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Hi Guys

I need to add an individual pintrest stream for a number of team members within the site. I just need to know how to hardcode the shortcode into my template? Thanks


Hi Adam,

I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name :(

However, this question is way beyond support we provided…

I’m only using the freebie photo stream widget from your website, but thanks for the friendly capitalised ‘purchased’ requirement to get any sort of answer. I did email twice through your site but didn’t have a reply so thought I’d ask here. Not sure why my question is way beyond support? The answer which I have recently implemented is actually quite simple… for those who are interested, simply create a couple of custom fields and replace the username and board name with variables…

<?php $username = get_sub_field(‘pintrest_url’); $board = get_sub_field(‘pintrest_board’); ?> <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[prw username=’ . $username . ’ boardname=’ . $board . ’ maxfeeds=”8” divname=”myList” printtext=”0” target=”newwindow” useenclosures=”yes” thumbwidth=”58” thumbheight=”58” showfollow=”none”]’);?>

This is premium theme and we can’t offer support if you haven’t bought it.

We’re on vacation and email support is a little bit slow – sorry :(

I hope your answer will be useful for someone…

Hello, i have a speed problem from the theme: Wordpress is loading some tools that I don`t need like the googlemaps. I`ve removed it from the contact page, but it still loads within the browser. How can I remove the googlemaps?

This is the website:

You can remove our google maps script from bra_theme_functions.php (Appearance -> Editor)
    wp_enqueue_script("google_map_api", "");
    wp_enqueue_script("google_map_plugin", BRANKIC_ROOT."/javascript/google_map_plugin.js"); 

hi guys,

i´d like to disable the function “magnifying glass” in my portfolio, how can i do that ?

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

alright, after i disabled magnifying glass the portfolio item is only clickable on the TITLE and the CHAIN ICON. is there a way to get the whole rectangle / image clickable ?


Sorry, but no – only title and chain icon.

Of course, you can hire freelancer with HTML/CSS knowledge to do that, but there are a lots of CSS/JS involved…

another few questions :

- is it possible to automaticly set the youtube thumbnail as featured image of a portfolio item ?

- how can i create a second contact page with different fields ?

Plugin compatibility is not something what you can check for every plugin :)

It’s easier to hire freelancer if this plugin is something what you need. Freelancer will find where’s the conflict…

already asked this one…could you please give me an answer ? after i disabled magnifying glass the portfolio item is only clickable on the TITLE and the CHAIN ICON. is there a way to get the whole rectangle / image clickable ?

Not out of box. There are a lots of CSS declarations involved.

Of course, CSS freelancer can do that, but it’s beyond our support.


I was wondering if it’s possible to remove the arrows that sends you between your different portfolio-items?

The arrows, and the square, to the left on this page:

Thanks alot!

To remove arrows and square add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.single-portfolio_item .item-nav {display:none;}

Hi, when I remove a featured Image from the home page, my slider gets mixed up o.O. For example when I remove the first featured Image, then my second featured Image displays the caption of the first one, etc.!

Is this a bug? Am I the only one with this bug? How to fix it? Hope someday can help me ^^ Thanks


Nobody else reported such an issue.

Check if Extra Image additional fields (caption, description and URL) are empty…

Hi there, I’m thinking of purchasing your template… I’m a photographer and would like to have a gallery page, rather than a ‘portfolio’, can I add a series of images to a page, that can be clicked on to view larger, like I currently have here.. I dont want to host the images externally on pinterest/flickr etc, I’d rather upload them directly to the wordpress area.

Also, on the main page, is it possible for the ‘recent work’ section to be ‘recent posts’ from the blog?

Basically, I’d rather upload images, or link to the blog… not use the portfolio section. Is that possible?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated!


Hello, I am having an issue with displaying a Google Map on one of my pages. There is a conflict with your theme CSS or JavaScript.

The only thing I can find is that the page is calling google maps javascript file twice… but I can’t find where to remove javascript inclusion from the header or figure what CSS to edit.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Great theme. Thank you. I have one question: Is it possible to make “editors” (not just administrators) see your custom fields and widgets? I want them to be able to change things, but not have access to all the theme options.

thanks! S

I’m really looking to purchase this theme for my portfolio, but has anyone gotten an answer to the cut off H tags? I’m using Chrome, Win7, and don’t get this issue on FireFox, Safari, etc…

Anyone else solve this? I sent a message to the author and waiting to hear back, but would love to get started with this theme!

