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Hello. Thinking of going with this template. Is there an option (or an easy CSS edit) to make the blog full width without sidebars?

Cheers, Brad

so i skinned the theme and add a few tweaks and it won’t display responsive on any devices. I didn’t change any of the code really, just colors, etc.

Any thoughts?

Hi Brankic, great theme thanks!

I have two issues:

1. The toggles sometimes do not display properly when expanded. It looks like the grey colour from the below toggle is “leaking” up into the contents of the toggle above. This happens totally at random and always for the same toggle, and only toggles with a

    list inside (however, other toggles with a
      inside work just fine). I have triple checked all the code and there are no errors. Any ideas?

      2. I disabled responsiveness, and it worked well. However, on the iphone, the second level menu links don’t work – I tap the top level and the menu drops down, but then tapping the sub-menu items does nothing. It works fine on ipad, just not on iphone. Any ideas?


Hi, I have made a great deal of alterations to the style.css file and some changes also to the header.php and footer.php files. Do I need to create a child theme or will changes be preserved after updates? Thanks


First of all… GREAT THEME! I just have a couple of quick questions;

I was just testing the portfolio item pages and I noticed that the forward and back portfolio arrows seem to skip to projects within the same portfolio category. How can I change this so that the user can skip between ALL projects?

Also, when I view the first project the only visible arrow is a back arrow, but by clicking it the user is taken forward. It would make far more sense if it was a forward arrow. How can I switch the arrow links across all project items so that forward is actually forward and back is actually back? I understand that the current setup work for blogs (because the most recent is first and the user clicks back to go back to older posts) but for a portfolio the arrows need to be switched.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I would appreciate a quick response, as my client is waiting too!

Best Wishes, Dan

Today June 21 – I just got email saying that there is a update available for this theme. Can you add stuff on changelog which files we will need to update?

Thanks! One Happy Customer ;-)

In style.css is change log.

Update was approved after our working hours and I’ll post / tweet about that tomorow…

What is in the newest update

Hi Brankic,

It seems that the twitter feed plugin is no longer working. What can i do to fix it? Does your latest update fix this problem or will your next one? Please help, my clients really care about this feature.

I found these recent posts which explain it:

Thank You, love the theme!

Hi – I have the same question as CBrewer0223. Do not want the post to open with option to leave a comment; disabled the blog setting in the Brankic panel but doesn’t stop it loading.


Have you tried to disable it via WP dashboard (not Brankic panel)

If you want to be sure there is no way to show comment section go to Appearance -> Editor single.php and delete the line with something like comments() – I’m on the smartphone (on holiday) so I can’t check the source files.

Hi, For some reason my twitter feed in the footer widget has disappeared? I have a message “loading Tweets” but nothing happens. It was fine for 6 months… any ideas why?


Since the new Twitter API, old widgets don’t work.

Update is here

Do I need to delete the old widget first to get all those key numbers & tokens? What’s the quickest way to delete? Thanks

All done, please ignore my last question! :)

Hello, I am getting “Bad Authentication data” in the Twitter feed. I have just updated the widget with the latest one. Any help greatly appreciated.



double check if tokens are inserted right. 4 complicated tokens is something that drives me add…

Hi, 2nd time I’m posting this question. Please answer?

Hi! Is there any way I can make the portfolio into five columns wide? I tried to just add one but it ended up creating a second row.

Please see as a reference. You’ll find the problem at the bottom of the homepage.



Sorry, but no 5 columns portfolio :(

No code or anything?

And its not the portfolio, its the one below (bottom of page) that says “beef, sheep, rabbit” etc. -> bra_icon_boxes_container.

Id appreciate some help!

Hi. I am very interested in purchasing this theme. Can you tell me are there customization options for changing the font of the headers and navigation? If not how easy would that be if I were to edit some of the code?


Headers are Google web fonts and you can change it easily. If you have basic CSS knowledge it’s easy to change anything because there is an Extra CSS field in dashboard (brankic panel, see screenshots )

Thanks for your reply. I have now purchased the theme, but I have another question now. For the map on the contact page is it possible to specify the embed code because I need a map with multiple locations, I was planning on using Google’s My Places embed code. Where would I insert this code? Thanks in advance.


Could you also advise as to how I can change the navigation menu so it is in the middle. The logo I am using is 149px high and the menu is aligned with the top of the logo. I do have “some” CSS knowledge also.

Many thanks

Right now I’m on the holiday and I only have smartphone, so I can’t give you detailed instructions.

However that’s not that easy and I cn only suggest to use Inspect element feature and our Extra CSS field in Brankic panel

Nice Template, everything works fine, but: My footer is completly empty. What do I have to do to fill it with content?


Footer is managed via Appearance -> Widgets.

Populate footer sidebars with any widgets you want…

Please advice me on how I can include an instagram.png file as one of your social media widget? I’ve been waiting for your reply for dayssss!


I’m sure I’ve answered the same question few days ago.

You have to edit the social icon you don’t need. don’t rename it, just change the icon. e.g. if you don’t need Digg edit digg.png and use Digg in the shortcode or in Widget.

I hope that makes sense…

Thank’s pal! Really appreciate the help! I’m loving your theme (:

I have a question before I purchase the theme, Will the curser and description still appear on the homepage if I only upload one photo in the slider? Can I completely remove the slider and description in the slider if I upload multiple images? Thanks! Sam


If you have only one slider image there will be no description and no arrows.

Slider is separate than page editor. There is an Extra images uploader below Featured image section.


I have installed the theme here:

and i get an error bellow for the twitter widget: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /var/www/ on line 15

Also the flick widget would not display, is this a good photostream user:

thanks Forent

Hello again,

Why od i have the white space above the menu bigger than on the demo version.

please see this page for exmaple:

Also how i do i add a slider on the home page? I do not have a slider menu on wordpress

thanks Florent