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The Big Bang theme does not seem to be supporting php 5.4 and my host is about to force me to upgrade. My website goes blank when this happens. Are you working on an upgrade for this support? Seems in the next 48 hours I’ll be losing my website unless I purchase a new theme that will support php 5.4 in the next 48 hours.

Are you sure it’s about PHP 5.4 ?

Nobody else reported such an issue.

Please use our support forum and not this thread.

It goes to a completely blank page when I switch the PHP. I switch the PHP back to 5.3 and it reappears. I don’t have any other explanation. I contacted support with Bluehost and they said it is the theme and I needed the theme to support PHP 5.4.

I’m hosting my Live preview on Media Temple and I can’t switch to 5.4 and this is why:

“Note: PHP 4 and PHP 5.2 are no longer supported by the PHP Group.”

Hi, Can we see a bug fix please for when you “quick edit” or “bulk action” a post and the video link field on that post gets removed. The link set in the Brankic Custom Fields > Video URL.

I keep repeatedly losing the video from doing the above actions :(

Please use our support forum.

I don’t have such an issue. Are you using latest version of our theme?

I updated it only 2 weeks ago. It’s happened from the very first release as I was the 7th person to download the theme! Check it out if you like:

Hi chaps, does this theme support wordpress 3.7? Also there is a bug at with scrolling. I couldn’t get scrollbar to scroll down to bottom of the page by holding it, but mouse wheel works just good.


We’re using latest WP version on Live preview and couldn’t spot any issue.

I have no problems with scrolling on all of my browsers.


Sorry for not answering here, but we’re using Support forum for about 2 months and whole support is provided only there.

Hello, Please let me know if the theme works with CodeStyling localization plugin or if localization is any way supported. Thanks in advance.

Theme is translation ready – it’s using .po and .mo files, so I can only guess it’s working.

Hello. Before buying, I would like to know if it is possible to insert in the topbar a logo height 120 pixel. And, if it is possible, how.

Thank you.

Heya – I have run a security scan on my site (I use BigBang theme – love it). but it picked up the following link and said it appears to be malicious.. can you confirm this is part of the theme?

Filename: wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/functions.php File type: Not a core, theme or plugin file. Issue first detected: 13 secs ago. Severity: Critical


Great theme.

I’d like to disable auto-zoom (for instances when users click on form elements).

This code: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, user-scalable=0” /> usually works, however it doesn’t seem to work with your theme.

Please could you help?


Is there a way to disable prettyPhoto on blog posts only?

This code:

<script type=’text/javascript’> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(”.post-content img”).parent(“a”).attr(“data-rel”, “prettyPhoto[]”); }) </script>

Is interfering with our social media sharing buttons (Hupso)

Hi, sorry I’m posting my question here, but can’t seem to find my purchase code. Anyway. I’m looking of a way to use the buttons, without them being linked to the Brankich1979 website. I’ve got no clue what to do anymore. But hop I will get some help here. This is the page where I use the buttons thanks!

Just change the url values in the shortcode. There’s a help file in the files you’ve downloaded.

thank you so much (there’s a lot of blushing going on here….:-)


Is it possible somehow to control the the responsive layout for specific devices. I would like to have a responsive view for Mobiles only.

Please use our support forum.

Does support last version of WP 3.7.1?


Not is not!

Sorry for not answering earlier, but we’re usign support forum for support.

Our Live preview is working just fine on WP 3.7.1


A few questions: 1) Do you guys have visual page builder? (If not, is it possible to include one?) 2) Could I change the portfolio layout page?

Would I be able to use the visual composer for this theme?

Hi there,

I would like to remove the footer completely from the site but there is no option to do this. How can i remove the footer/ grey boxes?


Edited: Just posted to the support forum.

Hi, how do I change the URL of a Portfolio? I can’t have the word “portfolio” on the official URLs. I need to change sometimes to “team” or “consultings” and so on.

A quick reply would be very appreciated.

how to make change “BOXED” transparant in extra css ?

Thanks, Rizky Subagja

Hi! the shortcode “more” is not working. I’ve created a portfolio item, and below the 1st text line on Visual Editor (text mode) , I’ve inserted the code <!-more->. But when you see the thumbnails on the portfolio (circle shape), below the title the text goes on without any separation/division, which gets pretty wrong.

Waiting on an answer, tks

I have 2 question: 1. How do I remove post-info display at home page?

My site is

2. How do I add “grid row4 services” to my homepage? for example:

Thanks so much.

Hi ,

Please use our new Support Forum at when asking questions about themes / templates.