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Hi there

I am trying to add a scroller like in your demo to the home page but I cant seem to figure out how. I even checked the documentation but cant find how to add it.

Any help you can provide would be great!

Just a quick question: My (highres) logo doesn’t look good on desktop and mobile, especially when i zoom in. It is not responsive. how can I chance that?


Hello. I Love your theme and would like to buy it but have a layout question:

I am looking to have a Main Menu a sub menu and different pages, each displaying a different Portfolio category.

(example: Horizontal MainMenu: About-Portfolio-Contact Side SubMenu: Project 1 page – project 2 page -project 3 page….

PAGES: Project 1 page would display photographs Project 2 page would display sculptures

would this be possible with your theme or a widget you could recommend? thank you

Love this theme… Just upgraded to WP 3.9 and the way to add photos to the slider is broken, I took out one photo but cannot change it to a different photo. Please help – need to put up a new photo – and don’t want to go to backup.

looks like it is affecting more than just that, I think is affecting all “pop up” so i am thinking is is probably 3.9

You’re right.

Extra images and shortcode button are broken. I’ve found solution for shortcode button and I’m hoping in the next 48hrs update will be released.

Hi Brankic

Please advise as to when the WP 3.9 compatible update will be available for download as I desperately need to update my site asap.

Kind regards, Mark

In the next 48hrs update will be released.

Yes, the theme doesn’t work with with the new 3.9 update – you can always go back to 3.8 instead of back up. – can you give us the heads up when you intend to look at this? Thanks Chris

In the next 48hrs update will be released.

Hi, Can you please explain how to change the demo images on the home page slider. is it possible to upload the images ? I can’t figure it out..

It’s possible, but if you’re using latest version of WP (3.9) you’ll have to wait for theme update.

Dear Brankic1979,

I have a problem that seems to have developed all of a sudden, i have been playing around with different slider images for the home page, and out of the blue the insert media page is not allowing me to do anything.

Basically, if I am editing the home page, i have all the links down the right hand side, insert extra image 1, insert extra image 2 etc etc. If i click any link, for example “insert extra image 2” the insert media window appears but is grayed out with the background, when i click anywhere it just closes and returns to main screen.

This happens for any of the additional image links, but the set featured image link works fine and allows you to insert media which takes instant effect as you would expect.

It’s because WP update.

I’m working on solution for this and Shortcode button and I’ll release it in next 48 hrs

Thanks very much, I didn’t realize that my problem was connected until after I posted the comment, so sorry for that. Doesn’t help that theme forest put new comments on the last page, so I read down the first page thinking the newest problems were 2 years ago! :)


I’m moving a wordpress installation (which I didn’t set up) to a new server. The theme used is ” – BigBang (”. Is this the same as this theme (other than the version number, which is 1.3)? If so, I’ll get my client to purchase this.

Many thanks.

Ah, after looking around a bit more, it seems like mafiashare is taking your premium themes and distributing them free. Is that correct? I would far rather buy from the author, presumably you, than download a version which is probably out of date, and may contain viruses.

Boa noite.

Porque a classe bra_center_title não aparece na parte superior do site, abaixo do menu, da mesma forma que aparece no demo?

Na parte do blog aparece o título e a descrição do site. Como edito isso?


cool, nice to read that you are working on a fix for wp update 3.9. i also need urgently the update.



I’m trying to upload images to posts on my site and it is greyed out and is not letting me add any.

Please can you take a look at let me know what is wrong as i cant update update my site.

Hi. Does this theme work with the new WordPress 3.9? Regards / martin

Disregard this message now i see that the question is answered above.

How/When are you releasing the fix for the shortcode/extra images problem with the wordpress update?

What happened to the 48hrs fix/update… maybe I’m shy a few minutes =p!

Seriously, we ALL need this vital update =)

Hi, the shortcode icon doesn’t work. I try serveral browser (firefox, safari, chorme) with and without plugins. What’s the problem ?

Thanks Matt

ok, sorry i saw your comment for this…i wait for the update. thanks

For those stuck on the “add feature or extra image” problem, I found a temp ugly but usuable work around. If you inspect the element on the “greyed” out window, you can copy and paste the iFrame link to a new window, ie:

You can then add upload new images and assign them to the correct “extra image” slot (you just need to remember which number is free.

It’s not perfect, but while they work out a fix, you can edit your portfolio items.

@ben8jam You’re a LIFE SAVER! Thanks!

Seriously…. We are dying for this update… Can you please give us a status update when you think you are ready?

PS: Thanks @ben8jam! It works perfectly!

Sorry guys, but I’m not the only one trying to find solution.

Forums are full of questions on migrating plugins from WP3.8 to 3.9

@ben8jam can you clarify the last part of your message? I get to the media screen but unless I’m blind, not sure how to insert it into the extra image field from here.