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Hi, can’t seem to get “stickies” working correctly - any ideas?

This is for posts that I have labeled “Sticky” so that they show up on top. Right now, the “stickied” posts do not show up on top.

I am still unable to get my blog title to show up in my blog page. It just references the site title.

Please don’t refer me to the support forum, I have been unable to log into it.


I am unable to log into the forum as it says my purchase code is invalid!!!!!!

As I have said, I am unable to log into the forum, as it keeps telling me my purchase code is invalid. If you continue to ignore my requests, I will submit a formal complaint to Envato.

Looking for a new theme.

Hi Brankic, In the Portfolio-page, is it possible to ‘switch off’ the ‘enlargement’ buttton? So you only have the link (the chain icon) to the portfolio item? Best regards, Roger

Brand new to this. I am going through the Help File and am starting to figure things out slowly.. I have many questions but here’s my first one.

How do I create the front page slideshow?

Don’t worry..figured it out

Hi Brankic. First of all let me say thanks for creating such an awesome template. We’ve been using it for a year and have only positive feedback. I’m in the process of updating the site and i’m having trouble with 1 thing. I want to create a portfolio page that only shows portfolio items in 1 category, and then have that category not display on our main portfolio page. I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find the answer to that.. i presume with 216 pages it probably exists somewhere so sorry if their is a repetition. Thanks

ps. my shortcode button doesn’t work. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

pps. i have the qTranslate plugin installed.. i feel like this may be causing my shortcode button not to work.

How come my site looks overall smaller than your live preview?

Here is mine:

Also, I cannot get the “send us a message” portion on my contact page. Help please.

Hi, im trying to change my ‘porftolio’ slug to a ‘projects’ slug, and i see that the way to do it is change the ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘portfolio’) to ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘projects’), line which i did. My problem is that now the Projects page is not set up as a portfolio but looks like a blog page with portfolio items as blog items. Please help!

Hi – Videos don’t seem to display properly on iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 – haven’t updated OS yet. Could this be the problem? I could send you a screen cap that would better explain what I’m seeing. Thanks!

Hi there, is there a way to remove any sort of link in the portfolio items? Im using them just for the sake of the rollover and shape, i just dont want the name of the item to be clickable

I was looking to purchase this theme, but as I was looking through the comments this guy doesn’t exactly seem to support this theme any longer based on feedback from him. Shame too. The only reason I will not buy it is because it seems that he no longer supports it. :depressed:

Is there any problem or missing code? When I active through Wordpress, All page button gone, HOME, ABOUT, WORK, CONTACT etc pages and default images all gone and disappear

i love the feel of this theme. but is it really responsive? nothing happens when i resize my window / emoulate a device.


Can instagram feed to the homepage portfolio?

Can it feed to slider by any chance?

I was thinking of buying this them but it appears to be abandoned for updates. Will there be updates to fix the above challenges people are having and to be compatible with latest Wordpress?

There will be no updates. It’s working just fine with latest updates. I don’t know about any problems with latest WP.

Hi! I’ve bought your bigbang template, awesome! I need an help. I’m using the template as “boxed” How can i change the color of the central box? And where i can modify the color of the text and the hover?! Thank you very much. Valentina.

Has the Dribbble stream gone?

Hi, “Portfolio” pop up menu is not displayed in the shortcut button … is there any solution?

Hi could you please recommend some CSS to make the sidebar more defined. Currently it blends into a white background.

Hi Brankic1979.

I have an issue with the theme if I open the website in my Imac. the content appers on the left hand side.

Header with seems to be more than 100%, the footer is smaller and the whole content is on the align left.

But the website look pretty good in smartphones, tablets, laptops… Only fails with the Imac screen. Could you please check it?

The website is

Thanks in advance.

Please use our support forum.

Great theme. I do notice that periodically my body content will be shifted to the left when i view the page. Its not my computer or browser because it will show like that on other computers with other browsers. Some days it looks normal and some days its shifted can you please help screenshots are below.

This happens sometimes for some users. It never happened to me, so I can’t determine the cause.

ps: Please use our support forum at