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Could you check this about shortcode error? (Suddenly it is not work.) check this video.


All you have to do is to update the theme. This happened with one of the WP updates…


I wanted to ask if its possible to have more than 4 columns in the portfolio if so how to do it? The same question for the grid columns more than 4 columns and how to do it? Otherwise the theme is great, pagination for the portfolio would be also great.


portfolio shortcode doesn’t allow more than 4 columns – sorry. Of course, you can hire freelancer to do that (not that hard to customzie the theme if you have medium CSS knowldege)

On you can see grid with 5 and 6 columns. Our shortcode allows that. To learn about shortcodes in our theme, please check the help file…


many thanks I have figured out the portfolio columns issue in style.css by myself. As for the second question I may explained wrong I had the icon boxes in more than 3 columns. Just like you have in the demo preview where you have 5 columns. Can you please help me?


Add 5 icon box shortcodes (add 4 via shortode pop-up and add one more manually)

After that add this Extra JavaScript to Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
                $(".page-id-19 li").addClass("last-row");
        $(".page-id-19 li").removeClass("last");
        $(".page-id-19 li:last").addClass("last");

Just replace page-id-19 with id of your page (check source and class next to your BODY tag…)

How can I make image gallery within a post ? I don’t want to have just reorganized images but some slick looking thumbnails or something similar. Thanks.


If you want simple image gallery, I suggest to install some gallery plugin. Of course, you can try to use default WP gallery.

How do I get the revolution slider working on this theme, everything i put the shortcode on the homepage when I go to view my homepage nothing happens and all it shows is the short code


Sorry, but we can’t provide support on 3rd party plugins :(


I’m having the same problem as jamescapper84. None of the alt tags are working on any of my portfolio images, which obviously isn’t great for SEO. Any suggestions?

Thanks :)


yeah, they don’t work in sliders, but ALT tags for images are way below some other SEO related stuff (quality content, titles, cross site URLs, adding new content often…)

@Brankic1979 – I saw you have been asked portfolio re-order question few many times. I am using this plugin with your theme and it works like a great. maybe you can suggest this to other user. Unfortunately themeforest doesn’t allow me to reply to anyone.


This could be useful for other users

ps: It’s a pity this forum isn’t searchable :(

Just bought this theme and the portfolio shortcode is not working. The portfolio items show as blog posts instead of a grided layout with the items shaped as circles.


If you have same slug for portfolio page and for category, category (blog) template will be used (this is default WP behaviour)

Try to use default permalink setting to see if this is the case and if it is – try to rename slugs…

Hi, is there a way to change the blog single page style for specific categories?


Sorry, but you can’t do out of box, but for freelancer who knows WP, it’s 1hr job…

Hello…..just purchased your theme and tried to upload (I use Bluehost) and it didn’t work. The tech support person there says it may be an issue with the theme and gave me an error (cutting and pasting what he referenced):

[08-May-2013 19:25:00] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home2/annamuth/public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/functions.php on line 3


You’ll have to use newer version of WordPress on your hosting…

Or maybe you’re using old version of our theme…

Hi – thanks for your reply. I did figure out yesterday that I was on an old version of Wordpress. Probably should have checked that before posting. I made the update and everything’s fine.

I would like to make the background were the text is located a different color besides white. Your previous templates made this easy.

Can you do it on this one?


You can do it with Extra CSS.

Add this to Extra CSS
.content-wrapper {
  background-color: #000;


Thanks for a great theme and sorry for all the duplicate questions you’ve had to deal with. I haven’t found the answers for these so I hope you can help:

1. I can hide page titles from most pages but I can’t find a way to hide the individual Portfolio page titles. Is there some extra css?

2. For some weird reason my homepage slider sticks to the grey line under the logo. This also happens on the contact page with the emailer widget. I tried adding [bra_divider height=’40’] but it doesn’t help.

Hope you can help me.


