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I can’t seem to figure out how to put a custom location for the Google Maps. I go to the contact page, put in the address as it appears in google maps and then use the [bra_google_map location=’location specified’ zoom=’15’] and it doesn’t work.

Can you give me an example of how an address in the USA would work?

Please use our support forum.

ps: if you’re using shortcode, you don’t need to edit location in Brankic Panel. Just insert location in the shortcode (instead of ‘location specified’)

I can’t REGISTER on the support forum cause I don’t find the Purchase Code! This is annoying, really. Here it is the prove I’ve paid for this template:

Is this good enough?

The filters are not working anymore, and I’ve not changed any codes. Circle, triangle, nothing. Also, the icons of the rollovers/hovers simply dissaperead.


A quick answer would be appreciated.

I’m trying to connect using the Purchase Code. It accept the code, but now there’s issues about the email! Here is the purchase code: 33ec74ee-fc04-4cec-b387-29f6a042ce98 – I demand an answer, I bought this and it’s terribly annoying having to bag for a response.

You demand an answer and I demand to register on our forum just like other 330 users did.

Try to disable all of your plugins.

Ok, let me try again. Can you see, right next to my Profile name it’s written “PURCHASED”? That means I’m a Customer. Do you understand what this means?

I’m telling you that the FORUM is NOT accepting my client’s email. When I put the purchase code, it says I am already registered, when I try to log in , it says “Register”, and this is freaking annoying and it’s not helping me. Maybe I should just try getting my money back? OR would you pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top help me?


I purchased this theme a few days ago, and can’t get the shortcode button to work. I’ve tried reloading the theme, clearing my cache and have the latest version of Wordpress. The button appears on the “visual” screen, but when you click it no pop-up box appears. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks so much!

You’ve posted this questions also on forum (only place for support)

In your case I can see there’s some path issues (it’s in bigbangwp2 folder and I can’t see any folders and files in it)

When are you going to update this theme again, it hasnt been updated since June

We’re not planning any update because there are no problems reported.

Hi! how can I hide dates in the archive post page ? I selected: style 6. Thank you!

posso chiederti anche, perfavore, come posso fare a cambiare l’ordine dei filtri del portfolio? Non funziona con il plugin taxonomy order..

sorry, I found the answer to the second question!

On the BigBang example site, the dark grey section at the bottom has contact info, etc. My grey area is empty. How do I add info there? Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to hide the date of post/number of comments on the blog post? Thanks.


I purchased this template and it now does not appear on theme forest. I had a question that I wanted to post on your support forum but now that I cannot download “license” I cannot post anything without the code. Could you please help assist? I sent an email recently with my purchase receipt. My only question is: My featured image is cropped to a zoom in of my actual work. I really like the look of it. However, the lightbox (with magnify icon) will show the featured cropped image. Is there a way through coding that I can redirect the actual image being displayed on the page to the lightbox. IF you go to the page, it will show my actual image and then if you actaully click on the graphic it will pop-up a lightbox larger version of the image. Could I do that? If not, is there some other way I can just direct it to the image URL.

Please help assist me, I love the template :)


There’s no PURCHASE tag next to your name, so I can only guess you’ve bought it with another account.

Hi, For some strange reasons, your shortcode panels stopped working. I have been trying to insert a portfolio to a page (something I had done in the past) but the portfolio option is not clickable. The only clickable and functioning elements elements in the shortcode insertion panel are the column insertion buttons. I have also tried to acces the support page but there is no option of me dropping a question. Could you give me a hint on what to do to get the shortcodes insertion panel working. Thanks in advance :)

I have checked this issue on different computers from different ip addresses and it is the same. I have updated to the latest Word Press edition but the problem still persisit. Only the Columns are clickable in the Brankick Shortcode panel. I will be grateful for a solution ASAP.

I’m glad you’ve solved it :)

“After my post, I simply replaced the old bigbangwp folder with the new one, restored my logos etc and it is functioning now.”

lol, its like the forces are not happy today. Just as your mail came in, it stopped working I will just have to reupload it as i did before.

I will let you know by tomorrow if I solved it again or not. If not, I will just have to give you access to my admin page..but let me try the same method again. Thanks

Hi the Contact form of the theme is not working also the contact form 7 plugin ….

any idea?


Your theme looks awesome. Quick question – does the slider on the home page support video?

I feel ridiculous asking this… I purchased the theme several months ago. I need to adjust my facebook url that is attached to the facebook icon in my footer. Where would I edit this? For the life of me I cannot find it. Thanks

Please use our support forum, but it’s such an easy answer :)

Appearance -> Widgets and check footer sidebars.

Hi, I have problems with the portfolio items. When I set up the height to 150px, the portfolio items are cut off in the lower part and filled out with a strip. How can I get rid of these strips over the portfolio items? Thanks

My site with the portfolio where the problem is

I dont get it. Why don’t you update the theme ? It’s being months since the last update. No fontawesome update, no slider, no new features..what’s happening ?

For some reason the once the contact form has been filled, it shows error message “server error” however i am receiving the emails! Any idea whats happening!!

Thanks in advance

Hello there.

I am about to purchase BigBang Theme. Is it compatible with Word Press 8?

It’s compatible with WP 3.8

Hi! I am interested in purchasing the theme but i would like to know first if: - It is possible to translate the theme using codestyle localization. - Can I add music to the theme? - Can I run multilingual with WPML?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

The “All” button from the detailed view of any portfolio project sends to the “Column 4” section when it supposed to send me to the right section (Column 2 or 3). Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know it asap.


congratulations for the great work. Best theme out there. ;)

On the portfolio main page, is it possible to make the magnifying glass open a gallery of the pictures of the specific item the user is clicking on (instead of a gallery of the main images of all the different portfolio items) ?

Any luck to get an answer ? ;)


Nice, clean and stylish theme for me well done. question? do you have woo commerce 1.6 I see the theme is compatible to 1.6 and i dont know where to upload it.

Warmest Kosygirl