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Has anyone had any luck using a translation plugin with this theme? I bought it expecting it to work and it doesn’t. So far, no luck with qtranslate. Help!



I try to validate the site, but whe I try to validate in W3C…

Appear this error “Bad value BRANKIC_VAR_PREFIX for attribute name on element meta: Keyword brankic_var_prefix is not registered.”

How can I fix this:

Regards. W

Hi Team,

Further to my question below: “Similarly to b2tdigital – I too would like to know if there is a way to link the portfolio tabs on the home page to a page or specific URL rather than the current default link to a /portfolio/ page.

Also – is there a way to change the /portfolio/ in the link? If i wanted it to say something like ”/work/” instead? How would I do that?”

The navigation hover is stuck on an additional menu item on the home page. So “Home” is highlighted and so is another menu item. Any ideas?


All of my images are optimized, but my load time on this page is crazy slow. I also have a caching plugin that helps. I tried to see if this plugin called BJ Lazy Load ( ) would help, but I don’t really think it made a difference. I figured that you guys would have the knowledge to answer this question: Should having this BJ Lazy Load plugin activated help with this page? If not, do you have other suggestions? Thank you!! Any help is much appreciated!

Hi I have a problem with my flickr photo steaming… I’m using your short codes [bra_photostream user=’admin’ limit=’12’ social_network=’flickr’ layout=’4’ shape=’none’], so I guessed you have to edit the address in xml, but I don’t think that’s the case.. when I edit “admin” to my own username in the page, it doesn’t work either. Please clear it up for me.. I have the plugin installed… Thanks!

Hi Brankic,

I’ve been tweaking the settings for a while now and I’ve finally got it just the way I like ;) However, my portfolio thumbnails (the feature image of the portfolio item) does not maintain a standard size. I’ve set it to 300height which seems to control all the boxes at the same height which is good. However, my the image for each item that appears above the text does not keep the same size. I’m guessing that its because the images in question are not the same size. Is there any way to apply a stretch or a crop option to the thumbnails so that they fill the square? It’s a minor irritation in what is otherwise an excellent theme. Thanks, Gau

Hey Brankic,

Please ignore my question about the nav. It seems to have fixed itself.

I would still like to know how to link the portfolio tabs on the home page to a different url. At the moment, they only link to their representative portfolio item page. I would like them to ideally link to anywhere (including standard pages)

Also is there a way to change the /portfolio/ to something else in the link?


Hi! I need some help with the portfolio settings! I am using the portfolio for photography and I’m find the individual pages unnecessary (the page you’re directed to when you click on a portfolio item). Is it possible to change the setting to be able to click on a portfolio item and simply view the image larger in a pop-up window like the magnifying glass does in hover mode? I would prefer not to use the hover option and have the viewer just be able to click on the image for a larger view.

Hi! I purchased BigBang and the site is live, however whenever my name is searched in google (which is part of the home URL) a lot of individual pages from my site (including pages that have been deleted and no longer exist) come up on the first page of the search which is very frustrating as I only want the home page to show. I’ve put no index/no follow for all the pages, yet it continues to happen. Often tweets would come up in the search so I’ve even disabled that widget yet it continues to happen. I’ve also requested to have the URLs of these pages removed through google (numerous times for months now) yet they remain … sometimes a random portfolio post comes up.

Please help as I’ve tried everything I can think of and am exasperated!

Hi! I purchased BigBang and I would like to edit the css files from the Wordpress interface (in Appearence >> Edit) but they don’t appear. It’s not easy to edit them outside Wordpress. How can I do it?

I’m trying to create a full-page photostream for Instagram using your photostream widget, but I can’t figure out to use the widget for the full page rather than just a sidebar. Please help! I don’t know where to start.


In the live preview for the BigBang theme, your contact page seems to have two headers, “Contact Information” and “Send us a message” How can I do that in my own contact page? I know how to edit the contact header in the Brankic Panel, but I cannot figure out how to add “Send us a message” and “Contact Information” on the same line, as in the preview.

Also, how did you add the contact information under the map? I know it is a page, but I cannot figure out how to edit the line spacing so it looks like yours.

Is it possible to change the newsletters “subscribe!” button text’s colour to black rather than have it transparent? Just the user may think the button is inactive.

it’s just here on the right of my footer:


I have a problem of redirection of url on my page portfolio. There is a forced rewriting. Impossible to personalize her. I would wish that when I click the menu ” portfolio ’ the page posts the contents of this page “” and that the url is this : ” “”“

How to make that? THANK YOU

Hi, I recently installed the BigBang Theme and uploaded the demo data just to not start from scratch.

Everything works ok but the pages footer is empty. For some reason the footer widgets and its content did not load during the import process.

Someone knows what are the widgets that are used in the footer of the demo?


I am unable to customize my portfolio page (Portfolio > Items Shaped As A Circle to look like the demo page “work > Items Shaped As A Circle” show in the demo

It seems the items that are displayed on my page are blog posts, but I want items from my Portfolio Items page to be displayed.

I cannot find where to change what items my ItemsShapedAsCircle page is pointing to.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please help!

For something that is supposed to be easy to customize to users with no development backgrounds, I don’t find this very user friendly. And I have a development background. :(

Try to enable default permalinks. If you have same slug for page and category category layout will be used.

How do you do that? I am very new to Wordpress.

This is basic : Settings -> Permalinks

In Category menu you can change / edit category slugs and when you edit page, below page title is a slug…


How can i get the portfolio page full width? Please response fast I have a client waiting! :)


You can have only layouts you can see on live preview.

If you want something what’s not on live preview you’ll have to hire a freelancer…

Instagram not working anymore? Is there a bug in the upgrade? Anybody else having problems streaming?


I don’t think nobody else reported this. Try to disable your cacheing plugin or some other…

I posted this a while back and never received a response:

“My blog header fonts used to be ostrich sans, but no longer is. You can see an example on the link below. Any ideas why this happened?”

I noticed that under portfolio items my h2 font is still the correct What is the problem?

Hi Brankic,

I’ve just been working on my site as it’s near complete. I installed the demo file so that my site started off like the demo and have since customized it. I’ve just deleted all of the older pages that I’m no longer using and it seems to have removed the template for my portfolio page. Any ideas why this has happened and how to fix it?


Not sure if I understand 100% your question, but it looks like an permalink conflict. Try to use default permalink structure and if it’s working, change slugs of page and portfolio category (I think they’re the same)

Thanks Brankic,

I was using the slug ‘portfolio’ instead of ‘portfolio-2’ and then that worked fine.

One other issue that I cannot seem to solve, are the links on my homepage. I’ve linked 4 tabs to portfolio sub-pages. I’ve created the portfolio entries and checked that the settings are correct. The first link for ‘identity design’ works and shows that section of my portfolio, but when you click on the other links, they do not show the portfolio. Very strange… Any ideas?

Thanks again.

May I see the URL?