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Having a lot of trouble getting this appearing as I want – documentation is incredibly poor. What are the precise instructions for setting up the homepage like in the demo – with the main image slider, then the boxes underneath it before having the recent work boxers underneath that?

If you could provide these (without telling me to delete all my posts etc to import the XML) that would be great.

Many thanks



I found the “white dead screen” on my site!!!

I had to change the bigbang theme for the classic one cause I could access to the admin panel of WP

I tried to deactive the plugins but the only thing that works is deactivating the theme

Can you please help me with this?

I this moment I put the “under construction page” but if you give me a support email I give you the acces to the admin panel

Please help me!


it is not support right here?

No it’s not. It’s on support forum (as it stated on item details page and in the help file)

and why you don´t answer in 16 days to my SOS? It is an email for support or I have to wait 16 days for support on the comments?

I haven’t purchased the theme. But it looks great. I will purchase it when my client will approve it. I have got the files from a friend for the purpose of trial and I have found an issue.

I cannot see short code button on the text editor. Also there is no documentation on available short codes. Please guide as I am stuck with adding text in it.

Thanks in advance.

There’s a documentation but you’ll have to download all files, not just the zip.

In latest version everything is working.

I have the documentation folder with files as well. Only thing stopping me from taking final decision about theme is short code. Please help!

Also there is a problem setting up Portfolio page. Only portfolio items from 1 category is being displayed. But I think if we define the parent category it will display all.

Please can you tell me which plugin uses the footer to: 1.About us 2.The icons social networks? Thank you

Please can you tell me which plugin uses the footer to: About us? The icons social networks? Thank you

Please can you tell me which plugin uses the footer to:

1-About us? 2-The icons social networks? Thank you


my theme is not working at all

when i try to active the theme, wordpress shows the “white screen” and i have to return to the “classic” wordpress theme

Can you help me urgently?


This theme is super complicated…besides the complex portfolio, when you put a featured image in a blog post, it blows it up really huge on the post page and looks ridiculous. Any way to control the size of the featured image on the post page?

Hi there,

I found the same issue i am having from a post a few years ago. You said you were planning on updating to fix. I updated yesterday and am still having the same issue.

The images on the Blog page are compiling in to one large Light-box gallery. As opposed to single post to single post

Example: Single Blog Post 1 – 3 images Single Blog Post 2 – 2 images

on the blog page you would have a single gallery of 5 images


When I try to upload a logo using the “upload file” button in my Brankic panel (logo) I am getting a greyed out sceen which doesn’t allow me to actually upload. The browser uploader option doesn’t work either. How do I resolve this issue?

On Portfolio Items, instead of the slideshow of featured images, is it possible to create a rollover image so that when the mouse hovers, the image changes to another? I am hoping to demonstrate before/after of the images. For instance, the Featured Image would be the default image and Extra Image 1 would be the rollover. Thanks.

Hello, I add extra images are not working on IE or chrome…it just darkens the screen but cannot select anything. Can you help please? :)

I have updated to new BigBang and extra images still not working?!?

Hey, in your next update, can you fix the missing Branckic custom fields issue for role “editor”? I noticed a comment on this before and you offered a workaround, but it would be good for the editor to be able to use custom fields by default. Thanks!

Thank you for noticing this.

It’s on my post-it.

I’m attempting to use the masonry style for featured images on my home page, the images aren’t nesting as nicely as they do on the demo, they only seem to nest on the right hand side, is there any way of fixing this or to get them to ‘nest in’ more nicely without the white space?

Here’s the website:

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I am having an issue with youtube links on my site Some links will allow the lightbox to play, but will show an error if clicked on the linked page. Using the full link allows the video to be played on the linked page, but the lightbox will then say that the image could not be loaded, make sure path is correct.

Could you please help.

Hi – flickr Photostream does not work anymore – even at your demo site:

Thx for help

Hello, since the update. the footer seems halfway up the page over the body text etc. After about 10 sec.

Can you help with this?

I’m working on it. Quick solution is to change theme layout to boxed.

Yeh cool, that worked for me thanx.

Can you please indicate which files were changed in this update?

Thanks! Rachel

There’s change log file and also in main style.css you can finf the answer.

Hello! pretty urgent. After update theme all the featured images of my portfolio items are missing!!!

Please can you help with this ASAP?

Update is just submitted. You’ll get notification mail as soon as it’s approved.