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I messed up somewhere. I was building my site on a local server. when i uploaded t the hosting server, the “Recent Work” section on the bottom of the home page no longer displays the images. What did I do? What needs to be done to display images in this section?

Please take a look and HELP!


I just bought this theme and it looks great so far! However, I’m having a problem with the footer. I installed the theme through the XML file as you can see. First of all, anything I put on Footer 1, 2 and 3 doesn’t appear. I don’t even get a Footer 4. I placed the Photostream on the Right Footer and although the title appears, the photos do not even though I entered different usernames for instagram the pictures won’t even appear (not even with the sample information that you provided).

Thanks for the help in advance!

^ Sorry for another comment, I was able to resolve the footer problem but the photostream still doesn’t show up. Is this a problem with the widget happening to everyone or just me?

Hi. In the portfolio grid, if my featured images are different sizes, the grid moves and the design messes up, is there a way to have the grid items all in the same size even if the Featured Images are all different?


I have a question. I have a friend who purchased this theme and he told me the email contact form doesn’t work. Have you guys fixed this problem?

Hi there, I’ve had this theme up and running for a few months now and it’s been great! I really love the look and the easy short codes. Recently I updated WordPress and I’m not sure if it’s related, but at that time I noticed the Banrik short code menus don’t work any more. I can see the menus but I can’t click on them to insert them anywhere. That wasn’t a huge problem because I was/am still able to write in the shortcodes, but a bigger problem I’m having is that when I changed the permalinks settings for some reason it screwed up my portfolio pages. Now each of my portfolio pages defaults to blog pages or errors (all other pages work fine though)... any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.


When using a portfolio as circles – bra portfolio type.

When you hover over the item and there is the magnifying glass or the link.

Is there anyway to make that link go somewhere other than the portfolio item?

I would like the circles with the hover effect but to link to another site.



You can install some redirection plugin where you’ll define redirection URLs…

You said that updating the theme should fix the issue I was having with the image on the about page getting warped when viewed mobile/smaller sizes. I updated and replied saying that the update did not fix that issue. That was 6 days ago.

Please let me know how to fix this or send a file to fix this ASAP as I do need to move on. Thanks.


Sorry to hear about that. We’ve had some issues in providing support last few weeks so some questions left unanswered.

Please provide me the URL of that page.

I think I fixed it.


I have installed the zipfile in wordpress and can see all of the php files as well as the placeholder .css file. But is there a way to edit the /css folder within the wordpress editor? Would some code need to change in the functions.php in order for it to appear in editor?

Thank you!


As I know, you can’t edit CSS files which are not in root folder.

Safer is to make backup of your CSS files and edit them on your computer and to manually upload them back to server.

Also, there is an Extra CSS field in Brankic Panel where you can override some CSS rules and declarations…

It seems that my multi-language plugin (qTranslate) is interferring with the “portfolio” options. When it’s enabled, I can’t access the brankic options in the “visual” editor of the page. When it’s disabled it works.

Anyone have any ideas for a fix? I really need to get this working bilingually!


My solution for bilingual websites is to install 2 instances of WordPress into different folders and manage this 2 instances separately (each one in it’s language)

Most translate plugins can’t work with advanced theme options…

You said your theme is translation ready, but your contact form doesn’t seem to be. How can I translate the contact form?

Form field names should be translated in Brankic Panel -> Contact

Hmmmm. I set the /contact/ page to ‘default template’, and inserted some other form solution, but your theme still tries to manage it somehow. How can I disable this obscure contact form behaviour?

and no, it has nothing to do with caching…


This is because of my “not so smart” file naming. If your contact page start with word contact (in the slug) our contact page template will be used. You should rename page-contact.php to something else (old-page-contact.php)

I hope that makes sense…

This theme is perfect for filmmakers. can you make an IMDB social media square? Any filmmaker would find that more important than twitter, facebook, and google plus combined.

i purchased the theme and i’m using that. at this point, thats my only complaint.


It’s not that hard to make your own IMDB icon. Just replace one of existing in folder wp-content/bigbangwp/images/socialize-icons/ Just replace any icon you don’t use. The trick is not to change file name and to use name of changed icon.

I hope that make sense…

Hello, I am on the brink of purchasing this theme but would first like to know if you can change the recent work section on the home page to a recent blog post section. I am not a techie but I think it is down to the “cat_id” code. does the blog page have a cat_id code?


Could you give me any help on making a secondary portfolio? Ive made a page for portfolio items on a final project I am working on, and that it working fine.

The problem is that I don’t have any options to make those items not appear on my main portfolio page.

Thank you!

Never mind, I just figured it out!

I changed the portfolio category I was working with to <Parent: “None”> and it removed that category from my main portfolio page, while keeping those category items on the separate portfolio page I created.

Thank you!

Hey, I have the Problem that my Logo in the Brankic Panel can not be uploaded or btw that it isn`t shown. Can you help me what the Problem is about?

Kind regards Tom

I asked you this same question last week can you please answer me ?

Purchased your 1st theme today – I must say Very Impressed with so simple to setup theme.

Found BUG and Have a question -

BUG:- Noticed that on mobile device (iphone) navigation defaults to “site navigation’ no matter what page I am on.

Question: Can you tell me how to setup portfolio image link with “Just Popup Image” & no link?

Link :

Thank you!


Sorry for late answer (some personal problems)

I’ve answered you above…

Hi, I bought BigBang theme about three months ago and everything worked great so far. Something’s wrong now and I need your help. I don’t know if it’s wordpress or theme’s thing: when I log into my wordpress panel and try to edit some pages or elements a blank page appears. It happens in two situations: when I click on Brankic Shortcodes button (on page edit tab) and when I try to edit widgets (like dragging a widget to a side panel). I cannot edit my website with those functions broken. Could you please help me with that? Thank you!


Sorry, but I can’t help you if I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name :(

ps: try clean install of both WordPress and BigBangWP…

How do i re create the demo layout, – what widgets to i need and where?


It’s all explained in the help file, section Importing demo content…