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Whats the optimum file size / px dimensions for images in the portfolio section?


The same as on our Live preview (depending of layout you’re using)

In Firefox there is add-on MeasureIt – very helpful when you want to measure something on the screen…

How do I update the contact page with a new address and map location? Thanks,

Brankic Panel -> Contact page

Hi There,

Couple of questions for you:

1) Is it possible to remove the top border from the ‘bra_center_title’ shortcode feature?

2) On one of my pages (http://newtwistcreative.com/services-2/) I’m using the ‘bra_icon_boxes_container’ to link to various versions of that same page. Is there a way to keep each icon/button highlighted when the user is on the page they’ve selected? For example, if they click on the ‘Branding’ section, I’d like them to go to that specific page (as it currently works) but I’d like the ‘Branding icon to stay highlighted green, like how it works in the top menu. Is this possible?



Hi Paul,

There is no top border for centered title shortcode, only bottom border. You can hide this border with this Extra CSS (in Brankic Panel)
.section-title {
  border-bottom: none;

You can’t highlight these icon box without some extra JavaScript code. You should try to hire freelancer for that (less than 1hr job)


I love your template.

I have purchased this template and I’m wondering if you could send me code or tell me how to set the portfolio items to be displayed as squares with ROUNDED corners. You currently have circles, triangles, and hexagon.

Thanks, -Sophie

Hi Sophie,

You have to edit images/mask-hexagon.png and change the shape to square with rounded corners.

I hope that makes sense…

Anyone know how to add extra sidebars? It comes with 4 (including default) but I need more. Please help. Thanks in advance.

It’s not that hard but you have to edit theme core files. I’m answering your question from my phone and I think you should edit includes/bra_custom_fields.php and bra_theme_functions.php…

Hi Brankic,

How can I set blog titles to be <h1> </h1> instead of <h2> </h2>?


You should edit single.php, or if you want to change H tags on blog page you should edit index.php, page-blog-X.php (Appearance -> Editor)

HI! I’ve been looking for some shortcode to include “latest blog posts” on the “home” page, just like you show you can do with “latest work” – Is this possible? Or do I have to code it?


It’s a portfolio shortcode…

There’s no way to make it work to show “latest” posts from the blog? //D

You can show any category you want with portfolio shortcode (both normal and portfolio)

Hi, I am having an odd problem. I am trying to put a graphic on a page, to make a button to link to an external URL. A pretty basic process normally, I just add an URL in the edit image dialog box rather than a file or page link. But every time I try this, it’s opening a lightbox when you click on the button. Is there a way to disable the lightbox in this case? I am assuming it’s something theme related since I have never had this happen before.


Yes, it’s a theme related. May I see the URL of that page so I could send you Extra javaScript code…

The site is here: http://darlenehassall.com/ but I had to take the icons off the page because of how they weren’t working. In the contact page, I had added buttons for Facebook and Twitter. They were the ones having the lightbox issue. I couldn’t leave them live like that though.

I may be missing something in the documentation, but is there a shortcode for the social icons at all? This would be a good workaround for that I am trying to achieve as well.

Yes, there is a shortcode for a social icons. Click on Brankic Shortcode button and you’ll find it.

Do you have this in Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$(".content-wrapper img").parent("a").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto[]");
Remove it (it’s a lightbox code)

Hi, I´m having some problems with the portfolio category filter. It doesn’t display any items till I click “all” button.




Sorry, but I can’t open the URL you’ve provided :(

Hi Brankic, I have two questions: 1. iconboxes: is it possible to have one box (in a row of 4) with a specific background color? 2. my blog page has the title of my wordpress site on it (see http://rogerklaassen.com/wordpress/?page_id=40). I want the title to be ‘Mijn blog’ but I can not find a possibility to change it. Maybe I amde the blog page the wrong way, I don’t know. Regards, Roger

Hi Roger,

It’s possible, but with some Extra jQuery script inserted into Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel. Since I’m providing support these days over the phone, it’s very hard for me to test that code. Someone with basic jQuery skills can help you with this, or you can hire freelancer for this “less than a hour” job.

