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Hi, I really like your theme. I have a few presales questions from my client.

1. I’m assuming you are able to change all the fonts using Google fonts?

2. Is it possible to have a background image only on the blog page?

3. Can you have more than one portfolio page? For example can she have a portfolio for painting, one for drawing, etc.?

4. Finally, she would like the contact page to go straight to an email window rather than filling out a form. Is this possible?

Thank you


1. Only titles are Google Web Fonts (and yes, you can choose any Google Web Font you want)

2. You can set separate background image for every page.

3. Yes you can. You can check our Live preview – Work sub/sub menu.

4. You can’t do that out of box or maybe you can. I’m answering to you from my phone, so I can’t check if custom menu accept
for URL.

Thank you for your answers. How then can I change the other fonts such as H1, H2, and body fonts? Thanks.

How do I implement a sub-menu like this from your theme: ALL / VIDEO / BRANDING / LOGO / VIDEO

And what do I need to do to get it to function/sort my images?

Thank you!

Please read the help file where portfolio shortcode is explained…

How do you get the masonry style to stagger?

How do you get the masonry style to crop in tighter on the images/items?

I have my featured images set. And I see the parameter height field in the shortcodes. But I still don’t understand what I need to do to get my images to stagger like you have in your live preview example: MASONRY with SAME ITEMS ALIGNED with NO FIXED HEIGHT ELEMENTS. Note: all of my portfolio images are formatted the same exact sizes.

If images have the same size – it’s not possible to have masonry effect. Images must be different if you want masonry effect.

thanks, that’s what I figured.


Is there a way for the Extra Images to retrieve their respective names/descriptions as caption/description as value and I would only further edit it if I need to? (Instead of manually re-inserting it everytime)


Sorry but no. Only values inserted in Extra Image fields are used (what if you want to use same image in more than one slider and you want to have different caption in each of these sliders?)

Hi! Great theme! Is the homepage a regular page, or is it widgetized? I would like to add an opt-in under the slider (full-width), would that be possible?



Home page is a regular page. Slider is always on the top of the page and other stuff are shortcodes.

Hello, as it is hard for me to explain my querstions in englaisin English I rather do it with images. first question : second question :

Thank you


To get your current menu item highlighted you must choose Primary menu in Appearance -> Menus.

Sliding graph shortcode seems to have some syntax error. May I see the URL of the page with graphs?

Hi. I’m underway with the Bigbang theme but I’m stuck on a couple of things. I’ve already successfully created a site using another theme so I’m not a total beginner BUT… a) My contact page only has a button. No form, and no map. What am I doing wrong? b) Loading OK into portfolio, but I just can’t get form this into creating a gallery.

I’ll much appreciate some help. Regards


Have you configured Brankic Panel -> Contact page?

Not sure if I understand your 2nd question :(

Thanks for the reply – I did eventually figure everything out. You’re right – I hadn’t fully configured it. Nice theme!


First off, great theme. I want to ask though how how can i resize the logo to be bigger? Right now even if I upload a larger image it still keeps the small 113×35 size. Thank you.

May I see the URL? Have you used full size or thumbnail?

Hi, I really like your template :-) compliments ! I wanted to ask for clarification is it possible

Demo content: Is it there a template with demo content like your live preview ?

Filter Portfolio: Can i enter many item into the filter (video, logo, photo, web, postcard,etc..) or is there a limit ?

Portfolio: Can i enter many photos i want or is there a limit ?

Tab Choose your style: Is possible turn off the tab “Choose your style” ?

WPML Multilingual: Your template is compatible with the plug-in WPML Multilingual ?

Section Portfolio The icons of the social network facebook etcc. can be linked to each photo of the portfolio ?

Basic structure menu and protected page: The operation of the menu items and protected pages are identical to those that i find in basic wordpress without your template

I’m sorry but I’m a beginner, I hope you do not take away a lot of time for my questions Thank you very very very much :-) !!!


  • Yes
  • Yes (no limit)
  • Yes (no limit)
  • Yes
  • No, there are some custom fields which can’t be translated – my advice is not to use any of these translation plugin but 2 separate instances of BigBang (theme is translation ready – .po file included)
  • Not sure if I understand
  • It should be

I hope this helps…

I sorted out the confusion over the form and map on the Contacts Page. A lot of working through BigBang is a matter of keeping on trying different things and finally getting there, as the FAQ info is strictly limited.

