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Hi, Where exactly do you change the image source for team member images in the team page? I found the template is bra_shortcodes_team_members.php but then if I want to create such a team page how do I proceed? How are descriptions and text below the images changed too?


You don’t have to change PHP files. Do you see Brankic Shortcode button in the editor?

Where can i find the option to disable “responsive layout”. i am using v.1.9.1 and the changelog says it is supported within the Brankic panel.


Yes you can do it. It’s in Brankic Panel (2nd from behind on Global options)

Hi Brankic,

Loving the theme and recently found more excellent features to implement in the site.

One thing that I would like to be able to do, however, is link to a portfolio page that is filtered/displays only one category.

So for example, when I click on an anchor tag, it goes to a page that contains my portfolio, but only one portfolio category shows.

Is this possible?

Many thanks in advance. Matt

Hi Matt,

It’s not possible out of box. Advanced knowledge of jQuery, WP (PHP) is necessary for such an customization, so this is beyond our support.


That’s not a problem – I totally understand. You need to draw the line somewhere otherwise you’ll spend all day answering questions on here and not developing!

I know PHP and I’ve got a little bit of jQuery knowledge, so I’ll try and jump in. Any pointers as to which file I would need to adjust?

Thanks again.


To be honest, I don’t know myself where to start. I guess it can be done with some combination of PHP if – then and custom jQuery.

Portfolio shortcode is in includes/bra_shortcodes.php in function bra_portfolio…

Hi again Brankic,

Please, how can I get a random portfolio grid (thumbnail) under single portfolio item ? Something like [portfolio] shortcode, that doesn’t work here.

A hack in single-portfolio-item.php? Any idea please?

Thanks for your reply.

I sent you an email…


Sorry, but we’re not available for any freelance / customization (even if it’s our own theme)

Hey, I’ve find a way to do it ! Thanks for the reply.

Hello Brankic,

I am considering purchasing this theme for a client of mine. I have a couple of questions before moving forward for you.

1. This client of mine is a film maker, and would like to use this theme to showcase her video work. Is it possible, in the portfolio section, to change the proportions and size of the videos? 2. Does the video have to be streamed from YouTube or Vimeo, or is there a way for it to be embedded into the site? 3. On the homepage, is it possible to showcase a video, instead of an image gallery? If so, can we change the size of that as well? 4. Is this theme child theme ready?

Thanks so much, please let me know if these things are doable, I would love to move forward with this theme!

Hi LiskaD,

1) It can be changed (not out of box, but this could be done in PHP file)

2) You can use SWF or MOV video files which are uploaded to your server (media library in WP)

3) Home page is a normal page, so you can add whatever you want…

4) There are some problem with child themes so answer is – No :(

I hope these answers help a bit…

I am having problems with the overall speed of the website. It does not load anymore and I have talk with the hosting service and they say that I am using the whole capacity of the server and I should optimize my site. Can you have a look to see if there is a problem from the themes script?


There’s nothing wrong with our theme. Maybe you’re using some “heavy” 3rd party plugin, or your server is too slow…

How can I make the title from the text to not show like they are writen with caps lock?

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.section-title h1.title {
  text-transform: none;

I want that same options, but for the posts titles.

Hi the button to enter shortcodes is broken. It now only opens up a blank page….Is there anyway to fix this or find documentation for the shortcodes ?


Are you using latest version of our theme? Also, try to disable all 3rd party plugins to see if they are in conflict with our theme…


How can I change menu text color??


‘MOMOMTMARKET’ text color — black —> red

need help :)

All the menu turns red :(. I want just ‘MOMOT MARKET’ section only… Is it possible?????

#primary-menu ul a {
  color: #ff0000;

thank you:) Real sorry for same question! sorry!

Hey Brankic,

I cant seem to get my portfolio filters to show up at the top of the page.

this is what the page looks like:

this is what my code looks like:

[bra_portfolio title=”” cat_id=”7” no=”-1” show_filters=”yes” columns=”3” shape=”” hover=”yes” height=”“]

[bra_portfolio title=”” cat_id=”8” no=”-1” show_filters=”yes” columns=”3” shape=”” hover=”yes” height=”“]

[bra_portfolio title=”” cat_id=”9” no=”-1” show_filters=”yes” columns=”3” shape=”” hover=”yes” height=”“]

what am i missing? thanks!


If you want to show filters (names of categories with cat_id 7, 8 and 9) You have to make parent category for these cats and choose parent category in portfolio shortcode.

I hope that makes sense…

perfect, thanks!!

I downloaded this theme and activated it. but in admin page the warning above still exists. I don’t know why this warning occurs and how to make portfolio. please help me T0T

the errors below:

Warning: fopen(/home//public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/portfolio_select.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home//public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 6 due to your server settings, you have to CHMOD 777 file /home//public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/portfolio_select.txt This file is used only for portfolio shortcode dropdown. You’ll still be able to use portfolio shortcode if you don’t CHMOD txt file, but you’ll have to manually insert ID of parent category. Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home//public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 45

Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/*/public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 46

“you have to CHMOD 777 file public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/portfolio_select.txt”

Sorry but could you please explain more detail?


