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On my site www.esthetikconcepts.com.au

When i choose the layout to Boxed rather than Stretched The footer is stuck to the left side of the screen. But only on the Blog Page. All other pages are fine.

Any ideas on how i can fix this?

Thanks :)

Right now I’m on mobile device (due the home renovation). As soon as we get back to normal I’ll check it…

Hey – what file do I need to edit to play with how the portfolio items display – including the hover box. I want to change it quite a bit, not just play with the CSS. Cheers, Chris.

Hi Chriss,

Portfolio shortcode is in the includes/bra_shortcodes.php function bra_shortcode.php

Great theme, I made a client of mine buy it ;) But I still struggle on one problem: is there a way to enable comments on pages? They want to have a guestbook (sooo 1999, i know..) The “enable comments” box is checked and I tried the Comment Guestbook Plugin, the actual comments show up in my backend but not on the page itself.. hmmm hmm! Thanks in advance!


You’ll have to edit page.php and to ad comments template function. Just Google for your question “add comment to WordPress page”

Thanks Brankic, I found the common solution (”<?php comments_template(); ?>”) but it doesn’t quite work with BigBang. What finally worked for me was the WPSGuestbook plugin.

hi just wondering before i buy the theme .. am i able to make a pagination for the portfolio items? and i would like also to create categories that displays only the selected category from the menu is that possible?


No pagination on portfolio shortcode.

There is a workaround for creating only one category per page, but you can’t filter the category directly from the menu.

I hope that makes sense…

also another question that i reallllly was searching for a lot!!

what is the name of the plugin that ( esthetikconcepts ) www.esthetikconcepts.com.au

using to make a client login and a registration form ? is it included in the theme?

Thanks a lot!!


I have uploaded all my portfolio items and they worked however the portfolio page is limiting the number of items shown to 10. I would like more…

Can you tell me how to make it so that my page shows all the portfolio items and doesn’t hide more every time I add another.

See: www.design-fox.com.au



Hi Kody,

There is “no” parameter in portfolio shortcode where you have to insert -1 if you want all items from selected category to appear.

If I use the portfolio post to create blog posts rather than the blogging function, is there a way to make the text expand wider? Right now it’s one small column, but i’d like it to look more like a blog post. Can I edit the CSS?

On the Live preview we’re using custom portfolio layout for portfolio shortcode. You can have normal post “behind” portfolio layout.


I’ve got a few bugs with the icon image box shortcode. Can you have a look please.


I can’t see the source ‘cause I’m on mobile device, but do you have icons in folder bigbangwp/images/icons/

There’s only 4 there though: chemistry, img, pen, writing. Should there be more? Or is there somewhere I can download them from.



I’m not on the holiday (knee surgery, home renovation…)

How can I help you?

How to add the latest tweets to the footer like on your demo version? http://londoneventphotography.org/

In the package you’ve downloaded there’s a Brankic Twitter Widget. Add this widget to footer sidebar in Appearance -> Menus

Hi everyone,

I just finished my blog that was build with this gorgeous template. You can check it out here: http://homemade-graphics.com Do you like it? :bigsmile:

Cheers, Kristel

Nice work Kristel.

You’ve builded your website without asking me single question.


Is there a way to add a left hand sidebar to just one page or will this require much editing or a different template?

Not out of box.

You should hire a freelancer to make new page template…

Not much response to messages at the moment..? Anyone there at Brankic1979 head quarters…? Cheers

We’re here, but due to home renovation we’re not online every day :(

Hi there, I just wanted to know how to delete the ‘subtitle’ on the blog page (on Blog 1 option on your theme page: Blog 1 you see kids, once upon a time).

The blog is my homepage so I don’t really need a subtitle.

Thanks Daphne

Hi Daphne,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.home .section-title .title span {display:none;}

That’s great, thank you!

Hi Brankic, I sent you an email. to see if you can set up my template like you demo. Thanks.

Hi Nomario,

Sorry, but this is not an option anymore. In the help file is described how to do that (section – Importing Demo Content)

Hi Brankic Team,

Me again :) Guess what? They fixed the Hover bug in the latest Chrome version :)

That’s nice :)

I found this theme while looking for great Multilingual themes. I am not familiar enough with wordpress to make a theme multilingual so I am looking for one that is already set up to be that way. I will add the translations myself, I do not want a google translated version. I can not find any real information about this on here.

This theme is translation ready (.po files), but it won’t work with multilingual plugins because we’re using some options which are not supported by these plugins.

My advice for managing multilingual website is to install 2 separate instances of WP and manage them separately.

Hi folks,

Great theme. Is there a way to turn on pagination for blog posts, on individual single blog posts—in order to show “Next Post” and “Previous Post” (or similar)?

Or does it have to be hard-coded into single.php?



Yes, you have to hard code it in single.php with functions


Sorry, one more question! I just wanted to know if there was any way to constrain the height of the ‘featured image’. Most of my images are book covers, so they are vertical and therefore when I make them a featured image they stretch to fit the width and the height takes up the whole page. Thanks for all your help!

You should edit these images on your computer before uploading.

What page you’re talking about? Blog post, blog page, portfolio…

The blog post pages. That’s fine then. Is it possible not to show the featured image in the single post page, but show them in the blog page?

Also, is it possible to show MORE of the extract on the blog page?


I sent a question to you back on 1/15 and 3/16 and was hoping to get an answer on how to make the images on the portfolio page clickable. I removed the hover for the portfolio cover page and want to make each image clickable like the text below it. Is this possible?

I also have an additional question at to each image in the portfolio sections if there can be the number of photo out of the total – IE 1 of 6? I am willing to pay for this extra coding if necessary.

Thank you


We’re not support any more via email (very busy last months with personal stuff – knee surgery, home renovation…)

In the latest version there are more no hover options. If you want to edit portfolio shortcode layout, you should edit function bra_portfolio in includes/bra_shortcodes.php