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I was wondering if you had any advice for fixing an error in the contact form. I get the following message “Email server problem”.

I believe the settings in Brankit Panel > Contact Page is correctly setup. Also the mail server appears to be working as the plugin Contact Form 7 does appear to work (as an alternative) but I’d prefer to use the form built with your theme if possible.

Any advice on troubleshooting this issue? Error is on the following page


Bigbang support WPML?

Site wont let me change background… when I hit upload, screen goes dark and cant add images… I tried disabling all the plugins


Can the text be removed from underneath the photo on the masonry grid? So that it is just the photo without text


i submitted a trouble ticket last week and still have no response.

Good day,

The Flickr feed no longer works in both the footer & in the pages. Flickr has made changes from what i can tell. Is there any intention of fixing this issue in the near future or is there a fix that can sent by replacing certain files.

Please let me know.


I am also having the issue with loading images to portfolio items. I am trying to set the extra image the window opens greyed out and will not let me continue. Please provide a resolutions ASAP. Please and thank you!

I have been using this theme for a while now and all of the sudden when I try and upload and Extra Image a grey overlay comes up and does not allow me to upload photos anymore. Could you please let me know how to fix this. I know that other people have ran into the same issue and I see no response. Let me know. Thanks

Hi guys, I managed to solve it. You have to just update with the files in the zipped file or download and install again the theme and after that you HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR BROWSER’S CACHE. I did that and worked like a charm (tested in both Firefox and Chrome).

I am also having the grey overlay issue that doesn’t allow me to add images. I’ve updated the theme so not sure what else to try?? Thank you.


I have sent you an email via your profile page for some help. For some reason our portfolio items are displaying out of place instead of nice and neat. I have given log in details so you can view the website as it’s currently under maintenance. Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Karam

All fixed.


I am trying to import the demo content (xml file) but it doesn’t work, the page expire before finishing to upload.

How can I import it through the ftp?

Thanks for your work!


Hi I am trying to upload the xml demo content file to my wordpress theme and every time I try nothing happens and then the connection times out. Is this a server issue? any idea on why this is happening? thanks


I have created a Child Theme for BigBang for all to use.

Put all your custom CSS in custom.css instead of style.css, as the main theme prevents all css in style.css from loading.

“live preview” and you can set the same way?

In addition,

“Page Templates” Where can I get this?


After some errors. I re dowload the theme. But now i can not find the brankic shortcodes button. Help!

Does the theme allow you to customize the order of images in the gallery? Some themes sort by date uploaded only but I would like to have the option to reorder images if needed. Thanks

Can someone please answer this…I have a project to start and am considering buying this theme.

Hello?! Also, if I have 100 photos for the gallery, do they all show up on one page or is there an option to have 20 on 5 pages with “Next Page” buttons at the bottom of the gallery?

Hi! Currently using the theme on our site and it’s looking great (thank you!). I’m just confused as to what has happened to Flickr. One day the widget was working fine in our footer and the next, it has disappeared – we haven’t changed any settings, it has just gone. Any suggestions? It is still showing in the widgets panel as being on the footer.

I’m updating Flickr widget. I think it’s enought to change http with https in bra_photostream_widget.js but you can wait until I publish updated version.

Am I being super stupid? The Brankic Panel doesn’t appear when I’ve installed BigBang?

It’s there. Below Appearance and above Plugins.