Here’s the problem :crying::

TIA- - John

Hi john,

This is very weird because I don’t have these H issues on my Win 8 in all browsers :(

I also saw where you had said somewhere here, I googled it, that you also didn’t get it using Win 7 and Chrome? Any thoughts on fixing it? I can’t use a theme with the H tags cut in half! :( I saw this theme first used on and loved it, then opened it in Chrome and there was the problem. Maybe you can have some other PC users run a quick test and do a screen grab of the results? I have one other them being considered for my site, but have a bit of time left before purchase. Thanks for the reply … hopefully it might only be the way it’s displaying on my machine; a DELL Studio XPS with dual DELL 24” monitors [ the best ones they made 2 years ago… ].


We have 2 PCs and iPad/iPhone/Samsung and we can’t see H tags cut in half – this is why we can’t find solution for that :(

Maybe it’s because of some setting/plugin in Chrome (it used to be a problem with some other specific issues)

I fixed the problem. Had to remove extra Google API call.

How do I change the location of the google map on the contact page?

If you’re using normal contact layout – it’s in the shortcode in page editor.

If you’re using full width layout, it’s in Brankic Panel -> Contact

Thanks! It worked, but the strip of map is so thin – is there a reason for that?

It depends on the screen size (height) you’re using.

On some devices there’s a problem with this full width contact layout :(

How do I make the images the same size on the portfolio pages?

You should crop them before uploading, or you can use fixed height option in the portfolio shortcode.

Excellent. thanks

Any time I go to my page where I have my client list. All the logos get layered over each other and bunched up. When I refresh, I have no problem. Please advise.

This issue happens sometimes on some browsers. I really don’t know the solution :(

I’ve a problem with template. Into mobile version i can’t see menu, is this normal?

i try to deactivate all plugin but i still have the problem. The site is

If i create a temporary login to this site, can you help me?

Thank you

Hi Alex, great theme! Two questions:

I haven’t been able to add a permalink to grid thumbnails. Adding a ling to icon or portfolio thumbnails works fine, but when I add a link to a grid item I get this error:

“Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

Furthermore contactform full-with doesn’t show up the way it should. See:

Mails will be received by: Email from field: 3 Email fields

Tnx, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

Here’s no Alex :)

Full width contact form doesn’t work fine on all devices/browsers. Since the release of our theme new version of browsers were released :(

You have to disable prettyPhoto (LightBox like plugin) on grid shortcode. Open javascript/custom.js and from line 222 remove

This should work…


I am having a big problem with the portfolio grid used on the homepage — when the pages is refreshed 3 or 4 times, the icons overlap each other. It has happened since I started with the theme. Any ideas? I’m on a Mac / Firefox.

Thank you very much!

Sometimes this happen, but I can’t figure it why.

Thanks anyhow — no problem. Fixed it by making each fact a portfolio post and using the portfolio short-code.


this is much better solution…

Hi Brankic,

Looks like the responsivness to mobile versions is not working anymore. Images are missing and text is mixed with shortcode. Even when 3th party plugins are off! Could you please solve this or give some instructions.

I sow some comments about this before.

Thanks in advance

I haven’t seem such a comments. There was an issue with mobile navigation, but not with images.

Try to empty the cache (disabling all plugins) and check again – or show me the URL of your website…


i have the same problem as the previous comment, i.e. i can’t get my own hyperlinks (to portfolio posts) to work from the thumbnails when i use the bra_grid shortcode.

also, is there a way that i can order my portfolio posts when i use the bra_portfolio shortcode?

help me please…

thanks for the ace theme,



You have to disable prettyPhoto (LightBox like plugin) on grid shortcode. Open javascript/custom.js and from line 222 remove


This should work…

Portfolio posts are ordered by it’s date. You can manually change the dates of posts…

oh i fixed my first problem using the FAQ’s and for adamjeffery

How to disable prettyPhoto pop-up on shortcode GRID? Add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(”.grid a”).removeAttr(“rel”); $(”.grid a”).removeAttr(“data-rel”); });


this can help also :)