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Browsing through this long string of posts for any information on how to build a portfolio like those featured in your demo pages. I see lots of other purchasers have the same question. Any advice? Thanks, Félim

Not there yet, but I have made some progress. Got most of the info I needed in the first 10 pages!

Hi Brankic,

it seems that there’s a bug at the social icons: when embedding a youtube link, it will always be opened as a page within the theme.

And two questions: Can I set those links to open in a new window? And is it possible to add videos (e.g. Youtube) as an “Extra Image” so that it is included within the (front page) slider? That would be pretty amazing!

Cheers Maximilian


How did you embed the video? You have to use http:// before the URL.

You can’t add videos to Extra images, sorry.

What links exactly you want to open in new window?

How can I make the H1 tag and the paragraf size to be 13 px (size)?

We’re not providing support on custom CSS changes.

However, if you’re using Firefox/Chrome, there is an Inspect Element feature and with our Extra CSS field in Brankic Panel, you can change it yourself what ever you want…

How can I make the H1 tag to be the title?

First of all, great job with this theme! It’s beautiful, thank you.

I have a problem with the contact side. I have put my city in Brankic Pannel (Contact Page), but the map is centered on Amsterdam.

How can I fix this?

Are you using default contact form layout (not full width) ?

You have to add this to editor
[bra_google_map location="Your City" zoom="15"]

Hi Brankic,

Great theme! Any idea where I can find the bg pattern 1 as a high resolution JPG, Vector or brush for PS ?

Would like to use it in my designs. That way it all matches the same style.

Thanks in advance.

Regards HiQDesign


Not sure where did we get it.

Not sure if this helps you, but jpg image is in folder images/pattern/

That’s not really suitable for design of flyers, businesscards and such… Can you look into it for me? I really need it… It’s almost impossible to recreate in ps…

Hi Brankic,

Loving your theme!

I customized little the single portfolio page layout and was wondering that is it possible to align portfolio navigation and work title to same line?

Like this:

Work title goes here ----(prew ) ( Close ) ( next )

Content starts here & and pictures are 100% wide.

Hi huituma,

not that easy. Of course, you can rearrange the content in single-portfolio_item.php and adjust some CSS declaration, but it’s beyond our support…

Ok. Thanks for quick reply. :) Apparently it’s beyond my support too. I managed to change the position but thats it.. :D I really would like to use 100% wide photos. Is it possible to center those bastards in to e.g. column 1/1?

Q2. How can I remove or change the slash mark from portfolio filters? They started to jump around when I changed the font.


You don’t need to use portfolio custom post type with portfolio shortcode. If you use normal post maybe you can do what you want easier.

Slash mark is located in includes/bra_shortcodes.php just after
if ($show_filters != "no" & !empty($termchildren))
It’s in SPAN tag (on 2 places)

Purchased the theme, just wanted to know how to set up the portfolio like the demo. I like the column 3 look, on the Work drop down. please guide me how to create a page like that.

Sorry, but I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name :(

Hi Brankic, love the theme! I was wondering how I would go about having a slider on my blog page, but have it full width; like the page title, whilst the rest of the page has a sidebar? If I’m not explaining very well, this is the kind of thing I mean:

Thank you!


You must create page with blog template you want and not to choose sidebar. After that you have to choose static page for front page in Settings -> Reading…

I’m afraid this still isn’t working for me, when I put the page as front page, it has no sidebar, and when I put it as blog page, the slider doesn’t show up at all.


If you’re using the same slug for page and category – category template will be used. Try to use different slugs…


I’m trying to import the demo content, I’ve been able to get to the import the .xml but the media fails to import. Is there another way of importing the demo content or installing it directly via ftp?

Thanks for your time!

It’s something about your server timeout setting (I guess)

*Worked out a solution, uploaded a copy in Mamp then FTP’d a copy to the server.

New to Wordpress, perhaps there’s a conflict with the hosting server?

Some servers are very slow and there is a timeout issue when uploading a content…

Sorry found a solution. Can’t delete my question for some reason with out leaving some sort of comment. Great theme.


This is the kind of the post I like the most!

Hey there, how and where can I decrease the space in the footer. I uploaded you an image here ( that shows what exactly I mean. I find this has way too much space and I want to have it more next to each other – means – get rid of that huge gap and the space there.

Where do I find the code (CSS?) to decrease the space here please? Thank you!

Cheers from Germany, AFH.


this gap shouldn’t be there. I bet it’s because that Facebook widget you’re using in the 3rd box.

Hey Brankic, great theme!

I just can’t figure out how to put videos in lightboxes from the Extra Image diaologue. I am usually using rel=”prettyPhoto”. Is there a simple way to do this? perhaps with java? I am comfortable with editing core theme files.



You can’t use videos from Extra images.

Only way is to manually embed videos into post/page or to to use Video URL Brankic Custom Field below the editor…

I would love the ability to have a fullscreen video slider on the site if this would be possible that would be awesome as I am trying to add a video intro to my site but I dont know how I would do that

Sorry, but this isn’t possible with our theme.

Not sure if you can use some kind of plugin…

Hi Brankic,

Quick question for you – just wondering where the text under the ‘Hello and welcome’ on the front page goes, to show up formatted like the demo?

Thanks! Ellen

Hi Ellen,

I’ve used these Brankic Custom Fields

Centered title at the top of the page : Hello and welcome…

Text next to page title : We like to make…

Hide title from the begining of this page : YES

Perfect, thanks for the quick response!

How do I make the homepage look like the demo? I’d like to have the slider at the top but don’t see any options for it. I’d like to also have the other elements on the homepage as well but again can’t find the options for it. Am I missing something?


We’re using static page for front page (default WP option in Settings -> Reading)

Hov can I make paged Portfolio pages? I want to prevent the site from displaying 1000s of images and when I decrease the amount of shown items to a certain number, some of the filters I choose are empty (which are subcategories in my case).

I have thoroughly read the helpme-file and the support page for information about my issue.

Thanks in advance


There is no pagination option for portfolio shortcode :(

Maybe you should create category “latest” and link to the page with all other posts…

Well that’s a sad thing to hear. There are like 180 items on a page then. even if I optimize the images, this is going to take way too long. maybe I need to switch themes then…

Only solution is to manually add items to new category and create new page where you’ll show only these latest posts.

Hi Brankic,

Some of my pages take quite long to load. ( frontpage with portfolio and some sigle work pages)

So I was wondering is there any way to add loading animation to the page? (any tutorials, links or magic words to help me – and others :) )


You should try to optimize your images. If you don’t know how to do that, try to find some kind of preloader plugin….