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Hi there,

we can’t update from 1.9.5 to the latest version, as the footer is positioned to high and covering main content.

What do you suggest?

Thanks, T.

Another update (which fix this in stretched layout) is approved.

With the new version, What are the updates? Where is the changelog? I do not see that posted.


Hi there! Since the last theme update, my blog pages are now displaying videos at a much shorter height. Please see:

Is there an easy way to fix the video display dimensions?

Thank you!

Thank you for fixing the video height in the last update! :-)

Hi after the update of a few hours ago, the colors are not changing on mine. I’m using Visual Composer on a static homepage but that shouldn’t affect it. They used to change in that setup. Thanks.

Well!! My home page title is working again after the update!!

And so is the slider timer!!


In my installation, after updating from 1.9.5 to, the portfolio shortcode is no more working, I cannot see it from the list of shortcodes (the others seems to be all in there, but not the portfolio one) in the post editor.

I’ve updated just the files found in the changelog. Any idea?


Edit: I went back to the 1.9.5 and the list of shortcodes is the same. I’ll look for help in the brankic forum.

Hello, if it’s not too much trouble, can you please update the changelog in the Item Details? Thank you :)


My photography page contents have just disappeared. I have no idea why :/ any help would be appreciated. The page should link to Flickr xx

Ipad view is shagged on your demo!

Hi, how can i make the portfolio card in the homepage (the color hover of the image) clickable and link to the portfolio page?

Hi, presale questions please

- I have more than 100 portfolio, your template can manage those ?
How many items can i add to portfolio ?
Is there a pagination (Page1, Page2,…Page5) for the portfolio to manage and to avoid long load times?
Can I sort the ordering of the portfolio? (manual sort)
Can I create multiple portfolio? Example: Portfolio 1 (with 3 categories, category “A”, category “B”, category “C”) Portoflio 2 (with other 3 categories category “D”, category “E”, category “F”)

Thanks to the many questions

I wrote (see page 220) three months ago when you were on holiday for a period not longer than 5 days, have passed three months of not answering

Each morning i open your “support blog”, waiting for an answer. This is not support is disservice!
Kindly can you answer? I have to answer my client.
It is sufficient to answer with a “yes” or a “no”in such a way that knows and make a choice. Thank you

Sorry, I thought I’ve answered your question.

Our portfolio items are in categories. In portfolio shortcode you’re choosing category with posts.

In theory you can organize your portfolio into as many categories you want and create portfolio page for each of these categories.

There’s no pagination on our portfolio pages.

I just updated to the latest version of BigBangWP and encountered problem with the footer overlapping my homepage content.

URL is

Can you please help me take a look? The other pages seems fine though. Only homepage has that problem


First, I LOVE this theme - it’s awesome - THANK YOU!! Second, I notice that several people are having the same problem I am with the right hand scrollbar (hedgehog34 and DMA1987) but nothing has been posted as a fix. When you pull down the scrollbar to see the bottom of the page, it starts to work and then bounces back up. I have pages where the scrollbar works ( but also places where it does not ( ... please help with a solution that is not just a suggestion that the problem lies with the person’s computer. Thank you so much in advance for help on this! :-)


I am using this theme:

How can I add sharing buttons below every portfolio item?


I am unable to add Extra Images to the Portfolio Items with the new Wordpress 4.0 update. Please advise if there is a way to fix this issue.

Update and theme too.


I have been updating my website today, and noticed that the shortcode button is missing within the theme. What is the best way to resolve this problem?



Are you using latest version of both BigBangWP and WordPress?


We have been using this theme for awhile. All of the sudden when we try to add a new photo to the home page slider the screen goes dark like it is ready for a pop up window but we can’t click on the “upload” button without it going away.

We’ve added some custom css in the admin panel and customized the shapes in the portfolio. So if we need to update, is there a way to do it without losing the admin panel additions and such?


Please update the theme.

is there a way to do an update from within the theme or admin panel? I don’t want to lose all my admin and page settings.

hello, Does the template is compatible with the multilanguage? If so, what plugins do you recommend? :) Thank you in advance

It’s compatible with WPML.

Whenever someone sends an email via our contact form – – an error is displayed even though the actual email is sent successfully. This is causing people to send multiple emails as they don’t realise that they did send.

Any idea what is causing this?

hi! I’ve just purchased the theme but I can’t find the shortcodes Icon in the posts and page’s editor. where is it? is it any problem with wordpress 4.0? thanks

Ou, it happened that the actual icon was gone, but the options are there. sorry!