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Hello, I keep getting span to my email through a blog file but I’m not using the blog…

this is one of the emails: Author : Babeboy (IP: , E-mail : URL : Whois : Comment: Nick,Shadows are a little more cpmelox because the image needs to wrap around the entire box, not just on the corners. Generally, if I know the height of the content on my shadow box is not going to be over X pixels tall, I create a single image of the entire box (including shadows) that is X pixels tall. I use that as the background image for the content you can set up your HTML and CSS in such a way that the box can always shrink to accommodate for the content, but you can’t extend beyond the height of your image. Perhaps I will create a new post that shows you how to do just that!Posted by on August 13, 2009 at 10:37 am.

Thanks for helping – I got 8 of these today.


Even if you’re not using the blog it looks some spider came to blog single post. You should install Akismet.

Hello, I’m finding that the featured images are not resizing themselves correctly. some are 170px tall on my portfolio, some are 176, or 177. Do I really have to crop the images myself before uploading them? Seems silly to have to do that.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated.



Hi E.J.

Why should they resize automatically? It’s all about how you resize them when uploading.

There are some options in portfolio shortcode. You can define height if you want to have nice grid, and if you want masonry effect, you should use images with different size.

ps: If you’re talking about blog featured images there is no other way than to edit images before uploading…

Hi Brankic, I can’t get the Brankic Panel contact page to work properly. Doesn’t send emails to my chosen email account – any ideas? – how can I attach a screen shot of my values to this thread? Do you have an email address?

Thanks, Joel


When you click on this URL do you get empty email?

What you have in Brankic Panel -> Contact for Who will receive emails, Email from field and Insert the number of email field below?

Answers below….

I get success

Nothing is email from


Hi there! Very nice theme… I’m having just a little problem, I can’t find the “Flexslider” plugin anywhere.


It’s not external plugin. As soon as you add Extra images to page/post slider will appear on the top of the page…

Hi Brankic,

I’m embedding video from Vimeo on my portfolio pages (Using the Brankic Custom Fields Video Url). There appears to be some black bars at the top and bottom. On Vimeo the video is fine and doesn’t have these, can I change the ratio of that box to lose them? Cheers!

Example here:


Yes you can – edit height value in single-portfolio_item.php (Appearance -> Editor)


When I change the colour on the theme options it doesn’t actually change the navigation button colour?

Are you using Primary menu on Appearance -> Menus? You have to!


I have been trying to upload the BigBang theme with the demo content as I am new to wordpress. Initially I installed it and tried without it but noticed it was possible to have it with the demo content so deleted the theme and all my content and uploaded it again, however I have not been able to get it with the demo content…how do I complete step 7, I do not see an option to tick to download attachments?


Maybe it’s something due to your server settings.

In help file is explained how to Import Demo content and some more customization to look like Live preview…

I see in FAQ how to reorder Portfolio Filters. But I want to know how to reorder my Portfolio ITEMS? In other words, how can I reorder all of the images that are already uploaded to my Portfolio Items? I want my Portfolio Item images to appear in a certain order that is not defined by the filters or categories. Is there a way to move my Portfolio Items around just like Pages and Sub Pages can be moved around by dragging and dropping them?



To reorder portfolio items, you have to change the date of the post.

To change the order of Extra images, you’ll have to delete it all and choose them again from the media library (no need to upload them again)

I hope that makes sense…

hello i dont see view theme options. why???

I don’t know :)

It’s in Dashboard. Do you have admin rights?

Hello there Thank you for the template, is brilliant, well made, customisable and fun. Also for the continuos support, shame on themeforest anyway for the poor filtering. One question: is there a quick way to replace social icons with svg equivalent? cheers, ED

Hi ED,

Social icons are in theme folder /images/socialize-icons/ and paths are defined in theme folder/css/socialize-bookmarks.css.

I hope that makes sense…

Hello again. I’m using your social icons shortcode on my home page. How can I get my facebook & twitter links to open on a new tab? Best wishes, Alice


Add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
                $(".social-bookmarks a").attr("target","_blank")

Thank you :)

Hi Brankic!

First of I really enjoy your theme. Keep up the good work!

My Problem: I can´t get any pictures shown eather on the backend or on my page (frontend I think it´s called). all the images from flickr and other integrated images from other sides are working. But my own images i uploaded will not show up. I can upload my images and set them as extra image but I only get to see the name and not the picture. I even can not just put a picture directly in the post. Only time I can view them is when I click on the name of the image and then go into the edit media site where I can scale them, switch them horizontal and stuff. Any Idea? Could it be the structure of my FTP-Server?

thanx for your support

p.s. sorry for my bad english…

Not sure what can be the reason, but if you provide me a URL of the page with the problem I could give you some hints…

I need to change default space between slides

.flexslider .slides > li margin-bottom: 10 px;

can’t find where it is.

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel, or you want to change it directly in CSS file, search the folder /css/

no it’s

Hey Brankic. How do I turn one of my nav bar links into a drop down menu?

It’s a default WP option (Appearance -> Menus)

Hello. I want to make an inquiry regarding the language of the template because I can not correct it. I want the words POSTED BY CONTINUE READING, Tagged or any other word in English appears to modify it and pass it to Spanish. Edit the file page.php, replacing the words but I still keep coming. As I can do? Is there any plugin that solves this?. It’s a Spanish site and do not want to appear in English by a matter of formality. The template is excellent. I really like how it works and the features that I can apply. I leave my site for you to see

I hope you can help me solve what I said above.

Thank you very much.


Hi Paul,

Correct way of translating the theme is to create and activate .po file. Google about that…

Hello, i really like ur theme. I got a question, if its possible to change the url from the portfolio? i woul like to change the porfolio url to gallery where i put videos and images. when i now make a new portfolio item the url will be everytime thank you in advance

To change word “portfolio” with “gallery”, you have to edit bra_theme_functions.php and change
'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'portfolio'), 

@pablo just use activate the plugin go to tools and go to the pluginpage then you scoll down to the theme you see theres ony one language(us) make a new langage for the theme go to read in and just translate everything you wich after that just klick create po file. it works for me very well. everything is now in german for me

With plugin is easier, but it’s better for all of younguys to learn to work directly with .po files.

Thank you for helping me in providing support…

@pablo important be sure you have wordpress in your corect language in wp_config in your root folder

Or you can download WP in your language if you’re not experienced in working/editing files on the server…