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On Portfolio Items:

No matter the size of the image, it always resizes it. I’d like to have uniform 500px (or less) throughout all portfolio items for the slider.

I have tried different size images, selecting different sizes from the upload screen, to no avail.

thank you in advance

nevermind, i found the minimum width. great theme!


How can I put the top menu in the center? As you see in the URL, (it’s a demo site to practice.) I made a centered logo into 960px width, and now want to put the primary menu in the center. Please help! Thanks always! :)

I’ve been going through the comments but haven’t found a clear solution to why I get “Bad Authentication data” in my twitter feed after installing the latest updates that you released. I think I’m missing access tokens etc but I don’t know where I can get a new set of these.

Thank you

Hello. I notice there’s a new version of Wordpress available. Has the theme been tested on this new version? Best wishes, ALice


First of all, great theme!

My question is, if I choose ‘circle’ for my portfolio work, I notice it doesn’t scale when changing my window size, the way it does with the other options. Is it possible to get this, since I like the look of circles, but miss the responsiveness in this?




I have two questions: 1) on my main homepage, I want to have three icons within a [bra_icon_boxes_container] in a single row of a [two_thirds] column format. How can I make them fit in a single row? Is there any way to reduce the size of the icon boxes?

2) On my portofolio items, I do not want to display the date of the post. How can I hide it, while maintaing the features of a portfolio page?

Thanks for your support,



I’m looking to add in a custom jquery element to the homepage (a rotating text feature).

I believe I need to register the script through functions.wp-scripts.php, but I’m not sure how to call the script from a specific page.

Does the “Additional Javascript” box in Brancic Panel append the code snippets to the page header?

Any help much appreciated!



Hi Brankic,

I have another question. On my blog page, on top, it displays my sitetitle and tagline. If I don´t want this (without deleting it in my General settings) How do I get rid of this?) The same goes for the contact page, where in the top it displays my page name (contact).

Thanks in advance. (and enjoy your vacation!)


Two Questions. The first one:

I want to know how can I have by default a different portfolio category selected, when someone visits my portfolio page?

The Second one:

when I use the button shortcode in a portfolio item, it looks good. But when I edit this item (let’s say that I add some more text or I just save the item again), then the button disappears and in it’s position appears some code.

When I edit the item in the backend using the Text Tab, I can see the following code:

 [bra_button text='Visit website' url='' target='_blank' size='small' style='' color='grey'] 

But after I save the item, the code changes to the following:

 [bra_button text='Visit website' url='<a class="linkification-ext" title="Linkification:" href=""></a>' target='_blank' size='small' style='' color='grey'] 

You can check the problem here:


How can i use the background pattern number 8?

Thanks Florent


Why is the google + icon badly located?

Thanks Florent

Hi, I have 2 simple pre-purchase questions 1) Can you confirm that it supports swfs? 2) do i need to know PHP or do you have an HTML version?

Best, Cloe

I’d like to use a custom color other than the ones provided in the styles/color dropdown. Is there extra CSS code that I can use to override?

Hi Brankic,

Awesome theme. Doing exactly what i wanted it to however i’m trying the following and its not working.

1) Created a page called Products. 2) Entered the Portfolio Shortcode from the Drop-down options. 3) Created a Portfolio Item in the Portfolio Bit 4) Created a main category of Products and sub-cat’s of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. 5) Wrote a quick blurb of text (its a test product) and gave it a Featured Image and a few Extra Images.

Nothing appears on the Products Page? Its set as a default template page. The Title Products with All comes up underneath it. Tried turning my plugins off and none seem to be conflicting.

This was a last resort. Any ideas?


Doesnt Matter. PeterGr helped me solve the issue.

You should answer him.

hello. I was wondering what the deal is with the theme on mobile phones. When I view my website on mobile most of the code is showing and there are no images. looks a right mess. Having a fully responsive website was one of the main reasons for purchasing this theme. Is there anything I can do about this..?

my website:


I wrote to you before, I’ve narrowed down my issues to only one problem which is great, if you could help me with this issue, then my site will be ready to go “live”

I’ve been finding info online here and there, it’s been going good and my site is looking great, but my fingers and right hand are starting to have cramps from mouse and keyboard overuse :D

So yeah, I bought your template (Big Bang – Brankic)

I want to make some change to the theme

I want the floating center pages to stay as they are and the background to be black. The entire text including nav bar, logo and buttons at the bottom would stay the way they are (clear) but the wrapping “around them” would go black.

So basically: - i want the background to be black - header to stay clear (header includes logo and with primary main menu) - title text section to stay clear - content to stay clear - entire footer section black

can I get a code for this? thank you so much! Cheers,

Can someone who figured out the solution to the Twitter widget (bad authentication, tokens, etc.) problem share the solution, please?? Thank you.

Hi Brankic1979,

I just bought the template to refresh an older, existing Wordpress site. My site says that the theme install is successful, however, upon activating it, everything goes completely blank (a large white screen). The entire interface of the WP admin panel is no longer visible/accessible: it just becomes a large blank white screen. The only way to un-do this is to delete the theme files via FTP. I also tried a manual install via FTP, and reached the same problem upon activating the theme.

Help please!