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When using a portfolio as circles – bra portfolio type.

When you hover over the item and there is the magnifying glass or the link.

Is there anyway to make that link go somewhere other than the portfolio item?

I would like the circles with the hover effect but to link to another site.


Hello, I wrote a question 21 days ago and didn’t receive any answer! When I bought the theme I understood from the writings there would be support for questions?? Please assist. 21 days ago Flag

storeyweb Purchased


I’ve purchased the theme and started making adjustments. However, I cannot seem to control the size of images inserted into the portfolio, and I’d like to know the way to do it before I put in all the images for projects in an incorrect size… have a look here: and see, differnt image take up a different sizes when i choose ‘medium’ or ‘full size’ in the Media Library.

Please assist, thanks, I.B.

Hi I.B,

Sorry for late answer – this was the period of big mess in our lives.

However, everything is fine now, so there will be no such delay in providing support.

The best practice is to crop Extra images BEFORE uploading to the server. I prefer to have full control over the slideshow and only way to have it is to crop images yourself.

Full image size is always used in slideshow (so choosing medium, or small doesn’t matter)

I hope this helps…

Hi Brankic

Can you tell me how to insert text at the very bottom of the page for a copyright notice please.

Many thanks


Hi Glenn,

Footer is managed via widgets. Add Text widget to the one of the footer sidebar with your copyright info…


I’m looking for buying this great theme but first, I would like to know if it is fully compatible with WPML?

Thanks in advance,


i would like to re-order portfolio items, as newer ones i added need to be further down in the list.

Just setting up the photostream for instagram and can’t get it to work. Here’s what I have for shortcode settings in the page:

[bra_photostream user=’drewgilbert’ limit=’12’ social_network=’instagram’ layout=’4’ shape=’none’]

The page is here:

But it doesn’t display. It does work for pinterest…

Sigh… sorry a lot of stuff happened in your life, I see you are back on track… I asked this 7 days ago… I also contacted you via your site… I just need a little help here.

When I make a post and ad a photostream (Instagram for example) I can view the post and the gallery pulls in fine. Then if I edit the post again, without touching the photostram code and resave the post, the gallery does NOT show up. What am I doing wrong??

Also, is there a way to put the shapes (Triangle/circle/hex) around wordpress native galleries I upload? Does it work with nextGen gallery galleries? If so, how?

Here’s an example of a page I made:

I was trying to display ALL the Brankic panel options… I gave up after not being able to figure out the mystery of the disappearing Photostream gallery… Do you have the posts and page data that is on your live preview? Is there a way to duplicate my site so it is essentially the working demo? I can THEN reverse engineer the posts and pages by editing them…in fact that would probably get like 85% of the questions answered! Please get back to me I have a very unhappy client and don’t want to abandon this theme cause it’s awesome…

I love the theme, but I think I must be missing something. When I upload portfolio items through wordpress, nothing shows up on my portfolio page. Also, I don’t see where the settings are to change the options of the portfolio page layout. I’d appreciate any help!

OK, I figured out how to get the portfolio page to work so please disregard my previous post. I do notice though, that on the portfolio page the thumbnails (I selected hexagons) are some squished to fit and some don’t fit horizontally. Is there a set size I need my ‘featured image’ to be set at for these to work without skewing the image?

So glad I bought this profile. Is it possible to include a sidebar in the masonry layout? Would love that.


Sorry, but you can’t use sidebar with portfolio shortcode :(

Hey Brankic

Any idea about the photostream widget not showing images? Its down on my site and on your theme preview? Is it the API or just the plugin?

It’s working on my live preview

Maybe there is some temp problem with server…

Hi Brankic

The shortcode button don’t appear on my dashboard. Can you tell me, what’s the trouble ? For information purposes, i work with the last version of wordpress. And I don’t change the name of theme folder… Many thanks

May I see the URL of your website. Maybe you haven’t changed the theme folder, but is theme properly installed? (wp-content/themes/bigbangwp is right path)

Sure : (As you can see, I’ve begin to change several things on the CSS and the menu is only a test… ) I have the same path you.

Does the shortcode button must appear in the text editor without change settings in the dashboard ?


Before I purchase this theme can somebody answer me this question.

On the portfolio items, is it possible to have the whole box clickable, taking the user to the page. Rather than having the image popup or page options in the bottom right.


Hi Brankic, so if i were to choose the nohover option, the description would not appear – is that correct?


Description is only visible on hover. However, with this Extra CSS you can hide preview / link icons
.preview {display:none;}
.view {display: none;}

Perfect, thanks for your help. I am going to go ahead and use this theme for my client then.

Hi, I have some trouble when making a portfolio post. Where can I change the thumbnail or feature image? In the “Add New Portfolio Item” I can only add an extra image Please help!

Check SCREEN OPTIONS near the top of the page and check if Featured image is selected.


My sidebar widget to show Recent Posts and Archives is appearing on the Single Blog Page, but it’s not showing on the main Blog page even though I selected the sidebar option. What could be wrong?

Any idea why the sidebar is still not showing up? I’m using the Brankic Panel’s Blog Page settings, and on the actual Blog page itself, I only selected “Blog” under “Select Blog Category” and “3” for my “Sidebar” (which is what I’m trying to show). I left the Template setting as “Blog 3” under Page Attributes. My Posts page has been set to “News” under Settings/Front Page Displays. I don’t see what else I’m missing…

Ok, the sidebar seems to work only with the “default” sidebar only. I guess I’ll use this then as it seems to be the only one that works.


If you’re using category view, you can use only default sidebar (as it stated in Brankic Panel -> Blog)


Just ran into an issue I can’t figure out- I have manually resized all of my images to have identical heights (ie landscape-oriented images are 800w x 600h, portrait-oriented images are 450w x 600h, all images 72dpi) in order to make the portfolio extra images slider remain more or less the same size.

When I publish the portfolio item, however, the extra images slider is still displaying the portrait-oriented images as taller than the landscape-oriented images. This makes the navigation arrows for landscape-oriented images appear far below the actual image and is visually confusing. Again, all images have already been resized to an identical height/dpi.

I guess I’m just looking for a workaround for this- is there a way to constrain the display height of the portfolio slider? Or have I edited the pictures incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated.

For some reason, when I click on a portfolio thumbnail and go to a single post, I’m not able to get back to the “all” by clicking on the all icon in between the arrows on an individual portfolio page. it just reloads the same page. Each portfolio category has a parent page and sub category so it should go back to all?

Can you please advise how to fix this? Thanks!

Disregard the above question. I figured it out. I hadn’t added the parent page below the editor. I thought it was just a matter of pages and categories. Thanks!

I have a problem: I install your theme and the demo to start my website… but all images are disappear (logo, sliders, blog). I see only the four icon ate the Home. All images are in Media Library! I re-installed the Wordpress and the demo, and this is the same situation. And, when I upload a slider from my files, the file is in media library, but anything on the page online.

You can see:

Thanks to help me.