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I’m trying to add extra images to portfolio items, but every time I click on ‘add extra image’, I get a large, dark overlay over the top of the page that doesn’t go away. When I click anywhere on the extra image upload/select panel, the panel closes and the overlay goes away. I’ve uninstalled most/all of the plugins that I use and it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Any help would be much appreciated.

screenshot of overlay:

Update BigBangWP.

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Hi!! I want buy this theme but first i want ask you if its possible to put social icons up before the navigation bar..

Thanks :D

You can’t put social icons in the header.

I have the same problem of fizzlepop. Thanks

hello, i would like to know how to change the details under the follwoing section or pages:

Work--> Column 4 -> All/ Portraits/ Squares/ Landscapes


When i click on the edit page the only code that i can see is the following codes: ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” [bra_portfolio title=’’ cat_id=’13’ no=’-1’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’4’ shape=’‘]

[bra_border_divider top=’40’ bottom=’40’]

[bra_button text=’Same items aligned’ url=’' target=’_self’ size=’large’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’]

””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” What does the “url” refer to? ??

which doesn’t show any details on how to change the photos or their sizes or the details and text on each page. I would like to know how I can change the details and the codes or the pictures under work section!


Please read help file or ask your question on our support forum.

Hi, I’ve checked all CSS files and can’t find section to manage controlling colours of slider caption. My client wishes to change to another color, can you advise which file i need to update to change slider caption background colour..

Appreciate your help.

Hello are you able to help in my request? My client is harballing me over this small change and I want to complete project, appreciate your help here.

Dear Seller

I have an issue with this theme – for some reason my blog posts are all aligned left and there is a large amount of unused space on the right.

Blog Style 3

I would like the sidebar on the right; however, would like to use all the space and not have a black section.

Could you please let me know what I need to do to rectify this?



Dear Buyer,

please use our support forum for asking questions.

Hello, is this theme CHILD ready?

Is there a walk through somewhere for this theme? I’m completely lost and can not seem to be able to set up my pages to look like I want them too, or as the layout examples promised.

I wanted a home page that looks like this one:

A Portfolio page that looks like this one:

A contact page that looks like this one:

An information page similar to this one:

I’ve worked with Wordpress before, but never with a paid template, just the provided ones. I am not the most web savvy either as my understanding ends with HTML.

Maybe there is a PDF or HOW too instructions you can point me toward? Any help would be most welcomed!

Nevermind! Find what I needed here! Thank you!

Same problems as Fizzlepop and Hooman79 – the theme does not allow for adding extra images in WP 3.9. The overlay is on top of the image selection window, preventing any access to the images and options.

Also, I cannot add extra images from within the “add media” window below the featured Image link. The text links “Use as Extra Image #x” does nothing.

BTW, I do have the most up to date theme installed.

Is there a way to optimize the website logo for a Retina/High Resolution display? It looks kind of blurry on my iPad.

And on Blog pages, is there anyway you can give me rss code to alter the ”- Page _” text to be on the right side of the page title instead of beneath it?

I take back that second question. haha I was trying to use a centered text so it was pushing the page number below it. I mean, if you can tell me how to do that, that’s great, but I figured out it works fine if I use the page title as is.

Is there a way once a portfolio filter is selected the items fade in or just appear instead of sliding from different directions?

I have one problem with the Big Bang theme:

I would like to change on

the left side and right side white color after the “content wrapper” to turn it into the same blue as it is on the header section. So that it appears like a blue box with a white colored content wrapper in the middle.

How (with CSS) can I change this white color into blue?


I love the aesthetic of your theme and the design , i am interested in buying it however i need to figure out if it will be suitable for the website i am creating.

I have few questions:

Is the theme compatible with: - possibility of e commerce (it is not a business website) -ads plugins -donation plugins -possibility of traduction/translating options -all in one SEO plugins

Is there a forum or video tutorial/some support to install the theme or in case of problems.

I hope i am not bothering you with those questions, I really love your theme and hoping it would suit my needs.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Beautiful theme with terrible support. I encountered a difficulty when I updated this theme with their Wordpress 3.9 fix (which took much longer to release than their posted 48 hours timeframe) and was met with dismissal. Upon opening my thread in support I was met with “It’s working fine on my Samsung S3 mini” and I was sent a screenshot of their test site taken from their phone. I now realize I didn’t give enough info to start but there was not even an inquiry to try to help.

After hearing nothing else & deciding to push back a week later I was asked to send the shortcode I was using which, plugged into their test site, worked just fine. Upon asking for advice for what to try next the response was “I really don’t know what to say. You’re the only one experiencing this issue – nobody else reported this :(“

Buyer beware if you have an issue that only you are having, you are on your own.

This template was for a client of mine who became upset with the delay. I ended up paying another professional to troubleshoot this for us which he did in under an hour. I am extremely disappointed in the support for this theme and will not be purchasing another from them again.

Nothing else to say…

Hi, I am ready to buy. But I need to know if I install the Korean version of WordPress, will this theme work? Cheers!

It should work, but please, be aware, that I’m not an WP expert on non-latin versions of WP.

Thick box overlay is appearing on top of Gravity forms in the admin preventing me from creating new forms.


We are really interested by this theme. But is there any page builder embed with it?

Many thanks!

No page builder – sorry :(

So, can we use Visual Composer without problem?

The “add media” does no longer work. What can i do to fix it?

Kind regards

i already uploaded the new theme btw