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I have been working on a site for a friend for a while now with this theme. I applied an update some weeks ago to resolve an issue I was having. I have had your blog 4 template as the static home page. Today I go look at the site and there is suddenly no sidebar. Everything else is still exactly the same, both settings wise and otherwise. The template is still blog 4. But now the sidebar is gone. I did not do anything to change this. Please help?


Choose again sidebar in page editor (in Brankic Custom Fields below the editor)

Not sure what can cause this, but if you determine the cause, please share it with us…

Hello Can you tell me how to setup 404 page?

Right now when page is not found it says “No posts were found.” I would like to replace that with some of my own text as well as I would like to change Title of the page?

I’m working on my portfolio and I was curious if there’s a way that when you hover over the individual portfolio projects that I could get rid of the magnify icon and the link icon and allow the user to click directly on the image and link to the expanded info of the project such as clicking the link button.

Most of my users have no idea that they can click the link icon and that it will lead them to more detail. I was just trying to make this more user friendly.

Thanks so much!


You can’t make whole hover clickable :( You can hide magnify and link icon with this Extra CSS
.view, .preview {display:none;}

In the latest update there is an option which can be interesting for you – no hover – click on image. Just check portfolio shortcode pop-up so you can easily try this new option.


I have created a flickr account, uploaded photos and created a photostream, however my photos are displaying.


[bra_photostream user='pageevents' limit='24' social_network='flickr' layout='small' shape='none']

Images display when using the default username ‘brankic1979’.

Can you assist?

I am using the shortcode generator in the page editor. Not the widget. Your username works with this.

I’ve sent you an email with right username.

As I mentioned above, username is not what you see in the URL, but what you see on your photostream page…

Thank you very much for your assistance on this matter. Hope it helps others in the future.

I’m having problems targeting specific elements within my website and changing them to custom fonts through the Brankic Panel. I tried a couple google fonts and it wasn’t working so I deleted the custom CSS and the google font field in the Brankic Panel and clicked save to have it go back to what it started. However, now it is only using Helvetica for everything on the site.

I was just trying to change the header tags and the paragraph tags with the custom css field in the Brankic Panel and I wasn’t ever able to get them to work correctly.

If you could help me get the fonts back to the default for the theme, and then explain how to change the headers and the paragraph body text in the brankic panel using google web fonts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Evan


Sorry, but we can’t provide support if you’ve changed yourself core files. You can always uplaod original files (without losing any content).

If you can tell me exactly what do you want to change to what font, I’ll tell you how (but please use exact URLs)

I’m also having problems getting the title to go away on my Blog page. I have selected “Yes” to the field “Hide title from the beginning of this page” but it doesn’t go away.

If your blog category slug and page slug have the same name, category template will be used (where you can’t hide the title). One solution is to change the slug, another is to add this Extra CSS in Brankic Panel (to hide title only from .section-title .title {display: none;}

Thanks for your help so far. I’ve got yet another question (sorry). I am trying to embed and play a SWF file within the page, exactly the way you’ve showed in your demo (as opposed to using the prettyPhoto functionality). Every time I attempt it, all I create is a hyperlink to the SWF which plays in a separate window.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi Brankic….thanks for your reply. I should revise my original comment to say that I don’t mind using prettyPhoto to display the swf as users can just click and play the file, I just don’t know how to get the swf preview image to display in the right place. Right now, it works in prettyPhoto, but the preview image is to the left of the portfolio post page (in the smaller column). Is there a way to get the image to display on the left side at its full size?

URL to show what I mean:

Any suggestions?

Also, one more note – the same code doesn’t produce any results when placed in the Video URL custom field (I am using an absolute path….)


You have to create your own preview image for video files (our theme can’t extract video preview images).

Portfolio custom post type use left column for some text and on the right hand side is the slider with extra images / video.

I guess you want something like this

This is what I’m using for Video URL


How come the theme comes out so messy on iPhone and android?

I’ve customized the theme’s CSS and it just looks terrible on smartphones and tablets.

Looking forward to hearing from you

It looks you’ve messed something in CSS files. Are you familiar with media queries and responsive design?

Nobody else reported anything wrong with mobile view…

Hi Branic, your theme suddenly left aligned itself in Mac Safari 6.0.4 and Google Chrome Browser. The display of this theme in iPhone and iPad is correct. My URL is I don’t change the behaviors of my Safari browser. Before I updated this theme I don’t have problems with the display in Safari. I’m not specialist in website programming and you must solve this problem.

