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What changes did you make on this theme, it says updated on the 22nd of this month but the changes aren’t in the change log

What do the extra images do

How do I disable the extra images link so I cant click on it, I want the extra image but i dont want to be able to click on it, I just want the picture and not have it link to anything like you can do in blog posts

Hiya – You can disregard my message, – solved it now. I hadn’t selected the selected the Menu as the Primary Menu in menu settings. Thanks.

Hi Brankic, Q1: I’m trying to insert an iframe into each portfolio item page. This iframe contains an image gallery (linked to Flickr) with lighbox. My problem is that when I click on one thumb the lightbox opens up within the dimension of the Iframe, instead I would like it to open much bigger. Is there a way around this? I was thinking otherwise to edit style.css at line 508 .one-third { width: 30.66%; } so I make more space for the content on the right.

Q2: How did you put things like the comment box under the video on the portfolio item page? like in here

Thank you, Gianpiero

I have the same question as BenDatmo above. I don’t understand the new twiter API. How do I obtain a consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access token secret so that the widget will work properly? Thanks!

Hi, I want the prettyphoto lightbox to display both the facebook and twitter social sharing buttons as displayed on your demo site.

How do I make this happen?

Hi brainkic I have a few questions about the theme

1. I can’t get footer 4 to show any elements I insert here. The same problem with footer_left and right.

2. Can’t get the portfolio to work. At the moment the portfolio page comes blank.

Other than the above, loving the theme :)

Thanks in advance

how can you change the max file upload? searched google and nothing has worked that i have tried?

There is a small user issue with the social stream widgets for twitter and instagram. When you save the details Title and Username, it saves correctly but resets the Title value within the widget to ‘Email’ and alters the Username (in my case it removes the ‘the’ from my username). This means that if I want to change to the setting of, say, how many tweets I’m displaying, I have to constantly update these fields as well.

Is there a fix for this?

Everything looks fantastic though.

Hi, first of all, congrats for the theme, its a great theme. Some issues I faced:

1- The list wrapper is not working;

2- The sliding Graph bar is not working too, just show the title but not the bar;

Ps.: I downloaded the theme on June 25, so I think its updated. The address to you check what is happpening is:

Hi there

Can you please help, I’m still waiting for an answer from a month ago.

Currently all the posts are being loaded directly onto the homepage I expect its user error but if you could have a look at it I’d really appreciate it. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to upload the homepage content so I’m not sure what is going on.

You can email me directly ( and I can provide the login details to our development site. Otherwise any suggestions would be appreciated as its now become urgent.

Thanks Hamish


Great theme, just have a few questions:

1) How do you change the link and link highlight color? I know you can change it in the Brankic Panel, but I don’t like any of the colors you can choose. How can I choose the color manually?

2) What css belongs to the top navigation and the header logo? I would like to center these items.

Thank you!

how do I set home portfolio as my default home page?

Hi I’m using this themes [bra_grid grid_columns=’4’] short code, to display logos of companies. I place the company url, wanting the logo to link to it when clicked. But what happens is when you hit the logo it tries to open it in a light-box with a error message following saying “Image cannot be loaded, make sure path is correct and image exists” Any suggestions to get around this have the logo link to a site rather then treated as a light box image.

Thank You Reza

Hi! There should be a search box within your comments… I’m trying to edit the contact page – left side. It says I can edit in page editor.. but which page is it? Thx!

Ok, found it.

How do you make the [/bra_icon_box] links? When I add an to the shortcode the slider on the home page disappears.

icon="wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/writing.png"  caption="Design"]


this makes the box a link but the slider above it disappears!

Hello talented bra team,

I can’t seem to find the settings that aligns a 4 column work page to the right.

I installed your beautiful theme and managed to rtl all the needed parts and that last setting is what missing in order to create perfection =]

How can I float a 4 column work page to the right, so that if i have 3 ‘works’ they will be aligned to the right.

Thanks in advanced!

For anyone still having problems with the Brankic Twitter Widget, I kept getting this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in …/wp-content/plugins/bra_twitter_widget/twitteroauth.php on line 15

I deleted lines 13, 14, and 15 from the twitteroauth.php file, which is the following code:

        class OAuthException extends Exception {
          // pass

And it’s now working as it should. Hope this helps some of you!

how can i make icon boxes in one row 6 items? I tried your advice from the support page and i couldnt manege it.

How can i make [bra_grid grid_columns=’6’]insert linked images here[/bra_grid] I am trying to make this work on to my web page and had no success