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Hi Brankic,

I’m using the masonary layout for my home page, and the image loading is slowing down the page. Is there a proper size the images need to be so they don’t scale down in HTML?



It isn’t that slow on my computer. Images should be web optimized to ~200-300kB…

Hi! I love love love your theme. I have a glitch and two questions.

I’m using a grid to display some festival laurels on my front page. You can see the page here:

Sometimes they load correctly, but sometimes they load like this: Or like this:

Do you know why this is?

Second, many of my portfolio items are films, so I’d like them to display in full width on the portfolio single pages. Any ideas?

If that’s not possible, can I customize the links on the portfolio thumbnails so they point to different pages?

Again it is an awesome theme and you are great.


This happens sometimes and we can’t find the reason (we’ve tried many different approaches, but it doesn’t work :( )

You don’t have to use portfolio custom type post for portfolio shortcode. You can try to use “normal” blog posts because there you can use full width.

If you want to make redirections, you’ll have to install some redirection plugin where you’ll manually define redirection URLs…

Hi Brankic1979, Great theme! very good job! I have 2 questions: 1. On the demo you have the g+, tweet and FB like buttons under the pics of the portfolio items. How can I get those? 2. when I click on the little button with the nine squares (while checking my portfolio items) it takes me to some non related page instead of taking me to the page where the category (where I inserted the portfolio code). I can see the portfolio with the elements in it just fine, is that little button thats driving me crazy.

Thanks in advanced for your help!!


Brankic Panel -> Blog : Show sharing options is for both blog and portfolio post.

For each portfolio item you have to define parent page. It’s the last option below the editor.

Issue 2. URL Page with portfolio: Go into a portfolio item and then click on the button with nine squares.

Thank you!

Editor -> Select parent page for this item


Just bought the theme and it’s great!

One question – I’m trying to have a portfolio page like the demo (I started with the demo content) but for some reason it keeps formatting itself as a blog, rather than a portfolio of thumbnails. No blog template options have been selected for this page. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! Ellen

EDIT – nevermind, seem to have worked it out :) something to do with the slugs or something…

Hi Ellen,

Yes, it’s about slugs. If page has same slug as category – blog layout will be used (this is how WP works)

thanks for getting back to me :) we’re finding the theme great, it’s working really well.

a few more questions – is there a way to have lists within team member profiles? when i try at the moment it includes the tags as part of the text.

also wondering if there’s a way in the contact us section (particularly the one with the full-width map) to have the map load showing satellite view rather than map view?

thanks :)

Hi again,

There is no style for list under team member shortcode, sorry.

You should try to edit javascript/google_map_plugin.js
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP,
As I can see you can use these types (it was long time ago when I developed this plugin
    ROADMAP displays the normal, default 2D tiles of Google Maps.
    SATELLITE displays photographic tiles.
    HYBRID displays a mix of photographic tiles and a tile layer for prominent features (roads, city names).
    TERRAIN displays physical relief tiles for displaying elevation and water features (mountains, rivers, etc.).

Hi Brankic,

I posted an issue 25 days ago and never received a reply. I know you’re extremely busy but would love some help with the matter, if possible.

Here is the previous posting:

Hi Brankic. Love the Bigbang design – it’s working out great for my website.

Quick issue/question: My blog is displaying the website title rather than the page’s title information that I try to input on the “edit page” input areas. As a result it’s creating a repetition/redundancy in the information displayed. “Mitch Martinez Director of Photography” appears on the page twice

Can you instruct me on how to remedy this? I’m even fine with removing the title area from the blog altogether but can’t seem to find the way to change it or remove it.

Thanks so much for your great work!


Try to change slug of the page (not to be the same as category slug)

ps: Sorry for not answering your previous post – you’re right, we’re very busy…

Hi Brankic

I’ve loaded the zip file directly into Wordpress and started loading content. However no demo content loaded so I’m not sure if this should happen? If not then I’m struggling to get the portfolio filters to show and to get the portfolio items to display like the demo version. Can you help or provide a link to information on how to populate the template.

