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Thanks ben8jam, brankik surely if it’s that simple the problem can be fixed by just having the media insert open in a new tab?

How i can change position and color for the primary-menu separator > | < ? Somebody knows ?

Thanks Matt


any news about the update? I can’t use the button in the WYSIWYG editor. Please give us any update.


You can manually insert shortcode. All shortcodes are listed in PDF file in HELP folder.

I’ve found solution and fix for shortcode button. Just need to figure it out Extra images and upload logo fix and I’ll publish update.

I think i have found a new bug. Adding the bra_icon_boxes_container shortcode, breaks slider and a few thinks more like the sliding graph bar.

[bra_icon_boxes_container] [bra_icon_box icon="wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/img.png" url="" target="_blank" caption="Branding"] Lorem ipsum dolor set amet[/bra_icon_box] [bra_icon_box icon="wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/chemestry.png" url="" target="_blank" caption="Logo design"] Lorem ipsum dolor set amet [/bra_icon_box] [bra_icon_boxes_container] [bra_icon_box icon="wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/pen.png" url="" target="_blank" caption="Branding"] Lorem ipsum dolor set amet[/bra_icon_box] [bra_icon_box icon="wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/writing.png" url="" target="_blank" caption="Logo design"] Lorem ipsum dolor set amet [/bra_icon_box] [/bra_icon_boxes_container]

@lookwhoo – When you upload, or select an image from your librarby, you can click “show” to the right and it expands the options, at the bottom choose “set as featured #” – It doesn’t seem to autoresize the images for the gallery for me, so you might have to do it manually in the meantime, but better then nothing.

Hi Brankic1979, I just set up the theme tonight and it’s all good – apart from the WP3.9 update bugs of course, that I see you are working diligently on. You wouldn’t happen to have a short code for inserting a slider in the meantime would you? The other things have easy workarounds but the slider does not seem to. I guess we could also try using a third party slider in the meantime if the fix is looking like it might take a while. Cheers

I found a work around suggested by another user on here, so no problem. Thanks


I have downloaded the update and almost everything seems to work. Just a small detail, the button appears in the editor but it doesn’t have an image. Could you please have a look?

Thank you! :-)

Oh, yes, I’ll submit the update ASAP

I had this in to remove the overlay and just make the portfolio images clickable, but now they are not after the update.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(”.item-info-overlay”).remove(); });

Thank you for the update. Otherwise it works fine, but shortcode icon is missing. You seem to be working on it.

I also lost all my footer widgets and sidebar widgets. Is it WP 3.9 that is causing it or the theme?

And social icons are missing from the footer and my Instagram minipics.

Thats all. Keep up the good work.

Got my footer working. Just had to drag them again at widgets.

Also I was hoping a fix for portfolio image view. I mean if I have 3 images as Featured, Extra image 1 and Extra image 2. Featured image doesn’t show so it’s also Extra image 3. Total of 4 images.

When I’m at portfolio item page and click over the images, it shows lightbox images. That is fine, but instead of showing 3 images it shows 5 images! It says 5/5 images. Can you tell why?

Hello, It’s a simple CSS bug with the solution :) I have a conflict between your theme and the plugin CountPerDay since many version.

In the file /includes/bra_admin_style.css At line : 79 and at line : 184

First, you defined 2 times ‘small’ and this definition destruct the placement of CountPerDay so each time, I comment these lines.

Thanks for you work !


We really like your theme but we’ll like to use it for a travel blog, so we’d like to be sure that the theme would fits with our contents. Is it possible to highlight the blog posts at the home, for example? Can we personalize the highlights of the preview?

Thanks in advanced.

On the Live preview,the home has 4 highlights of the recent work, could we use them for the last posts? We won’t have the item Work. Thanks!

Yes, you can. This is portfolio shortcode and you can choose any category you want (check portfolio pages – columns, circles…)

Ok, great! Thank you!! And it’s possible to use more than one photo per post , isn’t it?

I am attempting to upload a theme to my site. I read the help section and it says to go to Tools > Import. Which file do I import?

This theme is not for . You must have your own hosting.


Before going ahead with the purchase I have a quick question. Does your theme include built in gallery viewer, such that once I click an image for event x itll open up the gallery associated to event x allowing the user to scroll through?

Thanks, Andrew

Also, it is possible to change the drop down navigation menu shown while on mobile to something else?


You can only get (out of box) what you can see on Live preview.

Of course, every theme is adjustable, but you’ll have to hire a freelancer.

You can also check our support forum, so you can see what is beyond and what is not beyond our support.


Great theme! I was curious if you could make the width on an individual page wider? Please see

The iframe doesn’t quite fit. I need the page to be wider, is this possible?


Please use support frame.

ps: It’s possible, but it’s beyond the support we provide. If you post this question on forum, maybe someone will help you.

Hi there! Does anyone know why the shortcode bra_icon_boxes_container looks great on everything but Android phones where it is just rendering the code? Is there a fix for this?

It looks fine on mine


Is it possible on this template to add a porftolio with 40 or more categories?

Thank You

Hello. I’ll purchase this theme.

I heard this theme is compatible with WPML. Is it right?

Thank you very much.

Hi Brankic1979. I purchsed your theme and i thin that is great!! I love it.

I have a question. Please, i’d like to have the Menu with “2 floors” i have a Menu with “one floor”, but it is “too long”, because remain hided by the “Logo 2”, when i flow down the web-page. website is this

i hope it is not a too hard question for you; please, how can i have a menu with “2 floors”?

Another question. I’d like to change the Style font and his size ( i’d like bigger )...i like the font Didot, i think it is very good, but i don’t know what to do for this changement.

See ya, have a nice day.

How can i set the site color with hex color code thats not on the list of colours?

Another problem i have, the “All” button in portfolio seems to be linking to the first portfolio post in the portfolio category instead of linking back to the portfolio page

How can i make the logo centralised on mobile view?

When I add a URL to a home slider image, the lightbox still pops up – please help!