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Is it something od with the Portifolio Feature. When I aply this feature to show just itens categorized as “Viabilização” it shows this itens + the imagens Im using on the slider on that page, check this out:

As I can see toggle/accordion is working now.

What was the problem?

Tthis ticket I raised is about th portifolio feature:

“It is something od with the Portifolio Feature. When I aply this feature to show just itens categorized as “Viabilização” it shows this itens + the imagens Im using on the slider on that page, check this out:"

Really weird problem.

I’m sorry, but I think you’ll have to make this page simpler, cause there is some kind of conflict…

what dimesions should I use for a custom logo to use in the header?

Rectangular logos are the best (like on our live preview)

Hi! 2 quick questions:

1. How can I move the bottom left footer over, so it aligns with the 1st footer box on the left. Its indented slightly, and i’d like to change that.

2. Is there a way to resize the portfolio images throughout the site?

They are huge now, and I’d like the slider on the portfolio items to be about half the size they are currently.

thank you in advance


Please use purchase account when asking questions.

If you have basic CSS knowledge it’s easy (.footer-bottom .one-half…)

This is the purchase account, left numerous other questions on here as well.

I do have basic CSS knowledge, i was just unsure because there are 2 footers, and just was hoping you could help.

So, no way to resize the portfolio images? i tried with smaller images, but it just blows it up.


Sorry, there wasn’t PURCHASED tag next to your name yesterday (sometime it happens…)

Yes, there are 2 footer areas, but if you check the source it’s easy to target only one of them. In your case, you have to add this to Extra CSS
.footer-bottom {
padding: 25px 25px 25px 0px;
(top, right, bottom, left)

Portfolio images are always 100% wide, so there is no way to make them smaller. You can try some other proportion, but you’ll have to crop them before uploading…


Can anyone tell me where in the editor to find the css for the color named ‘green’ in the theme options (used in the nav menu background for example). And can I chage this color globally?


WP Editor can’t edit CSS files not in the root folder. You’ll have to edit CSS files on your computer and upload it back to the server. Some servers has it’s own control panel where is file editor…

Is there any way to make a portfolio thumbnail link to an external page (like a client’s website), as opposed to linking to the portfolio single page?

Thank you! Great theme.


You can’t do it out of box, but there is a workaround – redirection plugin…

My comments have been skipped over twice now…am I doing something wrong? I just want to know why the header fonts stopped working on my blog posts, but continue to work on my portfolio items. If it isn’t something you have an answer for or offer support for, please let me know.

For an example, see “Biblical Evidence” on this page –


I thought I’ve answered your question, sorry.

Add this to Extra CSS
h1, h2, h3 {
font-family: 'Oswald',sans-serif;
or in the source add class=”title” to H element…

Thank you guys. No apologies needed. You have always provided me with the answers I need to fix issues, get things done. I was just confused because this one question had been skipped over twice. Theme Forest desperately needs a new comment system – I am stunned at how well you do keeping up with all the questions. Thanks again!


Yep, I’m also the one who needs new comment system, ‘cause I don’t want separate forum…

Hello! What a nice theme :) Just wondering if it’s compatible with WPML or at least works with qTranslate. Thank you!


WPML listed our theme as compatible , so I guess it’s working. I’m not a fan of such plugins (translate). I prefer running 2 separate WP instances, each one in one different languages.

Awesome, thank you! I know what you mean, I had once a great issue with translation plugin, but it mostly works for me, so… ;)

I need some help with formatting the text in the footer left and footer right area to appear in the same style as in the preview?

I am also having trouble with the Brankic twitter plugin just showing Bad Authentication data?

I have the widgets working but the font it is displaying in looks different to the preview. You have a very fine grey font. I am getting a bold white font, how do I control this ?

Without URL I can’t help you.

Maybe you have some widget/plugin which is in conflict with our CSS files…

No worries, I think i figured it out.


