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Is there a way to make the portfolio item display both video and image?

Hello there, you have a really good wp theme. 2 questions: 1. How can I change the time of transitions between images on home page? 2. Can I adjust the size of the video player so the default w x h of the player is a bit bigger? I assume it can be edited, just need from you to point me on the code section. Regards.

For some reason I can’t locate my purchase code to register for your support form and I have purchased the theme (I am sure I have the “purchased” tag on my account) However I have a big problem with my portfolio view. I am trying to use column 4 square view however the thumbnail view where everything is organized and at same size isn’t working. It’s all just jumbled together really. Can someone please help me out.

Your purchase code you can see if you go to your ThemeForest account -> Downloads and click on Download.

When creating new thread, please post URL to that portfolio page… Could you please take a look and help me. I have it making the squares now but it only gives me 3 columns and I have it set to 4 and it’s not making the thumbnail size displayed in live preview

Brankic Photostream Widget “Instagram” no longer works. Any alternative WP plugin comparable that would work?

I’ll try to make another photostream widget with more options. Then I’ll check what’s wrong with Instagram API in current version.

ETA – 2 weeks…

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Is there a way to make the pretty photo size NOT scale down to fit the screen size? I have some images that are really tall so they are shrinking down too much and are illegible.

Thanks, Stephanie

Please use our support forum

ps: Check prettyPhoto documentation and edit javascript/prettyPhoto.js


This theme is still working really well :D However, I haven’t received an email to activate my support page account (I’ve tried a few times over the past week). Therefore, I will need to post my questions here:

- I need to disable the main title of the dropdown menu, so that only the submenus are clickable. For example, if I have a “project information” menu and the drop down menu is “about”, I only want the about page to be accessible, therefore I wish to remove the functionality of “project information” but I still want the main header menu to have that name?

- When the user arrives at the individual portfolio item page, the zoom option isn’t working correctly with the digital images. Half of the image “falls off” of the screen, therefore I would like to remove the zoom function for each portfolio item?

Many thanks again, Brankic!


Pleas check your spam folder. Nobody else reported such an issue with registration letter…

Yes, each item I checked the spam folder but no sign of it… :|

I appear to be registered, so I even tried the “forgot password” option but it didn’t work…Therefore, I’d be grateful if I could still use this comments section as a space to direct my queries, including the above :)

If you have problems with Instagram feed showing, you’ll have to generate your own here

Hi There. I feel as though i am losing my mind. I have been trying to get a portfolio page working. I created a new page getmycbt com/portfolio. I created portfolio categories and sub-categories. I added two items, and have played around with adding categories to each portfolio item…removing them again…setting their parent page. Nothing i do will make them appear in a two column portfolio page.

Please help.

Thanks Charlie


We are updating our website at the moment, but we are not able to get the hover working in the Portfolio page:

It just doesn’t show a hover. Is there something we could forget to set?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Laurens

Hi, I want to put some footers on right side, but nuthing change when I use widget. How to activate footer ? and other question, maybe you know how to simply create a blog page . Thanks

like other, I purshased your work, so can you help me, ? Many thanks.

Hi ,

Please use our new Support Forum at when asking questions about themes / templates.

Hi love the theme and wanted to use it. However I wondered how it would look / adapt if the logo in the top left was larger than the one you’ve used? Ie the same size as yours but with another under it so it become square..?

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Many thanks.

You can test it with firebug in Firefox. Just change the width / height attributes of IMG

ps: square logos doesn’t looks nice :(

Sure okay and no problem, thats what i thought. Clients with stupid logos! grrr.

Hi there..

Can’t seem to make the Flickr photostream work.

Any ideas?

Cheers Lorrie


I am trying to work out how to realign some items in the posts so that they line up with the left hand edge of the post title. I would like the vimeo video in the iframe to align with the left edge of the post title on the blog rol and on the single blog page. I am using blog 5 for both.

As you can see here:

and here

Is there a line in the style.css or blog.css that i need to ammend?

Thank you


“If you have problems with Instagram feed showing, you’ll have to generate your own here"

Works one time for me… then goes blank forever.

I switched to using this more stable and customizable plugin:

They also have one for Flickr:

Hi Brankic – I changed my registered email address for Themeforest in order to try and access the support forum, however my old email address is still registered with the latter. I will send you my email address and would be grateful if you could amend same. Alternatively, I would be grateful if you could address my above question, particularly regarding the dropdown menu. Thanks, as always :)

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Hi! Is it also possible to have the client logo’s linked to an external website, instead of a Lightbox image? When I insert an external URL, it is still trying to open the Lightbox. Do you have an idea how to fix that?


Sorry, nevermind, found it :)

Is there any way to have the title “Contact” not be left aligned without any space? It looks weird touching the left side. Also, what is going on with the contact form here?


Also, I just updated Logo 2 image in the panel. The link is correct that is there and the image is showing up in the panel view after upload. However, when you view the page and scroll down, there is nothing. Thanks in advance for your fast reply.


Please use our new Support Forum at when asking questions about themes / templates.

I think it’s ridiculous that I waited 4 days for assistance and instead of actually helping me, seeing as it’s been 4 days, you ignore my actual questions and tell me to go to a support forum that you have listed as optional, and state there that you are still answering questions in the comments. Absolutely ridiculous. Had you not had it posted there that you were still providing help here, which you clearly are not, I’d not have wasted 4 days and wound up with an unhappy client. I personally find it annoying to have to sign up for forums to get help when it requires me taking extra steps. I want to just ask the questions I have and if I wait 4 days – get answers.

I have generally not been 100% happy when I have asked for help with this theme. FYI to anyone who may buy. Some theme creators are very happy to go above and beyond. Some will make you wait days to tell you to go elsewhere and start over.

How about HELP those here since you have it posted that you still do and then advise them NEXT TIME to go to your forum. Or stop saying you still do support in comments. So annoying.

Hey there,

Thanks for a great theme. I’m a bit of a novice, sorry if this is obvious. I am adjusting my home page (which looks similar to yours) and as on your demo home page, under the slider you have 4 boxes with branding/logo design/print/copywriting.

I have changed the names of these boxes to suit me, but want to change the images to my own in the entire box (and still have the hover colour when the mouse hits it). Can you please explain how to do this? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

Thanks in advance :)


Please use our new Support Forum at when asking questions about themes / templates.


I would like to know if you could provide me with the code to center aligh the “Portfolio Item” name/title field. It is currently set to left align. Is there a way to remove the background color as well?


Hi James

Please use our new Support Forum at when asking questions about themes / templates.