I think this might be a nice theme. I am not sure though as I use Safari (as well as 15% of all web users ) and seems to have an issue with Safari in the demo. Menu bar is stuck to the right of the screen and the content is stuck to the left. Is this just an issue with the demo or is this a problem with the theme?


This is the issue on the the client side of Safari browser. Don’t know exactly what’s the problem, but users with the same problem solved this issue themselves. I can’t replicate this issue on none of my computers.

Which file do I need to edit to remove the footer entirely?


You can edit footer.php or you can add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#footer {display:none;}

I can’t seem to create a portfolio that display all categories. How do I do this?

Do you have category which is parent for all categories? You have to choose this parent category in portfolio shortcode pop-up window…

^^ Please ignore the above. I have found the answer.

However, how do you handle images in a portfolio not “fitting” correctly in the thumbnail dimensions? Can you set an alternate “cropped” image? Wordpress in built does not work.

You can define height parameter in portfolio shortcode.

Hello Brankic, i have three hiccups with BigBang. Perhaps you could clarify or adress this in a future patch. 1. On a typical mobile device (tested on two android smatphones) the imageviewer-popup for images will first show the image in a VERY small window which is useless and when you press the zoom button, the image will be so large that it overflows the screen edges – again beeing useless. It would be great if the image would “fit-to-screen” on small devides. 2. When showing a Portfolio-item, the black Button to jump to the top-category works fine, but the > and < buttons they don’t go to any next or previous item in any logical order – i cannot find out how it works. 3. Editing a blogitem, page or portfolio it will open two different media-browsers – one sort of mediabrowser for the post-images (which is the better one) and a different mediabrowser for the extra images. Also the media-browser dialog to select an image for the extra images will not transfer the caption, descriptopn and url-entries into the extra-image-widgets and viceversa.

If you’d like to help me, its on: www.koelnerverlagsagentur.de/

kind regards, Stephan Möbius

Hi Stephan,

1. It’s fixed in latest BigBangWP update.

2. It’s not logical for most user, but this is how WP works : http://codex.wordpress.org/Next_and_Previous_Links

3. Sorry, but in slider you can show only data you insert into Extra images fields. I have my reasons why I did it (if you want to use same image in more than one slider with different captions)


Portfolio section: can i insert different photos for each icon in the portfolio ? (photo a,b,c,d for the first icon and photo e,f,g,h for the secon icon) ?

Portfolio page: example http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/portfolio/in-vino-veritas/ here can i insert horizontal and vertical images ? or are cut in the same format ?

Thank you very much !

Thumbs you can see on portfolio page are featured images for each post (each item is post)

The best practice is to crop images before you upload them to the server. There is “twin slides” options if you have portrait images in the slider : http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/portfolio/bonis-nocet-qui-malis-parcit/

If you don’t use this option, the result is : http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/portfolio/audentes-deus-ipse-iuvat/

I have a couple questions about the “Items Shaped as Circle” template. 1.) I added a background image and now each circle is contained in a white square box. How do I get rid of those? 2.) Is there a way to make the circles crop in on a specific part of an image?


You can’t get rid of this square box. You can’t have these shapes if background isn’t solid…

You can’t specify this crop area… You can try to crop image before uploading to server.

I hope that makes sense…

Please I can’t change tag archive page and category archive page, I don’t find tag.php and category.php. Where I can change these page content and style? Thanks

I’m using index.php for archive pages…

Is it possible to use SmugMug as a source for the photostream? I see the file bra_photostream_widget.js has the code for other photo sites but I’m not sure what would be different for SmugMug, any and all help is much appreciated.


I’ve never worked with SmugBug. This is so specific request, so I think you should hire freelancer…

Hi, everyone,

can anybody tell me can I configure 2 level filters for portfolio like “top_level_1”/”secondary_level_1_1” etc? OR can I set specific set of filters for different pages?

my case is that I need categories and events inside them.

please ansewer because I’m thinking for 2 days and can’t figure this out.

You can’t have 2 level filters for portfolio shortcode.

You should create more than one portfolio pages and you should organize your categories in the smart way to accomplish this…