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Hi guys,

First of all, thank you! This is a fantastic theme, and I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into it.

Is there a way that I can change the “categories to show” in the portfolio shortcode so that it is a checklist of selected categories instead of having to pick only one category to show?

I am trying to have one main portfolio page for my work, with a secondary portfolio page to highlight a separate project. The problem is, I would like the portfolio items in the second portfolio not to show up in the main portfolio.

Thank you!

I’ve searched through the FAQ and tried going through the comments first, but I was wondering if you had a shortcode or workaround to add a single (most recent) blog entry in a page set to the Default Template. I’d like to have the home page set up similar to the Demo, but with a single blog entry below the slider images and break shortcodes without having a sidebar.

I’ve been modifying the site after loading the demo site content as a reference.

It’d be really helpful if there was a shortcode like [bra_recentblogpost] where you can specify a blog category and a number of posts to display.

Hello and thank you for this great theme! I’m trying to customise the page of a portfolio item so that looks like this:

My 1st question is: Is this achievable using just shortcodes, without editing the actual code??

My 2nd question is: In the Brankic Custom fields under “Select Sidebar” is it possible to add an option “No sidebar”?

thank you in advance for your help


Thanks for solving my other questions. Have one more.

On the front page under the slideshow where there are the four boxes with the icons in them. Is there anyway to make these thinner and have 6 run across?


sorry for sending this two time but I did not right it well the first time: hello, how do I make the blogposts pictures smaller than 1000px?

I’ve recently purchased the BigBang Theme. I’m trying to set up the home page. I’d like to edit the dark bar at the bottom of all pages. It currently has title followed by You Tube, Twitter and Facebook plugins and beside that it has Your Photostream. What part of the dashboard do I visit to modify that? UPDATE: Moments after posting this I just figured out that I simply needed to deactivate the plugins. There is still however a darker box within the dark box at the very bottom that says text 1 and text 2. Any ideas on what that is?

Hi… I asked 2 days ago about this and need some help please:

I would like to remove the social icon titles from the icons in the footer. So I just want to see the facebook icon. Not the icon plus “facebook” over it. How can I change that?

Also, I am trying to add a background image to just the blog post on but can’t seem to get it to take. I don’t want it on the entire site, just the blog page. How can I do this? Thank you.

Hi there.

Just been looking through the HTML code of my website and have noticed that none of the images have alt tags when placed in shortcodes. I always add alt tags when uploading images so no problem there. I have tried adding alt text to them in the page editor but this is not updating the html. Is this a problem with the theme or Wordpress itself?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped!

Kind regards, James Capper

Lovely theme – could you advise how I could change all the titles and navigation items to lower case please?


Hi Brankic

Is there any way of inserting podcasts into the website?

Best regards


I am getting an “Email server problem” error for the contact form. How can we troubleshoot this?

Brankic please reply to my messages – 7 days is not good enough support. I would sincerely not recommend this template to anyone. DO NOT PURCHASE.

Hi there,

Complete newbie to this. How do I add extra icons images (so I’m not limited to the 4 stock ones)?


Hello – on my site, – I can’t get the full width contact form to work. Can you please take a look on the contact page?

Thank you.

hi guys i have a question about the slider on the blog page (blog2 template). All posts that have multiple images, the slider appears to be on top of the author and tags info. (so title is not clickable) This is not the case when a post contains only one image or video. (and also not the case on all single blog pages).

any idea on how to fix this? thx!

When I make a post and ad a photostream (Instagram for example) I can view the post and the gallery pulls in fine. Then if I edit the post again, without touching the photostram code and resave the post, the gallery does NOT show up. What am I doing wrong???

Also, is there a way to put the shapes (Triangle/circle/hex) around wordpress native galleries I upload, or does it work with nextGen gallery galleries? If so, how?

Any idea why your shortcode isn’t working? Here is what it generated. Page appears blank when saved & viewed:

[bra_photostream user=”kristy” limit=”16” social_network=”instagram” layout=”4” shape=”hexagon”]


On second thought: it just took a bit to load… so it’s not blank just super slow loading. But at least it’s working.


Try to optimize your featured images…

Hmm, not sure what you mean by this. This is pulling from Instagram & Pinterest automatically so what featured images?


I thought you’re talking about portfolio with images from your media library.

I don’t have such an issue with Instagram / Pinterest. Maybe there was slight problem in your internet connection or with Instagram / Pinterest servers…

How can I hide the title from the begining of a page while still showing the text next to page title?

Hello :)

On the “Client” page with the logos… I’d like to be able to click on a logo and link to a site instead of get a lightbox style image upon clicking. How would I do that?

Thanks in advance (love the theme – best I’ve used so far)