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How do you make the flex slider work instead of just the featured image slider. (Also, the featured image slider looks weird, the arrows and link buttons on the slider, shouldn’t look like this

Please respond asap!

One more thing, wondering where the choices for background pattern are?

Hi Brankic1979

Thanx for this beautiful theme! I have been trying to set some social icons on my page’s footer, but haven’t managed to get the result I’m looking for. More specifically, ive realised that social icons on the footer only appear correctly if they set (via shortcode) in a text box on the Footer Boxes (Footer_1st_box, Footer_2st_box, Footer_3rd_box and Footer_4th_box). Since i have very few bits of information i want to put in the footer (and because i want to keep it short-thin) i want to use only the Footer_left and Footer_right boxes. In specific, i want to enter copyright information on the left box and add social icons on the right one. Inserting the shortcode on the Footer_right box though, doesn’t seem to show them properly. The icons have a txt title (instead of icons only), they superimpose one another, they are not aligned to the right (as expected) and also tend to ‘thicken’ the footer bar for no apparent reason. Any suggestions on how to make show correctly (like the Footer_1st_box for example) without thickening the footer bar? Thanks

Hey there!

We are currently using your demo homepage as our startpage with some smaller modifications. At the moment we are trying to modify the measurements of the index slider so that we have a “two-third” / “one-third last” layout and not the full view with 960px width (because we want to put some other content in the very right column then). We are wondering which (php?) file has to be modified, in other words we don’t know from which file the slider finds it’s way on the homepage.

Bye the way, is there a possibility to change the path to the portfolio single-pages so that it is maybe ”.../speakers/...” instead of ”.../portfolio/...”?

We would be happy about any answer. Thanks a lot :)

Hi, how do I change the font on the slider?

Hey brankic!

First, excuse my english and thanks a lot for this beautiful template! I’m building a dark version of the bigbang theme with a dark background, and I’m using the hexagon style for the portfolio items. I tried to replace the mask-hexagon.png by a dark one with the same color as the background but it always appears in white on my dark background… How can I fix it? Second question, I have created a parent categorie for all my portofolio items named “tous”(=all in english) but it always appears as “all” on my filterable portfolio, how can I replace it? Thanks!

Hi guys, I’m loving this theme. I need only one tip, is there a way to modify CSS file only for the Home and not for the whole template? Regards!

where I can change the background color of the home? My client wants red in color and not white.

Hi Brankic,

Firstly thanks for such an amazing template! Considering I don’t ever work with websites, this has been a pleasure to use and figure out.

I’ve been able to customize it as much as possible with my limited knowledge but am having issues with a couple of things that are visible when you look at this page:

1. Firstly when moving from working offline onto my site today, the arrow navigation images disappeared. Where can I find these in files/code to relink them? Also have you noticed the forward keys actually scroll back and the back forward, can I change these so they scroll in the right direction?

2. The social icons in my footer are a dark colour since the original themes footer was dark, and I’d like to make them a light grey to match, is there any extra code I can add in the brankic panel to do this?

3. Thirdly since trying to remove the titles completely my spacing has gone wrong, where my text is butt up against the divider. I’ve found I can respace this if I add shortcode to the top of every portfolio post, but is there any quicker code I can just add to the brankic panel so to not have to add to each page individually?

Any help would be awesome. I didn’t really want to have to go live without these issues being corrected but hopefully I can change them soon.


Hi Dina,

Thank you on your kind words. I’m glad it’s not that hard for you to use this theme.

1. When you moved your website online – there’s something wrong with path to image files in CSS files. Check this (from css/style.css)
ul.item-nav li a {
    background: url("file:///Resource/Website/BigBang2013/DinaBBWordpress/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/sprite.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    display: block;
    height: 45px;
    text-indent: -9999px;
    transition-duration: 0s;
    width: 45px;
Path should be
    background: url("images/sprite.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
2. Sure, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#footer .social-bookmarks li {
  background-color: #999999;
3. Try this Extra CSS
.content-wrapper {
  padding-top: 20px;

I wanted to ask if its possible to have different number of columns for each sub-category on the profile page?

I’ve asked 2 separate times now…the first was 7 days ago!!! I need help. I am setting up a site for a friend. I asked before purchasing if I was able to put a separate image on each page. You said yes. I have tried to add an image to just the blog page on this site: and am not able to do so. Please advise.

