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I’d like to have 5 colomns in the quick access section of the homepage, is it possible?

Your theme is very great, I really enjoy working on it!


What’s quick access section?

Please be more precise (URL).


I have disabled responsive layout, so the content is being scaled for iphones/android/mobiles. It looks ok, except that content is sticked to the left and empty space 30px margin left on the right handside. I tried all css hacks I knew of, but no luck. Can someone help me with this?


Hi there

Couple questions about the portfolio. I have create a page called Portfolio, in the content section I have put the shortcode… [bra_portfolio title=’Recent Work’ cat_id=’’ no=’-1’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’3’ shape=’’ height=’’ hover=’yes’] Using your shortcode tool, I have portfolio types setup and assigned items to a few of them but the portfolio does not show, all I see is the title and word ALL but no images?

Any thoughts?


You haven’t choose category in drop down menu (there’s no cat_id value). You can check the help file how to obtain that id, or you can insert portfolio shortcode again and choose right category from drop down menu…


Before buying this theme i’ve questions : is it possible to put a vimeos video in the slideshow ? (Homepage) And can we change the width/height of services icons ? And can I put those i’ve created instead of ?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english :)


No videos can be added to slideshow :(

You can upload your services icons and with little bit of Extra JavaScript you can have 2, 3 or 5 icons.


Is there a way to remove the greyed-out appearance of images in the GRID shortcode? I’m trying to use the GRID shortcode to layout a Page but would like all of the images to be full strength.

Thank you, Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.clients img {
  opacity: 1;

Brilliant! thank you

Hi Team,

I too would like to know if there is a way to link the portfolio tabs on the home page to a page or specific URL rather than the current default link to a /portfolio/ page.

Also – is there a way to change the /portfolio/ in the link? If i wanted it to say something like ”/work/” instead? How would I do that?”



Not sure what portfolio tabs you’re talking about, but using some redirection plugin can be the solution.

To change portfolio slug, you’ll have to edit bra_theme_functions.php (Appearance -> Editor)
'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'portfolio'),
Change ‘portfolio’ to ‘work’

Thanks :)

Regarding the tabs – On your preview your 4 tabs at the bottom of the home page are under the title of “Recent Work”. I was wondering how to link to a specific URL or page as these seem to be set to only link to the portfolio.

Thanks again – The template is awesome!


you should use redirection plugin and define redirection for each portfolio post URL…

fixed my own question.

Answer I like the most :)

Helpful tip

Several of your Socialize icons are busted… :)


It looks fine in our Chrome…

You’re right! It was the Ad Block extension that was causing a conflict. Terrific theme – sorry for the bother.

No worries – this happens with plugins :(

Hello! Nice theme! I have portfolio page in circle style. I want to know if it is possible to create pagination? For ex. I want to display 12 items per page and others must automatically display on next page.

Hi fozzy,

Sorry, but portfolio shortcode doesn’t allow pagination…

hi, is there a way to order alphabetically portfolio items? thanks

I didn’t mean the filters, I meant the actual portfolio items (thumbnails on ). Based on which criteria they are laid out by default ?


These posts are ordered by it’s date. You can change date manually for each post…

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a plugin to import a csv file to fill portfolio items. Similar to this:

But for your portfolio section.

Thanks for the recomendation, I love your theme.


If you import our XML file you’ll have all items from our live preview.

I’m not familiar with such plugins, sorry :(

I tried editing the file, and messed up something. It looks fine to me except the top of my web page now says this:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hermes/waloraweb086/b948/erinwallace/wp-content/plugins/styles/classes/styles-customize.php on line 155

what did I do wrong?

here is the site it is at:

Really don’t know :(

Overwrite files you’ve changed with original ones…

Hi there, I accidentally updated my Wordpress. I could go back to an older version but would like to avoid it. When do you come out with an update that is compatible to Wordpress 3.6? Thx

When I had a previous version of your template with another website, there were all these pages and with sample pictures etc. already in place. Now, there’s nothing really except the BigBang logo and some general structure. The help file only links up to Themeforest’s website, but no help. I basically don’t have a clue what to do? thx

You have to import XML file if you want the whole content from Live preview.

Thank you!! didn’t even know what question to google before.

The lightbox slider consistently shows more images than I have set in that page’s extra images.

So if I have five images set as “extra images” the slider on the page displays those five, but the lightbox slider will display seven images (repeating a couple).

I spent a good deal of time looking into this before asking. Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question! Thanks for your insights.

I see the same thing happens on the live demo too. Interestingly, if I disable the page’s non-lightbox slider (with the in-page setting), then the lightbox slider displays the proper number of images.

Slider script adds 2 more images to slider (clones). If you choose fade effect there will be no clone slides.

To choose fade effect edit (Appearance -> Editor) (near the end of the file are settings for slider on page / post / portfolio)

How do I change the appearance of the menu which appears at the top of the web site theme, to perhaps create a “button” effect re accessing each page instead of the words divided by the line?

I have looked at plugins but haven’t found anything which fits with the rest of theme without diminishing its excellent quality!

This is above our support. It’s not that hard, but we’re not providing support on changing such a details. It’s a less than hour job for freelancer with basic CSS knowledge.

I hope you understand…


Also, a second question re colour. I used the below details to change the font colour (replacing the 103 etc). How do I change the colour of the menu and everything else (eg: “logo”, “branding” buttons in demo too, if possible)?

.post-title h2.title, .post-title h2.title a { color: rgb(103, 103, 103); } body { color: rgb(103, 103, 103); }

Also, just one more thing…should I also use this feature to find out how to remove/amend the footer at the end. I need to reduce the height of the footer to a size similar to the “add comment” grey section below. I also would like it to be one grey colour, as there is a light grey section at the left and right hand side at the moment. I looked at “inspect element” earlier but haven’t figured it out yet…

May I see the URL, ‘cause I’m not sure what color (height) you want to change.

Would it be possible to send you the link via email?


I’d like to change the color of the contact button, I tried: .contact-button.color{color: #333333;} but that didn’t work.

I’d also like to change the color of the background behind the theme. I have a few pages with minimal content and the background is white, I tried editing it in the Brankic Panel but there was no change.



I am having trouble with the lightbox function in the portfolio. I have uploaded 3 images to a portfolio page. They scroll through on the page normally. However, when I click on one of the images to open it in the lightbox, some of the images are duplicate when they scroll through the lightbox.

To see what I mean, please visit my test site and compare the images that scroll through the page normally to the ones that scroll through the pop-up lightbox.

I have already tried deleting and re-uploading the images under new file names, as well as removing the captions, to see if it fixes the problem. It has made no difference.

Is this a known issue? How can it be fixed? Thank you for your help.

Best, Erin

Hi Erin,

I can’t open the URL you’ve provided, but here’s the solution. Use fade effect instead of scroll.

When scroll effect is used, script adds 2 more (clone) slides.

To change the effect, edit (Appearance -> Editor) and near the end of the file you’ll find settings for each slider…

Hey! On my site I want to remove the green hover effect on the hexa-thumbnails blog posts on the home page. How is this possible? Is this done with java or do I do it through css?

Thank you!


If you remove this hover, visitors won’t be able to click on item. To remove hover add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info-overlay {display:none;}

Or, if you have some basic HTML/PHP you can edit includes/bra_shortcodes.php function bra_portfolio(...

having a issue with the contact page, no text box is available to write a email. when i select send message i get a message saying email server problem. Not sure what to do!!!!

Have you customized Brankic Panel -> Contact ?