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I sent an email last week and still haven’t heard a response. Can the author of this please email me back. Thank you.

We purchased the Wordpress version instead of the HTML version by accident. Can you help us out? :(

You should ask ThemeForest support…

I’ve been trying to change the color of the contact button on the contact full-width page using the extra-CSS that you provided earlier in this thread: .contact-button.color{color: #333333;}

It doesn’t work. I’m trying to change it to tealgreen, and while the color appears to be 3EA9A1 according to Adobe Illustrator, I can’t get the template to recognize it. Do I name the color in this css code? I don’t know css, but I assumed you just plug in your hex values and get the desired color. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work. Do I have to write ”.contact-button.color{tealgreen:3EA9A1;} ? I really need to find a viable way to make this button work. Thanks.


Hi Mike,

May I see the URL ‘cause this will help me to give you exact code you need…

Sure. The page in question is:

Any word on this?

Is it possible to customize the colours in the Global Option?


Each color scheme has it’s own CSS file in wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/css/colors/

These files are easy to change because there are only color codes…

Hi, I can’t import demo content, when i tick “download and import file attachement” my browser search during 5-10mn and cut the connexion ?

I think you already have this question but we can’t do search in the comments :(

(sorry for my english)

I have the same problem as @vortexintercom. Filters don’t work. Do you have a fix?

Hello, I am considering buying this theme and will be using it to present my oil paintings. In the future there might be lot of them. So does the portfolio page support multipage? So it won’t load all the images at once but there would be like next page button or something.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, but no multipage portfolio.

You can create as many portfolio pages as you want, but if you have too many items in one category there will be problems…

Hi, I’m working on your theme, and the website is almost done! :) But I have a problem in the Homepage: portfolio items don’t appear… I’ve write the code [bra_portfolio title=”LIFE REPORT” cat_id=”14” no=”8” show_filters=”no” columns=”4” shape=”“] the title of the portfolio is here but not the content… Do you know how I can fix this? The adress is: Many thanks! :) And this is a great theme! Marine

Oops… I’ve just found after 2hours of reseach! Excuse-me! Thanks! :)


Please tell me what was the problem – it can be useful for other users with similar issue…

Hello, I’m considering to buy the theme. Is it possible to customize the colours and choose my own colors codes, for example for the menu and the background? Eveline

Hi Eveline,

If you take a look at source of our live preview, you’ll find Each color scheme has it’s own CSS file and you can see it’s consist only of color codes…

Hello Brankic, thanks, that means a yes :-) Eveline

will there be a social icon for instagram?

I spent quite some time troubleshooting this issue, and hesitated pestering you guys here, but here we go. It appears to be some strange interaction between BigBang and one of my computers.

First, I love this theme!

One issue I’m having, though, is that on my laptop (Mac Air) a boxed blog setting is getting 100% scaled, with the main content-wrapper is shifting its contents left (e.g., featured image)... it’s odd, because on precisely the same network and precisely the same browser update (Chrome, Safari), the theme works just fine on another laptop (and other computers). It seems there’s something gone awry on my own Mac Air. I’ve cleared cache. I’ve reinstalled the theme. I’ve turned off plugins. And so on. (A clue: I’ve noticed this issue occurs even when I view the live preview of Bigbang, it also gets shifted/scaled on this laptop.)

(I’ve purchased Bigbang twice, it’s great.)

Does the theme appear correctly on your computers? Any idea what could be causing this erratic leftward behavior on my one laptop (Mac Air)?


Racdale same problem. Everything aligns left on Mac and I observed different site that uses this theme and it’s the same everywhere, left aligned. Can do we fix this?

Hello Brankic1976,

I have a logo which combines a figure with text. Is this possible or are there limitations?

Greetings, Eveline

Hi Eveline,

Not sure if I understand your question.

In our theme you can’t add text next to logo (only if you embed text into logo image)

I hope that makes sense…

Hello, I understand that I can use an image as logo. Is the size of the logo limited? I mean the width and heigth of the image.

Greetings, Eveline

Hi, we’re considering buying this theme. I was wondering if you could confirm that the theme is officially compatible with WP 3.6?

Additionally, have you ever heard of people using WPML with your theme, and if so, were there any issues?


Hi guimos,

It’s working just fine with WP 3.6 list our theme as “Works perfectly”

Hey Brankic1976

Is it possible to remove the hover effect on icon boxes (Shortcode) so it never turns to a colour?

Greetings, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.services div:hover, .services div:hover a {

Issue with blog templates can only have one…

Thanks in advance..

Sorry, but I don’t understand what’s the problem :(

Could you be more precise?

There are 6 blog templates included in this theme, each allowing a different layout. I cannot access any of them I am stuck with the default theme. I can access the drop down menu via the blog page but they do not save, or change from default setting. Even though it appears in the drop down menu that a new template has been saved.


Please don’t shout.

You’re the 1st user (7.5K purchases) with this problem…

Really? Sorry for shouting, but you hadn’t got back to my last query about this. All the code is coming through on mobile and no images are showing. looks really bad. Any ideas what it could be or what I could do..?

Hi Brankic, I ‘ve just realised that the buttons zoom-in and zoom-out of the map in the contact page are not visible on desktop browsers but they are visible if I see it from my mobile. What’s the fix for this? By the way contrarily to what Gadja says above your theme works perfectly on my mobiles. thanks


You can try to change a bit our map plugin (located in javascript/google_map_plugin.js)

style: google.maps.ZoomControlStyle.DEFAULT
and try to change DEFAULT to LARGE (or SMALL). Full documentation is here

ps: One of my plans is to create better map plugin, but… (it’ll wait for a better times…)

Hello Again,

I posted this and asked for alittle more help on the same topic but havnt had response again.. do u have a solution?

its been awhile since we spoke. but am doing a few updates on my site and wanted to make the bottom footer. for the 1 to 4 footer and the footer for footer left and footer right.. all with a white (clear background)

here can i change this code?

Thankyou. 1 older reply Brankic1979 Brankic1979 AUTHOR 11 days ago Flag Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel #footer { background-color: #fff; } #footer-content { background-color: #fff; } #footer-bottom { background-color: #fff; } Default-user pastamusements PURCHASED 4 days ago

sorry again brankic but its only changing it in the center and not to the left and right hand side of the part u write in. if you can understand what i mean?

how can i change the bit to the left and right also. so it makes the whole page white?

Kind Regards,

Lewis Dowman

Hi Brankic,

I’m having some trouble changing the favicon. I’ve uploaded my own .ico file to the media library and linked it in the favicon section in the Brankic Panel. This icon shows up perfectly in Chrome and Safari but in Internet Explorer it still shows the Brankic logo that was there before.

How do I get my favicon to show up in IE?


How do you set it so the background color of the menu items section is the color as selected for the theme. Our default here is pink:

In the demo version when I set the theme to pink the menu items have a pink box around them when you are on a page in that section.