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Hi, I had previous matter settled. Thanks. And I got another question. When I posted with featured image, the image cropped to square shape. I’d like the featured image to be resized in proportion to original size. This problem happened in today’s uploaded image, and when I changed the featured image into another that I uploaded before, it was resized in proportion to original size. How can I solve this problem? Please help me. I’m really grateful to you. Have a nice day.

I would like the feature pictures to be at the same size like in the blog 4 example. They are to big –

You have to resize images on your computer before uploading…

yes, but they tend to strech when I upload them …

Hi Brankic,

I have a problem with the blog posts. The comment box doesn’t seem to show at all. I want the comment box to show on my blog posts so people who visited those blog posts will be able to comment on them. But, it doesn’t show for me.

Any solutions?



This is standard WP option. Check the options if it’s enabled…


Will you provide an update to work with new woocommerce 2.0 ?

Sorry, but we’re not planning to do that :(

Are there big problems with 2.0?

Yes, the whole layout is wack. There are not tabs for comments, additional information or if you add their extension “product inquiry” it all comes up as links.

All the information is also left aligned. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you guys updated it ;)

Hi, I have a problem…

I made a gallery on post. When I click it, error message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the Path is correct and image exist”

And.. where do I find your Support page?

All support is provide right here.

Are images in gallery linked to image file or to attachment page? They have to be linked to image file…

Love the theme! I too can’t seem to find the support page/ files.

I changed my url of my site and now when I login I have two issues: 1.) The editor doesn’t work. When I go to Customize the page it says I am logged out. 2.) The “home” page is now showing where I had set as the demo with a static front page and the site tagline/ title have disappeared.

site is



You have to download whole theme (there is HELP folder)

Try to reinstall the whole theme and maybe the WP too…

Thanks! Got this working properly.

Today I updated the Big Bang wordpress theme. Your theme will display not correct in Safari Browser. The header-wrapper and wrapper are aligned to the left and no centered. The Live preview of this theme will also display false. What can I do now?


This is something related to Safari browser. Some users had same issue, but they’ve fixed it. unfortunately they didn’t said how they fixed it :(

How do I make the blog (index) page to be another page? I would like the home page to be the main index page.

This is WP related not the theme (Settings -> Reading)

How can I have a breadcrumb navigator put on my blog above the first post image and beneath the website title?

How can I get my website title indexed in search engines without that title appearing on my page in the H1 blog page? here is my website


This theme doesn’t have breadcrumb navigation. However there are plenty of plugins, so just browse WP plugins directory…

Google indexing is not theme related…

How can I make the website title to not appear on the home page, but to keep the tagline?

I can not get the theme to display properly on my macbook 13” in google chrome. All content is placed on the right side of my screen as if the site dose not respond properly. I would like to have my content centered as it is on my imac and in every other browser. What am i doing wrong? my friend has the same theme and the same problem.

Thanks in advance excuse any typos greeting from denmark :)

Yep, it looks there is some setting in your Chrome. Please let me know if you fix this.

Finally found an answer. I had two extensions/plugins installed in my google chrome browser both divx and youtube downloader. Deleted both and it displays the site correct :)

That’s very strange and I’ll try to figure why this happen…

sorry please help with the problem I wrote above. I can’t post anything because of cropped featured image. When the featured image cropped in square, the quality of image became low. What should I do? I want the featured image to be shown in size in ratio of original one. Please let me know about this.

Image is cropped only if you’re using blog 3 layout (to square).

We’re not offering support in customization of some aspects of our theme, so if you want to keep blog 3 layout, you’ll have to hire freelancer to tweak page-blog-3.php (index.php) file…

I really like this theme. I was wondering how I can control the position of the box around the current navigation item and also the top of my logo. I would like to make the tops of both be the same distance from the top of the browser window. I am thinking they would each need some custom css, but I was not sure what to use.

I would also like to add a little space under the logo to give it some breathing room before the line.



It depends what do you want to control? Color, padding… ?