Cheers Hamish

Hi Hamish,

You have to download main files (not only theme files). There you’ll find help section and instructions how to import demo content…

Hi Brankic

Beautiful theme. I have just a question, how to put the blocks next to each other without putting them in columns?


I don’t think it’s possible without using columns.

You can try to use blockquote shortcode, but this is not exactly what you want…

Hi, Because the problem I have is that the porfolio blocks have an extra margin to the right, which are out of the right edge of the theme. this is why I thought that it was because of the “columns”. If you already have someone say having this problem…

Hi Brankic.

One of the things I want to do is put a static page with a background image and when clicked, redirect to main index.

Like this:

My site is

Is it possibe?

Thanks in advance


Not sure if I understand, but I think you’ll need a specific plugin for this…

Do you know the name of the plugin? That would be great!!

Because I’m not exactly sure what you want – it’s hard for me to find specific plugin :(

Hey Brankic,

One small question. How do I remove the “send message” portion of the contact page? See link below:

Thanks in advance.

I have uploaded the template to wordpress but when I go to preview the home page, it shows up as a blog page. How do I get my home screen to look like the demo?

Also the fonts are cut off…not sure what to do with that? They are cut off on the demo too.

On our demo nothing is cut off. Maybe it’s something about your browser or computer. Have you tried to see it on some other computer?

We’re not providing such a detailed support on custom CSS modification. It’s a less than 1 hr job for a freelancer with novice CSS skills.

Me again. Not sure of this is a theme issue or WP. The pages I imported are not reflecting changes made. I have looked on my phone, logged out and went to the site ,cleared the cache and looked at in two browswers. Any insight? I changed the font so I don’t have that issue any longer. Thanks


Try to reinstall WP, or try it on some other computer. Nobody else reported similar issue :(

Hey there, great theme, is it possible to change the portfolio permalinks so that it say something else rather than “portfolio” for exampl, when you go to a portfolio item i would rather the url be: domain/media/portfolioitem , thanks


Yes, it’s easy to be changed. Edit (Appearance -> Editor) bra_theme_functions.php and change
'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'media/portfolio'),
'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'portfolioitem'),

ps: Not sure if you can use / in the code, but give it a try…

Hi again.

One more question. I have a problem with one of the photostream. I can not set up the flickr’s photostream.

[bra_photostream user=”” limit=”15” social_network=”flickr” layout=”3”]

What is the user? I put, estefania-diaz / estefania_diaz88 / 57447677@N05 With this users, the photostream never shows on my page.

Thanks! in advance


you should use “Stefania Diaz” (without the quotes)

Nothing, I still with the same problem. It’s only with Flickr. The others show properly. Any other idea?

Hi, I’d love to use Brankic shortcodes in the “additional html” box of the portfolio single page, is that possible? I’d like to be able to use block quotes, drop caps and columns in this space, as well as loading some posts with a given category.


Sorry, but this isn’t possible without some serious core files modification. Maybe hiring a freelancer is an option (to be honest, not sure how hard is to change that)


When I try to send a message with “send us a message”, there is a “Email server problem”. Can you please help me ? Thank you !

Contact page options

Who will receive emails : Email from field : - insert the number of email field below : I’ll use static email from above Use reCaptcha : NO

Hi Brankic1979,

Just got your theme and I’m loving it. Might be a too simple a question, but how do you create a menu link for the homepage on the navigation bar? I know clicking the logo will send a visitor to the homepage, but I wanted a readable link too.


Hi – for the life of me, I cannot get your demo page to import on wordpress. I’ve followed your instructions but it just keeps bringing up a blank page. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for a great theme. I’d like to automatically insert a “click here for more info” link in the excerpt when hovering over pictures in the portfolio. Is this possible? I tried putting the following in functions.php as recommended by wordpress but it didn’t work.

function excerpt_read_more_link($output) { global $post; return $output . ‘ Read More…’; } add_filter(‘the_excerpt’, ‘excerpt_read_more_link’);

Hi. Probably this has been asked before, is there a way to reorder the categories on the portfolio? Thanks.

Hi – love these theme. In the portfolio how do I remove the image pop-up and just link to its page? THANKS!