Now I guess I’ll have to try the same with creating a Gallery. Otherwise there’s a lot to like about this theme. It has an elegant design, if understanding it is sometimes a little difficult.

You can’t do anything unless you try different things :)

PORTFOLIO ITEM NEXT ARROW When I click on the first item in a portfolio I am presented with “[<] arrow to scroll through the other items with the portfolio. It should give me the [>]”to scroll forward. Clicking the last time in a portfolio does the opposite. How can I change these to make it more intuitive to my users?

This is weird, but this is how WP handles Next/Prev links

“Note: “Previous” and “Next” in this case refer to posts in the order that they are in, not to any particular direction in time. This often confuses many people, as WordPress, by default, displays posts starting from the newest and proceeding backwards in time.”


Sorry to ask you a new question before having the answer to my first question but my website is on the way and I’m a bit impatient ; )

So, I’ve got 3 categories for my portfolio : - graphic design - photography - video. When I go to a portfolio single page, the slider is displaying my images. That’s really good for “graphic design” and “video” categories but it’s not good for “photography”. I explain : because I work series of photographies (portrait or landscapes…), I would like to show, only for “photography” category, a grid of miniatures photographies instead of the slider. For me, it’s important to show the entire serie before looking pictures one by one via jquery pop-up gallery. How can I do that ? I suppose there is a condition about the category to put somewhere (in the file ? somewhere else ?). Is it possible ??

Hope that you will be able to answer because there is no move from Brankic on this forum since 1979 … no, sorry, 15 days ! ; ) Thanks in advance.


Hi Arnaud,

You should use normal category for your Photography category because you can insert gallery into your Photography posts.

Hi! Love the look of this theme. Would like to buy it but noticed it isn’t compatible with IE8 – is this true? If it is, then I’ll buy it now! Please let me know. Thanks. Phil.

Hi Phil,

Since latest stable release is 10, we’re not planning to provide support for 4 years old browser.

Maybe this sounds rude, but we can’t support old browsers :(

When a portfolio item/image is flopped over revealing the solid colored side with the magnifying glass and chain link icons, how do I deactivate the image title’s live link? I don’t want people to click on the title of my image and then be taken to what looks like a blog post page. I like that the image title is white, with the grey category underneath it, but I want the title text to be static.

Thank you!

To make this title static (on hover) is not that easy because it’s dynamically created with jQuery :(

Hi, I’ve noticed some changes in my wordpress website in the last few weeks. 1. the width of the header is now suddenly much wider than it used to be (without me having changed anything). the footer is still the same width though. 2. brankic panel won’t let me upload any files into the header anymore, neither with the media library nor the file browser. are there any issues with the latest update? thanks!

Please use your purchased account when asking questions…

PS: there seems to be a problem using bigbang with safari, even the live preview on themeforest looks different than it used to (not centered). I tried it on firefox and explorer and it looks ok so there must be an issue with using it on safari


This is due some user specific setting in your Safari.

Hi – I’ve tried uploading my portfolio and it’s just displaying as regular blog posts – with the date, posted by, etc. I feel like I’ve followed your instructions but obviously I’m missing something??


Please try to use default permalink settings. Probably you have the same slug for portfolio page and blog category. If it’s working as it should with default permalink structure (the ugly one) try to change your slugs…

How do I add recent post with thumbnails on my static welcome page?

You can use portfolio shortcode.

Hello, how do I add the extra icons to the icons boxes?

It’s explained in the help file.

(You have to FTP upload new icons to wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons)

Hi, I’m having a problem creating my Portfolio. I followed your directions on creating categories and subcategories, but every time I put in the Portfolio Shortcode on my Page, the drop down list only gives me these options: “Portfolio type” and “Blog type” which are not categories I even created. How do I get my parent categories to show up in the Portfolio shortcode correctly?


Do you have some type warning in the top of your admin area about changing file permission? Portfolio Type and Blog Type are only captions – below these should be listed Portfolio categories and normal (blog) categories…

I managed to get it to work by guessing the page ID. I plugged that it into the short code, and it worked without me having to select it from the drop-down list, so it’s ok.