With this Extra CSS you can change the color
#primary-menu .current {
  background-color: #FF0000!important;
To add some margin around logo, add this
#logo {
  margin-top: 35px;
  margin-bottom: 35px;


Could you explain how to mimic the demo pages exactly and tweak it with my content. I am sure that you’ve answered this question many times, but I can’t figure out how to search themeforest’s comments. Thank you!

Maybe your hosting server is slow, or you didn’t checked the options to import everything.

XML file has only images, pages and posts. You’ll have to customize contact page and some other option in Brankic Panel, and of course some default WP settings (Reading…)

Hi, I’ve read and re-read your help file so many times and can’t figure out how to download the demo content. I have deleted all posts/comments/pages/plug-ins/etc. and have no been able to install the demo content properly. My page looks like this: Any suggestions? :( Sorry for being such a newb.


When you’ve imported demo content (XML file) did you get blank screen? It looks you’ve uploaded it many times (because I can see duplicates in the menu)

Some hosting servers are very slow and can’t handle import of XML file. It’s not that hard to start from the scratch (if you already have your own content and have basic WP knowledge)

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel #primary-menu ul li a { color: #ff0000; }

All the menu turns red . I want just ‘MOMOT MARKET’ section only… Is it possible?????

Thank U :)

Please don’t ask same question more than once.


I really would like to use this theme for a project! My client requests the possibility to add a Facebook like to single images within the slideshow and/or the gallery. Is there such an option in BigBang WP Theme or is it compatible with Social Gallery plugin?

Thank You, Laura

Thank you Brankic1979. Is there any other of your Wordpress Themes providing that functionality? I actually like them all…

Thank You, Laura

Hi Laura,

What am i talking about !!!, This is standard option in prettyPhoto. Just alter the CSS with this Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.pp_social {
  display: inline;
.pp_social .facebook {
  width: 100px;
I’ve added this to my Live preview, so you can check it there…

Thank you! I will try it soon with you theme! Regards, Laura


Sorry if the question has already been posted, but is there a way to re-arrange the order of the portfolio items ?



Portfolio items are arranged by it’s date (in desc order). Easiest solution is to change dates of post manually…

Hi Brankic,

Another question. For the mobile site, how come the css shows on the homepage?

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

Where exactly do you see that CSS? Can you see it on our live preview or only on your website?

Hi there, A couple questions on my site

1) The nav on the left and on the right don’t match – and I can’t seem to figure out why

2) Is there a way to turn off the mobile settings? I want it to look the same as it does on web….

3) My portfolio page seems to be showing a lot of pieces that I no longer use – but have already deleted… where can I fix this?

Thank you!


1) You’ve customize our theme and we can’t provide support in that case (just check DIVs, classes ad IDs and you’ll find the error)

2) Are you using latest version of BigBangWP? In latest version there’s such an option in Brankic Panel

3) This can’t be theme related…

Thank you.

2) where is this option? I want it to be responsive but not look different for phones…

3) They were still in the “portfolio menu”

Thank you!

2) Brankic Panel – Global Options -> Disable responsive layout

3) What you have deleted? If something isn’t in page editor – there is no way our theme can pull it from “somewhere”.

Hi Brankic, great theme !

I have 2 questions:

1. At the homepage when you go with your mouse to the “icons” a hover appears. Is it possible to make it clickable and that the hover doesn’t show.

2. I am using the [bra_graph_container] because i lookes nice, only i don’t want it to be showing the text “100 ”. Is it possible to show the whole colored bar but don’t show the text 100 ?


Hi Reijer,

1) Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.services div:hover, .services div:hover a {
2) To remove number from the bar, you’ll have to edit (Appearance -> Editor) bra_shortcodes.php and delete strong tag and
' . $percent .'%

ps: You have very nice implementation of our theme – congrats!


one more question :)

because i have changed the color of the footer in to orange, the text in the footer should be white to make it good visible.

How do i do that with the plug-in recent posts?

This are ofcourse links to the recent post and this links have the color gray and when you go with your mouse over it changes to orange. This both colors i need to change. Is this possible?

Is it maybe possible to change the standard color of the text in the footer?

thnx for your quik support!


To make footer text white, try this Extra CSS
#footer {
  color: #fff;
#footer a:hover {
  color: #SomeOtherCode;