Many thanks in advance


I’ve checked on my Safari and Chrome (Windows) and it looks fine. Some other users also reported same issue, but they’ve fixed this themselves. I can’t test it on Mac because I don’t have one, but I think it’s something related to some browser setting.

Hi there,

We are experiencing an issue with the theme when viewed on iphone/ipads.

Essentially all the blog related links dont work and nothing happens when you press them. The post title links, the “click here to keep reading” links etc dont work. Also on the individual blog post page the social media like buttons etc dont work either – they display but nothing happens if they are pressed.

Strangely event though the code is the same for all of them the first title link for the most recent blog post item on the main blog page works but no links after that in any other of the listed posts?

This only happens on the iphone/ipad – everything displays perfectly on a pc or using firefox etc.

Links on the rest of the site seem to work fine from what i can tell.

We’re using the latest version of safari on iphone 4s/5 and ipad 2. I disabled responsive mode in case it was something to do with that but makes no difference the links still dont work.

Could this be something to do with jQuery?

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Nobody else reported such an issue. Maybe it’s because of some plugin you’re using.


Strange. We’re not using any plugins on the site other than the ones that you provided with the template so not sure what could be causing it.

Any other suggestions?


Hi azbf,

Sorry, but I can’t replicate your issue on any of our devices. I hope you understand there’s nothing we can do about if we can’t test it :(


Great theme! One important question: How to make the blog page display the full blog posts and all the content of the posts? More like Tumblr style. In settings I selected the “full text” but it still displays only the summary.

please let me know. thanks


You’ll have to replace the_excerpt with the_content in the index.php (or in blog-page-x.php)

To edit the file, you can go to Appearance -> Editor…

thanks for help, it worked :)


How do I make a portfolio menu “All / Video / Branding etc” like this

I have added portfolio items and used the short code but I can’t work out how to make a menu so it can filter each category?



You must have one parent category and posts should be in children categories. In shortcode pop-up window you have to choose parent category…

I hope that makes sense…

Hi, 1. I have inserted a featured image and Extra Image 1(which is used as featured image) and 2 for a home portfolio slider (of the two images). However the slider doesn’t work on the page, I can only see the featured image as a static one. Is there any code that needs to be added on the page?

2. Also, how do I achieve the effect from this sample

I need to add images in two columns with hover effect showing the description?


1. It can be some kind of plugin conflict. May I see the URL of the page where slider doesn’t work?

2. This is portfolio shortcode where 2 column layout is selected.

Thanks, it was a plugin that prevented the slider to work

Contact page only has 5 fields. Are we able to add more?



Not out of box, but if you have some WP development skills it’s easy to be done (1 hr job)

Hi Branic,

Love the theme! Quick question..if I want to add a full-width slider (in place of the default one), and by full-width, I mean like the google maps in the full width contact page..what’s the best way to go about that? Do you have a slider plugin you’d recommend over any others?

Thanks much..

brankic..thinking about buying this, but what I want to do is important to figure out. The map is full width on the contact page, so this shouldn’t be a huge deal right? I just want to make sure this is possible first.

Thank you..


It’s not that easy because we haven’t make any styles for full width video. I’m sure, freelancer would make this change easily, but it’s beyond our support…

Hi Brankic..not full width video, just a full width image is all I’m after..Any ideas? I mean, that div for the full width contact map is working..

Hello again Brankic, I am curious what the best Map plug-in would be to use with your theme. I need to show some maps with multiple, specific facility locations. I have found a couple that look nice but I’m not sure if there will be any compatibility issues with your theme…



I appreciate any suggestions. THANK YOU!


We can’t give support on usage of 3rd party plugins. I hope you understand we can’t test every plugin :)

Got ya. I completely understand. There are quite a few out there. Thanks!

How can I change the look of the submit-button in your contact page? I’d like it to have square corners instead of rounded. (Just like the buttons you have on the elements page).

Thank you. Laura

Hi Laura,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
input.submit, input.submit:focus, input.submit:active {
  border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px;

HI Brankic,

I don’t know what the hell I did, but everytime I try to create a grid, the images tile on top of eachother (see here: Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Our images do that too. Create white border around each of your image for sponsors page…

Hey guys, Question about your Big Bang theme: I would like to remove the grey border directly under the top logo on all pages:

Can you give me a little code to do this?

many thanks, Fredrik

Hi fredrik,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.content-wrapper {
  border-top: none;

HI Brankic1979,

Thank you for your great theme :bigsmile:

I would like to align the titles of the images to the center.

Can you please guide me how to do it?



You should add this code to Extra JavaScript
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {