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Prezado, estou colocando Widgets Brankic Photostream Widget, com o tipo: Flickr e Instagram e nenhum funciona. já coloquei os perfils para teste: Flickr : 24820411@N03 Instagram : brankic1979 e ambos não funciona.

por favor me ajude! adenis.com.br

Just installed your latest version. When I “Choose color” under “Global Options”, nothing seems to change. (Mac – Safari/Firefox/Chrome)

Thank you!


maybe this is some kind of old cache issue. If someone else has the same problem, please let me know…

Doesn’t looks like this wordpress theme is compatible with Chrome like indicated when you first purchase. The h2 and h3’s are cut off from the bottom. Works fine in Chrome/Firrefox for from MAC but not in Chrome/Firefox for PC. Is there a fix? thx


It looks fine on my Chrome (PC).

If someone else has the same issue, please let me know…

Hi there, just a quick note to say thank you for a great theme. I’ve got everything up and running fine apart from the Portfolio page. For some reason it does not seem to respond to any changes I make to the page and is just showing what seems like a default blog style list of images?

I don’t think I’ve missed the obvious and have tried various attempts to change things…

Any thoughts / solutions would be most helpful.

Many thanks, Ki

Hi Ki,

Thanks. Please try to use default permalink structure. If category and page have the same slug, WP uses category template.

Hi i was wondering if there is a way to have multiple portfolios on the site, many thanks!

Yes you can. You can’t have 2 portfolio shortcodes (with filters) on one page.

Just organize your posts for portfolio into categories in a smart way..


we ALSO tried to upload our portfolio – but it just displays a regular blog-type.

Please tell us how we can fix it. We already tried everything, but no success.

“Hi – I’ve tried uploading my portfolio and it’s just displaying as regular blog posts – with the date, posted by, etc. I feel like I’ve followed your instructions but obviously I’m missing something??”


If you’re using the same slug for page and category, category template is using. Try to enable default permalink structure and check if this solve this issue. If this is the case change slugs…

Hi. How can I set tags to portfolio itens? Is there a solution for this? Thanks

You can’t use tags in portfolio items. You can use normal posts and categories in portfolio shortcode…

On my Client page with grid shortcode, how do I insert/achieve the horizontal/landscape dashed grid lines that further separate the logos? The vertical dashed grid lines are in place from your Grid shortcode (3 columns.

Thank you!

May I see the screenshot because I’m not sure what’s the problem :(

i don’t know how to get a screenshot to you. where can I attach one to send it to you? in the meantime here’s a link to the page where the horizontal dash lines are missing: http://www.pamelanudel.com/about-2/clients-2

On the Client page, how do I turn off the dimmed or opacity art/logo option? I want my logos to be full color without opacity.

Thank you!

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.clients img {
  opacity: 1;

thank you!

There is a light grey line across the top of each page which is part of the template. Is there any way of turning the space above that line into dark grey (matching the colour of the dark grey at the bottom of each page)?

May I see the URL, or better, screenshot with this line emphasized?

hi pilatesforever , just delete or comment the border or choose your own color on css/style-streched.css .content-wrapper { box-shadow: none; /*border-top: 2px solid #eee; hier */

Thanks tuami for providing support :)

Anybody know how to turn OFF the PrettyPhoto for a select image? Trying to link an image to an external website but it keeps trying to load the image as a PrettyPhoto instead of directing to the assigned link.

It’s in the single.php
    $(".post-content img").parent("a").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto[]");
Just delete these lines… (Appearance -> Editor)

For some reason there is no colored box around the active page in my navigation as there is in the demo. How do I turn this feature on?

You must have Primary Menu selected in Apperance -> Menus

Hi, how I make the footer attached/static to the bottom of the browser window? Right now it floats depending on the length of the page and leaves white space underneath it.

Below is a screenshot of my blog and the way the footer displays. http://s18.postimg.org/yhsff8w15/footer.jpg


You can’t do that. Once you have more posts, it will stick to the bottom…

Hey thanks for the great theme. I would like to add a sidebar to my homepage (http://www.thebaymode.com/), but is there any way to push it below the slider and the three icons i have? I would like it to start at the beginning of the first blog post. Also, is there a way that page 2 of the blog doesn’t feature the slider and three icons at the top? (http://www.thebaymode.com/page/2). Thank you.

Just add sidebar to that page. You can’t use portfolio shortcode with sidebar…

Hi there, A couple of questions. 1. I am having problems populating or changing the footer. I have found the footer section in the widget wp control panel, but cannot change or edit any of the fields for the footer . WHat am I missing? 2. I am using a full page background, ie spread all the way across the useable, not just around the margins… now, I would like to display some of the portfolio images as cicles/hexagons/ etc, is there a way to do this with the full bg spread? the drop away image shows them with a white background, ruining the effect. Is there a way to make the drop away image transparent?

Footer is managed with widgets. In the help file is explained what widgets we’re using in our live preview.

If you have not solid background it’s not possible to have nice shaped portfolio.

Hey thanks for the great theme. I would like to add a sidebar to my homepage http://www.thebaymode.com/ but is there any way to push it below the slider and the three icons i have? I would like it to start at the beginning of the first blog post. Also, is there a way that page 2 of the blog doesn’t feature the slider and three icons at the top? http://www.thebaymode.com/page/2 Thank you.


Sory, but you can’t do that without creating new page template

Hi there,

Sorry if this question is really dumb but I’ve spent too much time trying to understand by myself so it’s time to ask for help. When editing a page and trying to add a shortcut using the Brankic Shortcodes button, only a few of them work while some don’t do anything at all. Sliding graph container, Social icons list and all the columns work, that’s all. In the help file, I read : “You must install Big Bang template into folder wp-content/bigbangwp/ Otherwise, shortcode button won’t work.” Could that be a reason? But then why would some work and others not? I’m using Bluehost and don’t understand how to install the template into any particular folder as the whole installation was automatic and I don;t know much about website building at all… If anyone could tell me what I’m missing that’d be excellent. Thanks for your help!


This was the issue with old theme version with latest WP. Just update the theme and shortcodes pop-ups will work…

Thanks so much. Was sure I had the latest update but obviously not. All good now. Good luck with renovation.

Hi there, I really really need some help with this as I’ve been losing sleep over this and losing hair as well…:( I emailed you directly and you asked me to post on here so here goes: 1) When I imported blog posts from another wordpress site (xml export) it imported the text and titles but not the images? Is this something that can be done, or do I have to manually upload images to each blog post again? 2) When I click the title or “continue reading” it just keeps going back to my home page instead of the single blog page. How do I fix this? 3) I added a full width slider to my home page which is set as a blog page with a sidebar. For some reason there is a funky line and large white space that appears. Do you know how I would get rid of this? You can see the home page here www.cukui.com/miccheck

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with these question! I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time and consideration in advance as always. Love this theme and have recommended it to many. Look forward to hearing from you!

Import/export is WP related, not theme related. There is a checkbox during this process where you can choose to import images too.

I’m providing support these days via my mobile device, so I can’t check the source to figure it out.

ps: try to disable all plugins…

Hi there again, Sorry to bug you again, but when I add my sidebar 1 to my BLOG page it does not show my sidebar 1, instead it shows “archives” of the blog. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!!!

As I said in my previous answer I can’t check your website with “normal” browser, so I can only give some suggestions.

If your blog page and category have same slug, category template is used. In that case default sidebar will be used. You can check if this is the issue if you activate default permalink structure…