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Hi there, I just purchased this theme and am attempting to access the help file for it. I’m trying to open up help_file.html but all that does is kick me to themeforest. How can I access the help file for the theme? Thanks in advance!


It’s very strange. This file should open in your browser on your computer (it’s a local file).

This file is in folder HELP 1.9.1

Thanks for your response. It seems that the problem was that Google Chrome on my Mac was having trouble opening the local .html file. I was eventually able to open the file using Firefox. Cheers!

Hi! I am about to purchase this theme. I Love it. One question though… I really like the “showreel” page on your “vertigo” .html theme, and I would really like to include something exactly like that in my portfolio for my demo reel. Is there a way to add that feature to “BigBang”? THANKS!!!


Sorry, but we’re not planning showreel option in BigBang, sorry :(

This theme suddenly left aligned itself. What can I do to adjust it back so it’s center aligned?


I see you’re still using the same slug. Please use different slugs for your blog page and category…

Thanks! I deleted the categories and relinked everything and it worked! Also, I found that the plugin that was causing the alignment issue on my Mac is “AllMyTube” by Wondershare. I unlinked it from my browser and the issue went away.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Ooooh, that plugins :)

When is the next update coming for this theme

No major update is planned, sorry…

Is there something specific you want?

Hi! Sorry for the stupid question as I feel like I’m missing something simple….I’m having some trouble with the Portfolio shortcode. I have several portfolio categories. I’m trying to set up the filtered display of the items in my portfolio. If I select a single portfolio category (like Logos), all items in that category display correctly. How do I get all categories to display with the filter links as shown (i.e. All / Logos / Web…)? Selecting “Category to Show” = portfolio type” and “Show Filters = Yes” doesn’t do it. What am I missing?


You must create parent category and assign your category as children. Choose this parent category and all subcats will appear as filters…


Im having some serious trouble trying to figure out a quick portfolio hack. I have a number of items that have multiple videos. Is there a way I can stack multiple videos? Like you can do with multiple images? Also, I’d like to know if there is a way to re-order the portfolio structure, with videos coming above images when used together.

Please respond this time. I’ve posted before and gotten zero response.


Sorry, but this isn’t that easy and it’s beyond our support. Help of the freelancer is necessary in this case :(

I`m working on my website speed. Did a check with speedinsights from google and I`ve receive a sugestion to use sprite CSS for images (and it refers to the social icons – I`m using only your plugins). Does the theme support this kind of optimization? Can you please advice me how to do this?


This can be done, but it’s beyond our support. Hire a freelancer if you need this kind of optimization…

Hello, thanx for this amazing template.

One question: I have recently ended my Vimeo PRO subscription and trying to get around the fact that free Vimeo accounts do not permit HD view on embedded videos. While YouTube could be a choice, video encoding and occasional ads can be rather frustrating for creative video use. I have managed to embed Dailymotion videos in a single post / single portfolio page, but Im not able to make use of lightbox (prettyphoto) and thus having the videos pop-up right from the main portfolio (grid view). Any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanx


code for showing Vimeo videos is in several files. Search the PHP files for $video_link and you’ll see what we’re using for showing videos.

For pop-up video, we’re using prettyPhoto script where all you have to do is to provide valid URL of the page with video.

Well, it seems that dailymotion videos do not work on BigBang, wether on single portfolio view, or on pop-up in the Portfolio page. in ‘Edit Portfolio Item’ wp page, i add the Dailymotion video URL in the ‘Video URL’ text box in ‘Brankic Custom Fields’ (for example When i update and go to the single portfolio page, i see a blank spot where the video should be. Furthermore, when i click on the magnifying lens icon (prettyphoto pop-up) in the Portfolio i get an error saying ‘Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.’ Any ideas?


Only if you can get direct path to the video file (not video page). Our theme supports only YT, Vimeo, SFW and MOV.

I am having slight issues with my site in Google Chrome, the headings seem to have been cut off from the center downwards. In Firefox and IE they are fine. My site is located here:

Thanks for all your help!


I’ve just checked your website (btw fantastic illustrations) and I can’t spot the difference.

I’m using Windows…

Hmm maybe it’s just my browser. I’ll try check it on another computer. And thanks! Fantastic theme!


