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Would you see any issues using this theme with woo commerce? Thanks.

Hello Brankic,

I need help setting up my website like live preview. I tried looking for instruction on the help file, but I can’t find that either. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day but I keep failing. Could you please help me set it up?


How can I increase the line height spacing on my pages and posts?


hi Brankic,

is there a way to upload a graphic above the picture slider? Or put the picture slider underneath the post on the main page? I’d like to remove the line saying “how about being…” and upload a graphic instead… thanks for your help, again!

Ok, so this is the third time I´m posting this without getting any answer. Is it me, if so I´m sorry! Now please answer….


I have disabled responsive layout, so the content is being scaled for iphones/android/mobiles. It looks ok, except that content is sticked to the left and empty space 30px margin left on the right handside. I tried all css hacks I knew of, but no luck. Can you help me with this?



Love the theme but i can not understand how to build it! Any help? Thank you!

I was wondering is it possible to centre the main slider and all the boxes as it looks a little strange with it off to the left. If so i am purchasing.

What’s the recommended width and height for slideshow images on a full-width page?

Thanks! JC


I have a photo gallery page with photos being fed from Instagram. I would like to know if it’s possible to hide the captions below the photos but still allow them to show over the photos when hovering?


Hi. Thank’s for your theme. I’ve an issue with the background colour of the active (current) menu which is not working. The class “current” is not in the source code as in your template. Any suggestion?

Hi Brankic,

Still loving the process of adapting this theme!

Just one quick question – is it possible remove the function of two of the headings on the top menu? Two of them have a dropdown option with two submenus and I wish to disable access to the parent header menu.

Many thanks,


Hi! Wanted to make sure our question from 2 days ago wasn’t missed:

How do you set it so the background color of the menu items section is the color as selected for the theme. Our default here is pink:

In the demo version when I set the theme to pink the menu items have a pink box around them when you are on a page in that section. We’d like to implement this on our site. Thanks for your help!

Hi, I noticed that the photo gallery smartcode is really buggy. It lags the computer a lot and the grid misaligns sometimes. Could you please fix this bug?

Sometimes images are overlapped (if you’re referring to clients shortcode).

Sometimes this happens, smetimes not and I can’t find the reason for such a behaviour.

Hi there! I have purchased the theme and our site is up and running. LOVE LOVE LOVE your design sense and everything is working great! We have solved many issue ourselves but I have one I can’t figure out. I am making the contact form send to our booking system which likes emails formatted a certain way, i.e. in plain text, and without the spaces and dashes that automatically are generated in the email between the field name and the input. This is how the email comes through…

First Name: – lovely Last Name: – lady2 Email: – Phone: – 234 234 2342 Event Date: – 24 Jan 2014 – Wedding – google – asf sad fas df sadfasdf

I would like to know how to remove the spaces and dashes from the automatically created email, as well as add the field names to the last 3 fields (because I created those by editing the admin_3 page and the contact form template page, but I don’t really know what I’m doing.) So ideally the email created would be in plain text and look like this…

First Name: lovely Last Name: lady2 Email: Phone: 234 234 2342 Event Date: 24 Jan 2014 Shoot Type: Wedding How did you hear about us: google Comments: asf sad fas df sadfasdf

Our site address is if u want to look at the contact page.

Thanks so much!!!


Thank you very much on your kind words, and sorry for late reply.

Unfortunately best advice I can give you is to use some contact form plugin (contact form 7 is working fine with our theme).

Changing our contact form code (you’re on right way) is beyond our support and knowing PHP is the must…

Is it possible you’re going to make this theme compatible with Woocommerce?


Sorry, but we’re not planning such an upgrade :(


I am having trouble with the short codes on Big Bang, i want to put portfolio items onto my page and there’s nothing happening.

Please help


Hi Sharon,

Please read FAQ on our Support tab

Also in documentation is explained how to organize posts and categories…


Had some glitch with shortcode. Whenever I put a folio shortcode into my page it populates with 2 not 1 of the same exact folio. Any insights as to why?

Hi jkchoi,

Have you selected right category with portfolio posts? Also, check how many columns you want…

How can I edit the magnifying glass and link icons that appear when you hover over a portfolio item? I can’t seem to find a .png for either of them. Thanks.


It’s in the images/sprite.png.

Hi, this question is more urgent than my previous one:

I am adding my portfolio items in the reverse order, as I need the last one I add to be displayed first etc. How to adjust the arrows on each portfolio item page so that the functions switch around because, at the moment, when I click the right arrow it sends me in the wrong direction/sequence. For example, there is no “next/right arrow” in the “first” portfolio item page, only a left arrow. Can I add something to the extra CSS section?


You should try to change lines in single-portfolio_item.php.

Find UL with class item-nav and try to swap previous_post_link_plus and next_post_link_plus and swap classes next and prev…

Thanks – I will try that today :)

Is it possible to add a full width section below the slider on a portfolio item, so if I want to continue with more copy and images it’s not squished into the 1/3 width column?

also, I’ll keep my conversation in one thread ;) is there a limit to how many portfolio items can be displayed? I saw that there is no option for making multiple pages, and your response was something along the lines of “if you have too many items in one category you’ll have a problem” I intend to keep adding portfolio items along and along as a constant feed of new work, is this going to be a problem?