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PrettyPhoto is only working in single post pages, but not in the homepage and other pages. Do I have to modify anything?


You can always activate it manually. You have to edit image (in the source or by clicking on image -> advanced -> advanced link settings and in rel field insert prettyPhoto

Ok, that will be a solution :-)

Anyway, where can I find the code that enables it in blog pages? I will copy it so that it enabled everywhere by default.

This is the forth time I´m posting this without getting any answer!! Is this because you do not know the answear? If so please just say so!


I have disabled responsive layout, so the content is being scaled for iphones/android/mobiles. It looks ok, except that content is sticked to the left and empty space 30px margin left on the right handside. I tried all css hacks I knew of, but no luck. Can you help me with this?



Hi Chris,

I’m really sorry for skipping your question. It wasn’t on purpose!

I’m just testing it on my iPhone and I can’t find the CSS which is responsible for this few mm right margin/padding

Maybe it’s something how iPhone handles non responsive websites.

Dear Friends,

How do I control the order of where portfolio items appear on pages — specifically on the homepage and the main Portfolio page. At first glance, it seems the latest entry in Portfolio Items appear first. I need a way to control the order of where these entries appear on pages.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


You’re right, latest entries comes first. You can create your custom order if you change dates manually (it’s ordered by date in reverse order). If you want to change core theme file (includes/bra_shortcodes.php) change this line
    'tax_query' => array(
            'taxonomy' => $taxonomy,
            //'field' => $termID
            'terms' => $cat_id
    'post_type' => $post_type,
    'orderby' => 'date',
    'order' => 'DESC',
    'posts_per_page' => $no
and change orderby and order values.

Hi Brankic,

Thanks for your prompt response — the manual date change solution works like a charm! Core theme file edits are next up in the process, but thank you again for your timely help, most appreciated!

Hi there,

is there an “easy” way to remove the page menu? Because i want to use a graphic html menu and in the main frame wp pages with your theme:

I only know to work with dreamweaver and my plan is to convert this page to wordpress:

The product will be launched this week, so unfortunately i have got not much time.

Cheers Daniel

Hi Daniel,

this can’t be done without proper knowledge of WP and PHP. Unfortunately best advice I can give you is to hire a freelancer (because you have deadline).

Thanks for the information.

Dear Brankic,

How do I change the filter so that all no longer appears on the page. Unfortunately the slow broadband connection in Ireland means that it takes a long time for the images to appear on the “all” page, so I need to remove this and only use the remaining filters (which contain the images divided up by January, February etc).

I am not a programmer but would appreciate even a hint re whether the solution would simply be to hide the “all” output with jQuery? Or perhaps it is a combination of jQuery and CSS?

Any hints re same would be much appreciated!

Heya Brankic,

Your slider seems to make a clone of the first and last image. So having 5 images in the extra images resuls in 7 images on prettyphoto.

I want 5 images on project page (loading time) and 5 on prettyphoto.

The listed item has the class ‘clone’.

How can we / I fix this?


Hello Brankic, The image of my logo is pretty big. Do I have to take into account that heigth and width of the logo are limited? or does the line beneath the logo and menu automatically adjust to the size of my logo?

Thanks, Eveline


I have a problem since the last update of wordpress. On big screens (like mac 27”) the picture(s) on the first page is aligned to the left. what can I do ? (


Hi Brankic, I need help setting up my website like live preview. And also How do I get a picture slider on my homepage as in the live preview.

Many Thanks


The team members shortcode seems to be formatting strangely. Any ideas why?

Hello. I’ve noticed that every link I add to an image in a post defaults to opening in prettyPhoto. This is a problem, since I’m usually linking to another page or website, not a larger version of the image. In these cases, the lightbox tries to open, but then comes up with this error message: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” Is there an easy way to deactivate prettyPhoto for certain image links?

It looks like Bigbang is automatically adding “data-rel=”prettyPhoto[]” rel=”prettyPhoto[]”” when the post is loaded in a browser.

Still need an answer: How do you set it so the background color of the menu items section is the color as selected for the theme. Our default here is pink :

In your demo version when I set the theme to pink the menu items have a pink box around them when you are on a page in that section.

I have set the css code as follows:

primary-menu .current {

background-color: #FF00FF !important; }

Unfortunately it does not seem to be working on our page, the background of the menu is white no matter which section you are in.

#primary-menu .current { background-color: #FF00FF !important; }
#primary-menu .current { background-color: #FF00FF !important; }

hey, i have problems with Contact form.

my contact page:

Who will receive emails:

Email from field: empty

Insert the number of email field below: 1

why it doesnt work? and i tried it also writing some valid email adresses to “email from field”, but still doesnt work. thanks for help.


I bought the Big Bang theme for Wordpress. It is great but I would like to create an introductory page with: - A logo different size internal pages - A slider with the latest articles (or a video later) - The choice of language

Is this possible? If so how please? ^^ Thank you in advance

Hi! Great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to set the icon boxes overlay the same size as the box. And, also, if there is a way to remove it or make it transparent.


I’m not sure what do you want to change. May I see the URL and tell me exactly what do you want to change?

Thank you. This it the URL I would like to make the hover on the icon boxes in the homepage of the same size of the boxes (in my case, the Editing, Contratti, Promozione, Digital)... Sorry if doesn’t make sense, it is my first time with a website!


When I was setting up this site I replaced the homepage title with some custom javascript that lets me animate the first word.

It’s been working fine, but I updated the content yesterday and the page title went back to “home”.

I’ve re-entered my custom code in the “alternate title” input of the Brankic custom fields – and now I have two titles…

The main “home” title and my custom title.

Can you suggest how I can get rid of the “home” title?

Many thanks


Site is at:


Are you talking about title of the page in the content or the title in browser header?

If you’re talking about title “in the page” you’ll have to edit core php files.

Otherwise, you should edit header.php

I can’t tell you more ‘cause this is beyond our support :(

thanks I’ll look at header.php. It’s just strange because it worked fine before. I put the JS snippet in the alternate title field and it just worked…. now it doesn’t like it!

Hi Brankic1979.

I’ve sent you a message via your profile to ask for some help with the tabs flickering on the homepage.




Sorry, but this is only place for support.

Sorry – read this on the support tab above and followed instruction: If you’re using contact form on our profile page (because URL of your website isn’t ready for public yet) you’ll have to let us know through item comments page.

Hi Brankic1979,

We need to update our theme – we’re using the envato plugin, but when we click update automatically we just get a blank screen?

Please help and many thanks in advance!

This theme isn’t compatible with envato plugin. You’ll ahve to follow the instructions from help file, or from FAQ

Many Thanks! We do have a couple more queries:

As you can see from the URL: – the portfolio images under the recent work title seem to have whitish tinge (unlike the demo). Also blog templates 1 – 6 don’t seem to have any effect when selected.

Many thanks again for your help.


How can I change home page slider position? (it always appears on top).

Thanks !

Slider is always on the top and it’s not that easy to change this.

You have to edit page.php and swap these lines
if (extra_images_exists()) include ("");


Indeed, I can see now how complex it is. The swap trick doesn’t do what I want but I’ll try to find out something else. Thank you anyway