I can’t explain better than that :(

You should some of your friends, or (better) forward this note to your hosting support and ask them to CHMOD that file…


Vza Purchased

Yo Brankic!

Great theme. Is there a way to add a global search bar?


Could you be more precise?

You can add search bar to the footer, or to sidebar…


Vza Purchased

Within the header area or below the global navigation.


Sorry, but you can’t insert there search widget :(

You can try to tweak header.php

I am having a problem with displaying these letter ? ? ? ?. They don`t display corectly. When I instal other themes from wordpress they work. What do you suggest?

How can i make the letters from the title of the blog post to not be with caps lock?

How can i make the featured photos smaller than 1000 pixels?

Add this to Extra CSS
.post-title h2.title, .post-title h2.title a {
  text-transform: none;

Upload smaller image. Of course, you’ll have to edit/resize image on your computer before uploading…

did that and the letters are the same

Hi, thank you for this template.

Can I insert a video too in the slides ? So I can have a slide with my extra images and a featured video…

Thank you


Sorry, but videos can’t be used in our slider. You should browse the WP plugins directory to find the one you like…

Hi Brankic,

Three things:

1. Great template!

2. When I try to use the shortcodes in the visual editor I get javascript:void(). None of the short codes that require additional input (portfolio, map, grid, highlights, etc.) are working. How can this be fixed?

3. I have the portfolio page set as my homepage. When a visitor hovers over an item I would like for the entire item to link to the single-portfolio-page or for the magnifying glass to link to the single-portfolio-page and to remove the chain link completely. Can you please let me know how I can achieve this?



1. Thanks!!!

2. You have to update the theme. Check FAQ if you don’t know how to do it ( )

3. You can change the icons with this Extra CSS (Brankic Panel)
.item-info-overlay a.view {
  background: url("../images/sprite.png") no-repeat scroll 12px -50px #333333;
.preview (display:none;}

You can’t have whole area clickable on hover.

I hope this helps…

Hi Brankic!

I am currently loving this theme and in the midst of customizing it for my portfolio, cheers to your lovely effort! Just two quick questions about the image slider in the individual portfolio pages (like in there an easy way I can disable the photo slider altogether when it switches to the mobile version (BUT keep it for the full browser version?)

To clarify, instead of having the image slider and prettyPhoto lightbox popping up, can it switch to have all the photos appear just as a regular list of static images instead? (like how the home page stacks each project feature, or how portfolio page stacks the projects in a vertical row)

I’ve got no background in coding, so not sure if it’s a case of adding something to the responsive layout rules, or if it’s something more complicated. I’m guessing that the image slider is a combo of the flexslider and prettyPhoto js…Also would it be possible to have only the flexslider and not have it be clickable (so no prettyPhoto lightbox), avoiding the blue highlighting I get on the photos when I swipe back and forth on the flexslider itself?

In any case, I’m not trying to disable the responsiveness all together, just trying to figure out an alternative to displaying the pictures. Thanks!!


Yes, you can do that. Delete
<script type='text/javascript'> 
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$(".flexslider img").each(function(){
var img_src = $(this).attr("src");
var img_href = $(this).parent("a").attr("href");

if (img_href == "#" || img_href=="javascript:void()") {
        $(this).parent("a").attr("href", img_src).attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto[]")

Hi Brankic, that did help me get rid of the prettyPhoto lightbox, but the slider still shows up as a hyperlink (i.e. mouse changes when hovered over it/it gets highlighted in blue when tapped on a mobile device). Is there a way to get rid of the linking, as they falsely indicate that something will happen when clicked? Thanks!


To remove A tag around the image, you’ll have to edit Basic PHP/HTML knowledge is a must…


I wanted to ask what I should insert in the url field when I want a skype link in the Brankic Social Media Widget? Because when I add “Skype skypename?chat” it will add the home page link at the beginning by default

Why not theme related? When I use your Brankic Social Media widget with your skype icon? I use the link as sugested here but your theme always add the home page url before. Please scroll down on my site to the social icons where the skype icon is I added Skype nina2629?chat to the url field but your plugin added the home page in front of it when I saved it. So its now and of course it doesnt work when someone wants to contact me via Skype.

Hi I’ve found the solution. I inserted this skype://nina2629 to the url field and it works

I’m glad you’ve found the solution. It might be helpful for others…


We really like the BigBang theme but we still haven’t figured out how to add several sliders for the front page. We have one as featured image and then, when adding another to create a slider, the 2nd just appears underneath the first one. Probably we are doing something wrong here…

Hm, disabled all plugins but still did not work. Just to be clear, to add second image for slider, this must be done under Extra Images or somewhere else?


Featured image doesn’t appear in the slider. You have to insert at least 2 Extra Images.

Thanks! It works. What a dumb mistake :D

How can i make the letters from the title of the blog post to not be with caps lock?

How can i make the featured photos smaller than 1000 pixels?

You’ve already asked this question and I’ve answered you…

I have put a custom link to the home page to redirect my readers to the first pages because I have set the first page as a blog to show the latest posts, but google has indexed the name of that custom link as the title of my website. How can I keep the custom link but change the name of the website that is indexed in google?

This is not theme related. Google about this issue (or hire a freelancer)