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Wondering if I can have 8-12 columns in the grid? Is there a way to do this?


Can the slider be full width, like the contact page?

Hi! I would like to ask 3 pre-purchase questions.

I am interested in a homepage with a filter grid gallery with a repeated icon.

1) I would need at least six columns.So is it possible to add columns?as I see now there are four columns and endless rows.

2) When choosing a category (filter) is it possible to keep all the projects on the grid but activate and change the color of the icon to the ones that belong to the gallery?

3) Can I change the size of the circles (items shaped as circles)?

Thank you!


Nice template! It’s easy to custom in the css. Unfortunately i can’t overwrite the image sprite.png on the ftp. And if I rename sprite.png into buttons.png it don’t work.

.item-info-overlay a.view { background: url(../images/sprite.png) no-repeat scroll 11px 13px #333; right: 0px; } .item-info-overlay a.view:hover { background: url(../images/sprite.png) no-repeat scroll 11px -18px #333; } .item-info-overlay a.preview { background: url(../images/sprite.png) no-repeat scroll 12px -50px #333; right: 38px; } .item-info-overlay a.preview:hover { background: url(../images/sprite.png) no-repeat scroll 12px -83px #333; }

What i do wrong? Greetings!

How do I display full width images (no sidebar) on the archives for just our stories category?


Hey hellooooo! Before I purchase this item I wanted to know if this theme is compatible with WPML plugin for multilingual sites.

?I thought I was inserting a php code into the right area. I put it in the Editor page that shows all the lines of CSS. I updated the page and everything is now blank (all pages). I can’t even log into wp-admin because nothing appears in the browser window. How do I remove the bad code and get everything working again?

Can anybody please help?

Hello, I could´nt register with my Purchase code in your support page. I never introduced, because i never need it. I bought it in 2012. Could you help me? I have to fix a bug in the home. I can´t select a image for the slider. When i click i can´t select an image, it is very strange. Thank you in advance

i cant get my “extra image” link to work…

What can i do?

We’re using our Support forum ONLY for providing support for customers.

Since we’ll be on holiday, there will be periods (not longer than 5 days) of not answering the questions.

We’ll be back in August.

Hi, When I attempt to add an “Extra Image” the screen just greys out. Can you tell me how to fix that? Thanks! Terry

Hi, presale questions please

- I have more than 100 portfolio, your template can manage those ? - What is the number of items that i can add in the portfolio ? - Is there a pagination (Page1, Page2,…Page5) for the portfolio to manage and to avoid long load times? - Can I sort the ordering of the portfolio? (manual sort) - Can I create multiple portfolio? Example: Portfolio 1 (with 3 categories, category “A”, category “B”, category “C”) Portoflio 2 (with other 3 categories category “D”, category “E”, category “F”)

Thanks to the many questions

the holidays are over ? :) :) my client would like to buy this theme can you answer my questions ? Thank you very much !!


I am French, and I want to change in the portfolio the word ALL for TOUS, can you help me please.

Regards Bruno

is there a way to make portfolio items not clickable?

Hi All,

I am having trouble changing out the logo and other features within the theme. I click to Upload Logo I get a grey transparent solid. It allows me to see the screen behind it but I can’t make any changes. It happens for other settings as well. How do I correct this?

Update the theme.


I can’t use the Brankic shortcodes Icon Boxes anymore. In the popup (form for the 4 blocks) , i’ve got now my home page displayed.

Do you know this case ? Thanks for your reply


You’ll have to update the theme. After update, clear the cache just to be sure old scripts are not active anymore.


Some questions, hope you can help me out.

Is it possible to click on an images in the 3-column portfolio overview and go direct to the project info instead of the overlay imagesliderof the project? Same question for the 2-column portfolio overview. The red screen with additional info is very nice but I would like the image to be clickable and direct to the project info.

Once in the project info, is it possible if you get this overlay image browser to see all the images below of the project insted of the number of the current picture 1-6 or 5-6?

Thanks, Joep

Very poor to non existent support. Don’t buy this theme.

We’re on vacation as it stated as sticky post on our support forum.

Which I am unable to log into as it wont recognise my ID. Which I have told you and told you, and you just ignore me.

And I don’t know what to answer since you’re the only one with this issue…

I have the settings set for “Sidebar” but my pages (not blog posts…my actual individual pages) won’t show the default sidebar unless I go back to that page and force it by selecting the sidebar. It said it would default to “Default” if not selected but that’s not happening.

How do I set this theme to globally have a sidebar. I have zero need for full width and it’s getting tedious to manually have to set something over and over when it should be automatic.

Thank you!