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1. Is there a way to have the logo on the pinned menu link to a different place than the homepage?

2. Can i disable custom content in the header.php for the pinned menu?

3. can the pinned menu stay white, as the normal menu header is, instead of match the background color?

thanks in advance!

Any plans to make this template retina compatible? Or at least any ways for the user to easily modify as such?

Hi Bracking1979,

Two question ;-)

1.) I have to change the color on the text: Text next to page title And Centered title at the top of the page Do you know where I do that ?

2.) And all the content in the page is placed at the right side!!! I using Mac OS X 10.8.4 And is both in Firefox 21 and Safari 6.0.5

You can see a image here:

Greetings Jesper

Hey Brankic!

I have a little problem with comment’s / article’s date in LATEST POSTS widget… It looks like this: Title of the article %e %B %Y

Any idea why appear %e %B %Y and not the date??

Thanks a lot! :) Nicole

URGENT Portfolio images question:

I am using the portfolio images on the homepage of my site. I want each of the four images to click thru to specific pages on the website. Right now the click thru url goes to /portfolio/ page specific to the graphic. How do I change the click thru url on these? Anyone have experience doing this?


When the menu becomes sticky it has a gray background. How can I change that to white?


Hi there.

Love the theme, congrats on the success in sales.

I will like to find out how to change the portfolio post page layout in the way of a regular post?

Thank you.

Best Regards

Hello Similarly to b2tdigital – I too would like to know if there is a way to link the portfolio tabs on the home page to a page or specific URL rather than the current default link to a /portfolio/ page.

Also – is there a way to change the /portfolio/ in the link? If i wanted it to say something like ”/work/” instead? How would I do that?

Many thanks – love this theme, it’s the best I’ve used.


Hi Brankic please post a more detailed description about how to use a child theme within BIGBANG. I cannot get it to work al all.

thank you

Hi Brankic,

Big fan of Bigbang! One minor problem I want to solve though: I’m using the team member layout on a page. For some reason the gap between columns disappears sporadically. For example here: on the 4-6 lines of the team layout – the last two columns have no margin between them. Is this a css issue or is there something in the shortcode I can alter to stop it happening? I’m using 1.9.1 and 3 columns…

The Lower Footer (2nd Footer?) has disappeared and the Photostream Widget is not appearing? Anyone any ideas?

Hi team! Great theme, love it and very easy to use.

I have one question, it seems quite easy to put sliders everywhere, but no “slider” in shortcodes so… I would like to know if there’s an easy way to generate a slider with 2/3 images on a regular page (not the one that is created by default at the top of the page in fullwidth). For ex on the right of a paragraph (with square images). I couln’t find any forum to discuss it so I post it here, sorry if it’s a mistake… Thanks a lot! Olivier

Hi there,

When you return from vacation (hope it’s amazing), could you please help me to make the slider to span the full width of the container div, and have it so that it sits above the content?

Ideally, I would like to make my page: have a similar look to in terms of slider positioning.

Since the theme is built heavily in PHP I can’t seem to edit the div boxes that I am looking to edit.

Thanks in advance,


a long time ago someone commented about having a sticky footer. Have you tried it? It’s worked for me in the past!

Also, bummer about no shortcodes in additional HTML section. The prettyphoto extension is awful ( what if the computer doesn’t have quicktime? who wants to download a video?..... ), but oh well. I’m gonna have to find a way to make it work!

otherwise, thanks for the theme :D

just kidding! You can run shortcodes through additional HTML if you edit the file with one line…

echo apply_filters(‘the_content’, $additional_html);



I have a question: On the clients page I’m using a grid with 6 logo’s in a row. I have to refresh the page several times (three or four), before it looks good. The other times the logo’s are not in their box or they appear all in the same box as layers.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Kind regards, Manon de Vries

Hey guys!

I have a problem: I built a logo I really like, but it’s huge and it makes the top menu sit really far away from it.

My question: Is there a way to make all of the pages content come UP to the logo?? I’d like it so the bottom of the “Y” is sitting just above the line with my intro paragraph.

Here’s my site:

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Hi, Love the theme, but I have a small problem. When I insert the short code for list items, the icons are not being displayed. It displays a normal list bullet point. This is the code I am using. Am I doing something wrong?

[bra_list style='arrow-list'] <ul><li>element</li> <li>element</li> <li>element</li> <li>element</li></ul>[/bra_list]

Thanks in advance, Saskia20

Hi -

There’s a simple answer I’m sure, but I’m stumped. How do I get the colour highlighting to appear on the top right menu, when I click on a page? (As in the demo site). Right now when I hover on the menu, I get grey highlighting, but no colour highlight when I navigate to the page.

Thanks, Joggins.