Also, I would like to be able to remove the titles from the portfolio page thumbnails. Is there way to do so? I have been able to hide the titles but not the grey box they sit in.

Please consider adding a forum for support. I have been searching for over an hour through old pages of comments trying to find answers. It would be much easier for both you and those of us with questions if we had a way to search for answers so the same questions don’t keep getting asked over and over again. At this point, with support being sporadic and not being able to search for answers, I wouldn’t rate this theme very well.


Sorry for not answering.

About forum : We’re against separate forums, because we want all to be visible to everyone. ThemeForest guys said there will be added better search forum functionality, so we’re waiting for it…

Not sure exactly where you want to add separate image. Could you please sketch it (with printscreen) ?

To remove titles below portfolio thumbs, add Extra CSS nunulka posted
.item-info {
.view {display:none;}

ps: Please don’t threaten with low rating. You must be aware that providing support here on ThemeForest (and whole Envato marketplace) isn’t mandatory for authors as it’s mentioned several time on the forums and of course on Envato website

1st. Thank you nunulka for helping!

Regarding a separate image on the blog page. I’m using the boxed version of the theme. My friend wants an image on the blog page (not the rest of the site) to have a pattern behind the boxed version. Something similar to this

Thank you for the info on removing the titles.

I wasn’t threatening a low rating. I’m explaining what my experience has been compared to expectations I had. It appeared to me that you do offer support and nowhere did I read that you may or may not answer things. I’m not aware of what Envato’s rules are for author’s. I just know that I (like many others) look for themes that offer support. If you are not actually offering dedicated and consistent support, I think you need to be very clear about that in the details of the the theme. It would be helpful for buyers, who look for support, to know before purchasing your theme that you do not offer dedicated support. Or, that the support you offer is when you can get to it, which could be a week or more out. That way the proper expectations are set. Buyers know what they are getting in to. Maybe add it to your FAQ’s? At any rate, thank you for answering.


as for removing the grey box under thumbs. Go to Brankic Panel and insert the below code in Extra CSS

Hope it helps
.item-info {
.view {display:none;}


I hope it’ll be useful for other users of our theme…

A client of mine purchased this theme for their site. For some reason, the photostream widget is no longer displaying their instagram feed. I updated the theme with a new API Call URL but the same one does not work for the widget. We changed the URL of the site and Instagram also had moved to their own site and so I am not sure what is going wrong. The address is and the fourth footer location is where it should be. you should be able to load the main instagram feed from the work menu item. What is going on?

It’s working for me (check the last footer box)

Maybe there is some kind of plugin conflict, so try to disable all other plugins…

Is there a way to choose the specific order in which the portfolio thumbnails appear?


These thumbs are ordered by it’s date. You can manually change the date of the posts…

Of course… Not sure why I didn’t think of that. Thanks for the help, and the awesome theme!

Hello! I would like to have a horizontal rule underneath each sidebar widget title. What should I add to the custom CSS Brankic panel?

Thanks, loving the theme! -Sara

Hi Sara,

Try this Extra CSS
.widget h3.title {
border-bottom: 1px solid #EEEEEE;

Help! I am trying to set up a site using your lovely theme but am having trouble getting the portfolio to look like the one on your page. Ideally I want to show the page that looks like the images as circles but all I get is something that looks like a blog post :(

Can you help

Also when I am logged in I cannot see an edit this page link in the top menu for the portfolio page :(

I am a little confused…

Ok the permalink structure seems to work. My portfolio page has a side bar on it though and I’d instead like it to have 4 columns. How do I get rid of the sidebar?

Its gone!!!! And I am getting there. Last things is the portfolio circles seem to have a small line showing under each of them can you tell me how to get rid of them

Hi, love the look of this theme. has it been tested with woocommerce at all?

I’ve tested it with old version of WooCommerce (1.6)

Hi! I love this template… very compliment to your team. I’m new to Wordpress, so I would ask if you can do a pdf/video tutorial that explain how to obtain the site as u can see it in the Live Preview! I’ll appreciate it A LOT! I want to study wordpress and it could help me a lot! :)

About to purchase theme – Noticed that on mobile device (iphone) navigation defaults to “site navigation’ no matter what page I am on.

Is there any support for targeting specific SETS within a FlickR account? I am linking my Flickr PhotoStream up and I want to show specific sets of images is there anyway to target specifics SETS or Gallerys?

If not with FlickR can I do that with Instagram or any other photo gallery programs?