I was wondering if you could help me with the portfolio overlay, the “item-info-overlay” on the grid portfolio layout. Right now if you click the title on the overlay, it will take you to the single portfolio page. I would like it to take me to the single portfolio page if I click anywhere on the overlay, not just the title.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!!!


It’s not that easy at all. There are a lots of styles and script involved.

Hello there!

I’ve been playing around with the theme for a while, and can’t seem to get any of the hover options to work within my portfolio page, including shape masks (currently I have my art portfolio set to circle and hover). On a similar note, category filters are not working within the portfolio pages either (both problems exist at

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!


99% it’s plugin conflict. Try to disable all 3rd party plugins (not ours).


One question before purshasing this theme. When we are in porforlio page like this lone is there a way off having miniatures off all pictures bottom of the slide or a NAVIGATION THUMBS as you can see here

Thank you!


Sorry, but it’s not possible :(

Is it possible to use both full page blog posts and ones with side bars on one website?

Not without changing source files.

However, this should be 1hr job for someone who is WP developer.

We’re not providing this kind of support…

Alright, I was just wondering if it was possible.


Almost ready to go live with our new site – but can’t get the contact form to send emails using the PHP (mail) function.

I’ve tried a couple of plugins to use SMTP instead (WP_SMTP and Easy SMTP). Both of these can successfully send email from the plugin test – but the contact form still doesn’t find the server.

The debug console in my browser shows the page is failing to resolve host address at .. /themes/bigbangwp/includes/ajax.recaptcha.php on line 49.

This is the line that invokes the PHP mail function: mail($email_to, $subject, $text, $headers);

I thought that the SMTP plugins would be able to redirect this…

Can you offer any suggestions?

Many thanks


Hi Lex,

Maybe (just maybe) it’s because temporary URL you’re using. If this is not a problem, I can only suggest to use some other contact form plugin. Contact Form 7 is working fine with our theme.

Thanks – got it sorted. It was an issue with our synology setup. Can go live now! Appreciate the help – and great theme!

I’ve a problem with template. Into mobile version i can’t see menu, is this normal?

Thank you very much.

Yes, i’ve change folder name because i try to install new download of template. Mobile menu don’t work before so folder name don’t change anithing, only things that change how template work is code that i’ve wite before.

What i have to do?

I really can’t help you. Nobody else reported similar.

In older versions there was the problem with shortcodes pop-up if folder name is changed.

So what can we do?

The problem of shortocode there was with last version before change folder name.

Hey, is there a way to integrate the revolution slider? Thanks in advance for your info! Best regards!


I guess it can be done, but you’ll need to hire WP developer…

This is beyond our support…

I have simple default (rectangular) portfolio grids implemented. Is there a way to adjust the spacing / gap between the items to something other than 5px? (There are some 5px margins described in the CSS but the responsive grid is ultimately controlled by the JS-added positioning.)

Thank you

If you change the gap, you’ll have to change and width of the column. With basic CSS knowledge you can try to change this.

Javascript is in action after CSS is loaded…

Hi Brankic,

I’m having an issue with the portfolio grid — when the pages is refreshed, the icons overlap each other. This also happens on the BigBang theme preview. Any ideas? I’m on a Mac / Firefox.

Separately, is there a way to remove the dotted lines separating the icons in the grid?

Thank you! Link to site

This happens sometimes and I can’t figure why :(

To remove dotted lines, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.grid li {
  border-right: none;

Two questions. Can I make it so the the whole square in portfolio is clickable? Also when im adding a Vimeo video to the portofolio it doesn’t pop up with the video it just enlarges the thumbnail? What am I doing wrong?


No you can’t make whole area clickable :(

Do you have URL of the video in Brankic Custom Field Video URL?

May I see the URL?

Hello – I am trying to set up Home page similar to your example. Can you easily tell me how to remove the title “Home” from the top space of the page and replace with the centered title text from your example?

The under construction site is


It looks you’ve already managed it out!


Also can I remove the name of the page at the top along with the page breaks that are created with it, and change it to a picture with the page name instead?

Not sure if this can be done without changing core theme files :(