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Great theme, looking just for one thing I can’t find in the doc or support forum.

I would like to include a required checkbox on my contact page, how can it be done?

thx in advance.

Hi Brankic,

I can’t seem to get the Portfolio page to work properly after loading the Demo content. I tried deleting all Posts/Pages/Comments and reinstalling the Demo content per your instructions but it still doesn’t work properly.

All the other parts of the site are functional EXCEPT the portfolio/work area page! Any ideas?


In the portfolio how do I remove the image pop-up/the magnifying glass and just keep the link to the page? THANKS!


one more question from me and than i am done :)

How do i change the font-size of the widget titles in the footer?

Greetings Reijer

Hi. Really enjoying the theme. Just a couple of quick questions to placate my designer!

1. Is it possible for the arrows in the bottom left to disappear in the slider? We’re using black typography on a white background on the slides / featured images, and the page background is white too; therefore the arrows just seem to be hovering in space! Can we disable them?

2. Is it possible to remove the ‘box effect’ in the main menu when the cursor hovers over the different page options? We don’t mind if the words change colour when the mouse cursor is on them, but we don’t really like the blocky effect.

3. Can we incorporate a video into the slider, either on its own or amongst other slides which are just images & typography? We need this video to simply start playing without needing a click, and then for the rest of the slideshow to carry on when it finishes. It’s also important that no arrows or progress bars (or that boxy surround you get on embedded youtube videos) appears. Once again we have a video clip with an explosion on a white background, which blends with the white page background; therefore any arrows or anything else ruins the effect.

Many thanks. We love the Big Bang theme. Easy to use and it looks really good – we just want to test what’s possible with customisation – so we can get the site we really want.

Hi I am sure this is a silly or easy question… can you please tell me how or where I can put footer links for privacy page, site map, contact etc.? I have played a bit in the footer under the theme edits but must not be putting it in the right place. I am not a coder but have a string of html that needs to be added in to the bottom black footer wedge… not the widget area. Thanks in advance.


Footer is managed via widgets. You can create additional menu and it to the footer sidebar.

I hope that makes sense…

Thanks so much. Just tested it and it was just the info I needed.

Hello, I have a big problem with the theme: my image alt does not appear when I put an image on featured image, but it appears when I put it in the post. How can I make the img alt appear on the featured?

Yes, but when you click on the post to inspect the source of the image, the img alt does not appear. It does appear only when you inspect an image from the home page. How can we solve this?


thank you for noticing this. Attached is single.php which you have to replace in the theme folder on your hosting server…

Thank you.

HI Brankic, I’ve installed few plugins (“news widget” and “Display Posts Shortcode”) but the shortcode icons don’t appear in the portfolio item post.Does this depend from your theme? Is it solvable? thanks


Not sure if it’s related to our theme, but could be (because we’re using shortcodes too). You should try to contact plugin author, or try the plugin in some other theme, or change the plugin…

Great theme. I can’t believe how good it looks on mobile.

One question: I can’t get the contact form to send an email. My site is:

Any help?


Please show me the values you’ve inserted in Brankic Panel -> Contact page

Who will receive emails,

Email from field

Insert the number of email field below?

In your case “Insert the number of email field below?” should be 2

Thanks for your quick reply. Here’s the values:

Who will receive emails: <—my email Email from field: Insert the number of email field below? 2


It should work. Please try to use “I’ll use static email address from above” in “Insert the number of email field below?”

If this doesn’t helps, try to visit You should receive empty email to your inbox.

If this doesn’t helps ( :( ) check your spam settings and contact your hosting support.

hello thank you for the great template I’d like to change a few things in the blog I chose the blog theme 3, but that does not appear in full screen the image to the left is a small text and right What should I do? thank you in advance for the answer an example charlotte

thank you for your super fast response ! the trouble is that I do not have the attribute tab page for the article page, ;( I’ve only: publish, categories, image to the one, and extra picture what can i do? And sorry for my poor English …


Check Brankic Panel -> Blog

perfect, i don’t have seen thanks a lot !

Hello ! Very nice theme. Just one question. It’s possible to enable Shortcode in the additional HTML ( Brankic Custom Fields ) for edit portfolio item.

Thanks for support. Best regards,


Sorry, but it’s not possible…

Hi, thanks for the great theme. I don`t want the description text on hover of the portfolio items. Is there a way to hide that? Also i don`t need the lightbox functionality, just a “Read more …” button on hover. Thanks!!!


To hide preview icon, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}
To hide description text on hover, add this to Extra CSS
.item-info-overlay div p {display:none;}


there is the possibility of the menu in a bootstrap menu to convert? I would like to have on my smartphone app menu on my side. Can you help me?


Sorry, but it’s beyond our support. You’ll have to hire a freelancer…

Hi. Love the theme. One question. Is there a way to attach the footer to the bottom at all time. A lot of the pages is not filled enough and it makes the footer placed in the middle of the browser..

Would be much appreciated if there is a way to solve this problem.


We’ve tried a lots of scripts and we also tried to made it ourselves, but we couldn’t make the one that works fine in all browsers :(

Hi Brankic1979,

Is there a way to have a photostream (gallery) with no link? just the pictures with no details.

Thank you for the help once again.

You can insert default WP gallery, or you can hire a freelancer to strip our portfolio code (includes/bra_shortcodes.php function bra_portfolio…)

Hi Brankic, How do I put the centered title above the slider like in your demo homepage? thanks


I’ve hide the title and insert centered title and text next to the title via Brankic Custom Fields below the editor.

Do you have a recommendation for a Magento ecommerce theme designer? Similar to the smooth, crisp, and clean design that you create?

Sorry, but I can’t give you any recommendations :(

Could you please help me with porfolio. How do you setup the portfolio page? I go to Brankic shortcodes and hit porftolio. I get the following in my visual dialog box [bra_portfolio title=’Nuestros Vinos’ cat_id=’’ no=’4’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’3’ shape=’circle’ height=’1’ hover=’yes’]

but when I visualize the page I get none of my porfolio items listed. I must be doing something wrong.


But I want the portfolio to show all categories.. It only allows me to choose one of the categories. Do I need to creat a category “all” and make all items belong to this category? I dont think that is the case… Im sorry I just dont get it

Yes, this is the case.

Create one parent category and assign categories with your post as its children…

ok thanks!

Hi Brankic, I’m using BigBang theme with WPLM and it works fine so far (by the way, it is also listed as one of the themes working perfectly with WPML on their website:

The only problem I have is with the portfolio: When creating the english portfolio I used one of your demo portfolio pages and simply renamed the portfolio categories and sub cats and updated the portfolio items with new images…

Now I translated all the categories & sub cats as well as the media & the portfolio page in different languages. I can’t manage to make it work: I assume I need to insert the cat_id of the new portfolio categories I created but I don’t know how to find the cat_id associated to the new Categories. Can you help me, please?

Thanks, Laura

Hi Laura,

In help file is explained how to obtain cat_id for category. If these new categories are listed in Portfolio categories, just hover the name of the category and look for tag_id in the status line of your browser.

I tried to create a page similar to the client page in the live demo, however logos aren’t aligned and some are not showing up.

See here:

Can you help?


Logos are not aligned because logo images aren’t the same size. This is common problem with logos, and solution is to make blank (white) canvas around them so the new images (with white canvas around) are with same size.