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Hi Branik, I would like to add a solid background colour behind the Div Wrapper where the titles sit ie. “Team: with all kinds of great personalities” to have a solid background colour over the entire section. Is this easy to do?

If that’s not possible maybe just one solid colour on each page (TealGreen of the menu).

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.section-title {
  background-color: #3EA9A1;

Thanks for your fast response- much appreciated!

hi brankic, my contact page isn’t working on my website, something isn’t letting the email go through. any thoughts?

Hi Brankic, I’ve noticed other users have had the same issue with their contact page, the set it up the way you are suppose to and it says thank you email went through but…they never recieve the email. What can be done to fix it?

I have problems with Contact form. Field 1: text: Name Field 2: Text: Email Address Field 3: Text: Telephone Number Field 4: Text: How did you find us? Field 5: Nothing: Nothing

Email will be received by one person at the email address:

Email from field:

Insert the number of email field below: 1

Thank you!

May I see printscreen of your Brankic Panel -> Contact ?

You can send me an email to, but please let me know via this dashboard after you send this email…

Please check your email, thanks!


Ask your hosting provider why you get error when you visit

This file is used for sending email and if the script can’t access it, emails can’t be send.

Easier solution is to use contact form plugin (the one with the number in the name is working just fine with our theme)

here is my info inregaurds to the contact page not working

who recieves emails: email from field: insert the number of email field below: 2

field 1: text first last name yes field 2: text email yes field 3: text phone number yes field 4: text area tell us about your wedding so far field 5: text how many guests yes


what are the specific files i need to replace that coorespond to the contact page, i don’t want to replace all the files.


We can’t offer support if you’ve changed the theme files.

okay thanks but its been fixed. FYI for anyone else who has this issue, the subject line of the email was sending it to spam. So check that first

Okay this time I can’t figure it out on my own. :)

I’ve added a large image to the About page of the site. 1000 across x 750. When the page is shrunk down to mobile size the picture distorts. Is there a fix to this or proportions I need to be aware of re: image size for that to not happen?


I just updated the theme and the picture on the about page is still warping when the page is viewed in mobile size.

Thanks for never replying to this 6 days later.

Sorry, also there is something wrong with the full width contact page. The map is not as tall as it is on your example site and when I click on “Send Us A Mail” nothing happens. There is no contact screen, no form, no social media icons, etc.

Your help is appreciated, thank you.

Update the theme…

Updating the theme seemed to have fixed this though. :)

Hi, I just download the theme on ThemeForest bigbang but I can not install it on my desktop because of a missing file. The message is this: Unable to unzip the package. The subject does not have the style sheet style.css.

We have uploaded via ftp but the desktop does not identify wordpress and I can not install the template.

It is urgent that I can install the template. Please instruct me what I can do.



Have you read the help file (section about installing the theme)?

I guess this is your first ever purchased file on ThemeForest :)

Thanks! Very nice theme!

Two more questions:

1) In the FAQs section explain how to convert the icon boxes in five columns. Can I do three columns?

2) In your website there is the option to download more icons but when you do it not download anything. Where can I find them?


I have problem with e-mail server. Below the link and values

Who will receive emails,:
Email from field:
number of email field: 4

Please help!


Email field is 2nd (not 4th)

I hope this helps…

Hi Brankic,

I tried 2nd and all other filed, but it doesn’t help!

Hi there,

Just bought this theme and taking a look now. I have a question about the layout. The preview of the theme looks like this:

but as soon as you remove the top frame the layout becomes like this:

This is also the case in my downloaded theme. Can you explain how to get the content centred as per the first image?

Thanks a lot.

Hi. Thanks for the response. I’ve got no idea how to fix this layout thing. Can you point me to some of the comments where this has been resolved?



Nobody said what exactly they did. They just said it’s fixed :(

Hi there,

im trying to install this Theme but everytime when i want to install it i became an problem report that the stylesheet style.css is missing. Whats wrong ? What can i do? Thanks a lot for your feedback.

yes it is :) thank you

Hi! Is there a way to make the main page slider update automatically with the images from Portfolio Items? And link to those items?


Sorry, but you can’t do that :(

Of course, you can hire freelancer, but it’s not an easy task (not hiring freelancer, but changing the theme)

Sure, one of great values of WordPress are it’s plugins…

how to let the blog items occupying the whole box? get the barred side


You don’t have to use sidebar. Check the custom fields if you’re using page template, or Brankic Panel -> Blog if you’re using category…

Hi – I’d like for the lightbox popup (when you click on the magnifying icon) to showcase the images within that post versus showing the images on the same page. Is that possible?

Here is my site


Hi Jeff,

Sorry, but you can’t do that.

I’ve planned to do that, but since we’re still in home renovation (just for few more days) there’s not much time for this kind of work :(

ok thanks for letting me know

Is there a way to set up the Flickr Photostream to a specific set in flickr and not just the entire user account?


this is on my to-do list but I’m overwhelmed with some not WP stuff, so can’t do it…

Hello – on my site, – I can’t get the full width contact form to work. Can you please take a look on the contact page? The map appears, but the form does not appear – just an off center button that i cant control.

Thank you.


Full width contact form has some issues on some devices. We’ve tried to fix it – but couldn’t :(

this is not on a device – it is on a desktop….

Also – can we adjust the height of the map shown? when viewed on iPad in landscape, you cant scroll down because the main content is not viewable – only can touch and swipe on the map.


this happens sometimes on mobile devices – we’ve tried to fix this…

just make it more narrow….and the issue is solved.

me again!! — hello great theme — can you tell me the .php page where i can edit the portfolio grid page as i want to change the rollover links. Many thanks.


Portfolio shortcode is located in includes/bra_shortcodes.php in function bra_portfolio…

I have two issues I am trying to resolve.

First, the featured images on my posts are HUGE. The image size is 150×150, but they show up insanely large.

Second, I would like the featured image on the home page to be a clickable link – is there a way to do this?



Only full size image is used for featured image. So, please edit image before uploading (images larger than 200/300kb are just fine)

May I see the URL of your home page, and please be more specific – what image on that page?

Thanks for your reply!

Here is the homepage:

Also, please see this page for the featured image issue please see this page:

The image is only 150×150. You can see it rendered correctly on the homepage, but then its blow way up on the blog page.


Please reply to this issue! here is a link again – this is a 150×150 image that is (for some reason) blown way up. Thanks!

Hi, I have two questions regarding pop-up photo box. Please help.

1. I put the video url in the Blankic custom fields, but only featured image is shown in the pop-up photo box.

2. I have 6 categories in portfolio. Is there any way to show only the images in the same category in the pop-up photo box with clicking next button? Even though I select one category and click one image within the category, it shows all the images in the portfolio.

My url is Thank you in advance.


May I see the URL of your page with this issue?

On portfolio page (page with portfolio shortcode) you can’t show images from specific category (unless you change function bra_portfolio in includes/bra_shortcodes.php)

Here’s is the URL of the page with the video problem. There are two items in ‘video’ category, and they both are not playing. It only displays featured image. Please check. Thanks for your help.