If you figure what’s the problem, please share it with us…


I wanted to ask how do I disable the Flexslider? I removed all the extra images on the home page of my site however the navigation arrows still appears.


Have you removed and text from extra images?

You can delete this line from page.php
if (extra_images_exists()) include (""); 

Can someone please help me get my home page looking like the “demo”.

I had it working correctly and now the home page is shows the title “home” and the site tag line info is missing.


If it was working fine and now it doesn’t -> you’ve did something (add new plugin, change some setting in dashboard)

It’s very hard for anyone to determine what you did :(

How do I add custom fonts that are not in the google fonts library to my site, I have a font that I downloaded from Graphic River that I would love to use


You’ll have to edit header.php and add the font HTML code there.

After that, go to Brankic Panel and in “Google Font Family” insert new font family (no worry, it will work with any font that is defined in header.php)

Hello! I’ve read the FAQ and searched through so many pages but cannot answers. 1) Is it possible to stop the portfolio/flexslider/pretty photo from resizing all my portrait oriented photos to 600px+ width? I have both landscape AND portrait photos in one of my portfolios and the landscape looks fine but then the portrait photos (which I upload at smaller sizes of 400×600) are resized to 627×941. They are pixelated and so large you can’t even see it on the screen. You have to scroll down to even get to the navigation arrows and you cannot see the whole photo. Any tips on keeping my portrait-oriented photos to display at smaller sizes in the slider by default is appreciated!

2) Also, one additional minor issue. I only have 3 images in this portfolio and the prettyphoto pop up is showing 5 images but repeating them.

3) Finally, what is the default sizes (width and height) for images in the portfolio?

All your help is appreciated. Thank you.


I understand. Thank you so much!

regarding #2: the animation effect is already set for ‘fade’. Why would the script add two more photos, repeating the photos in the slideshow? Honestly, with this setup, it seems like the slider is broken. I’ve never encountered a slider that needed to repeat 2 photos for scrolling. A bit confused but thank you for your patience and help.


Please check again – there are settings for 3 sliders in that file.

This is how flex slider works and we can’t do anything about that (only to change the slider for our next projects)

Hi. How do I remove the grey footer (text1, text2) box, also remove the “title” box in the footer? I just want them all to be white like the rest of the page.



May I see the URL and tell me exactly what you want to remove?

the URL is, at the bottom of the page you can see the text “Title”, “Text1”, and “Text2”. How do I remove this bar without losing the youtube, facebook links etc. ?

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#footer-bottom {


Quick question before I buy this theme. I’ve read that you can’t have video in the slider but can you have it so that you click the slider and a pop up video plays?

It’s essential that I can have my showreel playable on the front page so if there’s some sort of work around that would be great. Or is it possible to replace the slider with one that does allow video?




I’m sure there are a lots of plugins which allow video in the slider.

In our theme you can get only what you can see on live preview. So if you see the page with exact feature you want to use, it’s possible (and I provide support if you can’t do the same thing)


Thanks so much for this great theme. I ended up purchasing it and so far, I’m really happy with it.

Once quick question. I see how to adjust the size of my videos, etc. However, when the window becomes smaller, the height stays the same. In other words, the content will get smaller, proportionally, but the height stays the same and a black bar is added and bottom of the content. Is there a way to change this, so that when the window becomes more narrow, or the site is seen on a mobile device, the height gets proportionally smaller as well? Here is a link to my current homepage for reference.


Hi Liska,

We’re aware of this issue, but we couldn’t find the solution for that :(

I’ll try it one more time and if I succeed I’ll publish the update…

Thanks so much! This isn’t a huge issue for us.

I just downloaded a webkit font, how do I install it on my site


Our theme is compatible only with Google Web Fonts. However, it’s a less than 1hr job for freelancer to customize the theme with your own font.

We’re not providing this kind of support…

I would love more branding options in the theme if this is possible,


Could you be more precise about “branding options” ?

Hi Brankic,

I accidentally deleted my parent portfolio category within the ‘Portfolio Item > Portfolio Categories’ menu within Wordpress. Now no recent portfolio items show on my home page etc. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Many thanks in advance

Don’t Worry about the above Brankic, I changed the ID number and was able to get it back. Phew!


I’m glad you’ve solved it. It’s all about IDs and categories…