To hide individual portfolio page titles add this Extra CSS
.single-portfolio_item .section-title h1.title {
  display: none;

May I see the URL please?

When I try and disable the hover on portfolio items using the extra code you provided, it only works if the portfolio items are rectangles. If I change the items to circles, the items dont have the titles under them anymore and therefore link to nothing.


You’re right. This can be done only if you don’t use shapes :(

Sad! So when i’m using the shortcode to insert my portfolio items, the “hover” options means nothing?


When you’re using shapes, what you select for hover doesn’t matter :(

Hello, I would like to display my blog posts in squares like the portfolio – can you please tell me the additional css to get this done?



Just add portfolio shortcode and choose your blog category.

Hello Brankic!

I added some extras in Brankic Panel (CSS) thanks to the answers you gave to other users, but I have some problems. I changed the color of the toggle elements (on # C25283;), but does not display the + symbol. There’s another problem: when you open the toggle new color disappears and you can’t read correctly the title. You can see it here:

How I can fix it?

Something else … would change the speed of transition of additional images. How I can do it? And the size font? I’ve tried with

body { font-size: 12px; line-height: 17px; } but doesn’t work

Can you help me? Thankss


Path to the background image isn’t right in your Extra CSS. Try to use absolute path (http://...wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/image.jpg)

Also, you have to add a {
  background: url("../images/bullet-toggle.png") no-repeat scroll right -20px #F8F8F8;

Transition of extra images can be set in (Appearance -> Editor) file near the end of the file…

Size of slide captions can be changed with this Extra CSS
.flex-caption {
  font-size: 45px;

ps: Thanks for reading previous answers. I wish some other buyers do that too :)

Thanks Brankic,

There is still one thing that I can’t improve: When you unfold the toogle you can’t read the title because the font color is kept in white. is it possible to change it?

A one more thing, I have not explained it well: I want to change the font size of the paragraph text, not the size of the slide captions. how I can do? With body { font-size: 12px; line-height: 17px; } doesn’t work

Thanks for your help!


For all CSS issues please use Inspect Element feature of Chrome/Firefox. This option shows you rules specific to any section of web page.

After that insert the same declaration into Extra CSS (and change what you want). Extra CSS will override declarations from CSS files…

Hello and thanks for a great theme. I am trying to intall the default content and I get this error after browsing and selecting the XML file:

Fatal error: Class ‘DOMDocument’ not found in /home/httpd/sites/pnetnew/doc-root/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/parsers.php on line 61

Any ideas?

Never mind previous comment. I didn’t have php-xml installed. Works great now! For those with same issue…

yum install php-xml

Just to point that this is server issue…

I’m glad you’ve solved it…

I’m new to using themes, and I can’t seem to get the images to show up right on my portfolio pages. I wanted to use the masonry layout but all its showing is empty boxes unless you click on them. Am I missing a place to change code? Also it’s only showing 4 images.


You must have featured images in these posts…

thank you!

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m missing something but it doesn’t seem to let me add the default sidebar to my posts (news). It just default to a full width page. The sidebar works fine for all my regular pages.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Fab

Hi Fab,

I can’t open the URL you’ve provided.

Check settings in Brankic Panel -> Blog (if you don’t see an sidebar option, please update the theme)

Hi Brankic,

The embedded youtube videos start automatically whether 360p or 240p. I need to change the parameter to 1 from 0 in the coding so the embedded videos (under Brankic Custom fields) would start in HD mode. How can I do that?

Thank you!!


Code for embedding videos is in single.php and single-portfolio_item.php We’re using IFRAME…

Hey guys,

Love the theme! Was wondering if it was possible to have a one-column blog (without the sidebar). For example, if I disabled the sidebar completely, will the blog body spread itself out to fill up the space, or will there be an empty column left on the right?


Yes you can have full width blog layout. There’s a option in Brankic Panel (in WP Dashboard) where you can choose blog layout…