs…

Another issue is that the hexagon / circle / triangle shaped things always show the full picture first and then get masked by the shape – giving away the whole trick! is there a way to fix this?!

It depends of the speed of users connection. Yes, whole image appear first and there is no way we can hide it. Maybe there is some kind of image preloader plugin, but haven’t tried that…

Hello! Quick question, I have disabled the titles under the images at the bottom of the page in one portfolio category but do not want them disabled on the actual portfolio pages. Is there a way to do this? I have them in different portfolio categories.

disregard the above message, its a bit confusing when I read it… see below:

I have gotten the titles removed from but need to remove the grey boxes below the images and remove the titles when you click on the images and the image enlarges

and on the home page I need to get the purple boxes with the text removed!

also on the contact page I would like to add a bit of space below the header bar before the “contact” form it is a bit to close to the top


I think I have figured out all the issues here (sorry for all the comments) except the following:

Can you remove the titles over the preview boxes when you click on an image in portfolio?

Not that easy.

You have to edit javascript/custom.js and remove

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme and was wondering if you offer any custom work? I would like to add some additional taxonomies to the Portfolio custom post types. If you could kindly email me your hourly or per project rate to, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!


Sorry, but we’re not available for freelance/customization work:(

How can I reorder my loaded Portfolio Items?

Hi, First thing first….I love your theme.

I installed the bigbang theme on a fresh wordpress copy and I would like to create a child theme so I can update easier later.

Here is the code I used in wp-content/themes/bigbangwp-child/style.css /* Theme Name: BigBang Child Template: bigbangwp */ @import url("../bigbangwp/style.css"); The child theme activate with no problem but I doesn’t seem to load the CSS file when I inspect the source code.

Am I missing something here? Thanks again for the great job you are doing here!


Yesterday I’ve tried myself to create child theme and had the same problem like you. Haven’t got much time to figure what’s the problem :) but I think it’s because how I call main style.css. Try to add to function.php (of child theme) call to style.css

There’s no need for importing parent theme style.css (because of the way how I call it in BigBangWP)

Thank you, I´ll do that.