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Good morning,

When install the theme on the server I get the following response:

“Unable to unzip the package. Has no theme stylesheet style.css.”

“Installation failed theme”

My server:

Can you tell me tell me what is the problem?


José Belzunce

Hi, like for all themes here on Themeforest, you have to unpack zip file and use only In your case it’s…

Hi great theme. A question, where can I change the text on the contact page. The part where in the demo it say’s “want to get started?” and the send us email button. And also the contact information in the pop-up form.


Never mind, found it :)

However I still need to change the text of the Send us email button. Is there a way to change this?


I forgot to include answer for button text.

There are 2 ways.

1) (better one) edit en_US.po file and reupload it to server

2) edit page-contact-2.php and change <?php _e(‘Send us a mail’, BRANKIC _THEME_SHORT); ?>

Changed the .mo, all is good.

Good luck with your sales.

Hello again, I unzipped the theme and have it installed with plugins. Now the panel will not let me set the Home, change the style of the blog, etc.. Only provides options to configure a simple blog. Can you tell me I’m doing wrong? Excuse my basics questions, but is the first time I use an entire theme of WP. thanks

Jose Belzunce


but I can’t figure it out what’s wrong :(

Have you ever installed any WP theme (free or premium)? Did you have this kind of problems?

Please, do you have an installation manual? My hosting provider does not solution the problem. Thanks Jose Belzunce

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could install this template with demo content like on live preview.

The requested data are sent via:


Jose Belzunce

Hello, i´ve had some questions 5 days before, no answer, and like to post it here again.

Hello, as i mentioned before, very nice looking, bute let me have some more questions:

a) do you have an support forum ?
b) Color does not work in menu panel ( just dark gray, hove and an clicked ). | solved meanwhile, by setup an menu via appearance-menu panel.
c) i want to have no logo, no logo2, or no favicon. Not possible to blank this fields.
d) do you plan to add more functions in the branic panel ? if yes = wonderful | if no = please be so kind and give me a couple of custom css code for changing colors and font-sizes, ( links, text, h1, h2, h3 … hover, visited ) as well as backround color.

Thank you again in advance and have a nice day, rrwp87

Hi rrwp87,

a) No support forum, shoot your questions here, or via email form on our profile page.

b) This was the problem in 1st version uploaded here. It’s fixed. Maybe there are problems on Mac, but on all browsers we tested on PC and on iPad, iPhone, HTC WildFire it’s working.

c) Add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$("#logo, .logo2, link[rel='shortcut icon']").remove();
d) Nothing is planned right now, but if you suggest something interersting – shoot. (there are few new options, check changelog below item description) There is Extra CSS field where you can define new rules. Basic CSS is a must.
h2.title, h2.title a {font-size: 34px!important}
h2.title:hover, h2.title a:hover {color: #000!important}

This is my first premium theme so sorry for stupid question:

how do I update theme, preferably without overwriting all the edits? Do I just overwrite files in FTP ?

It’s explained in the FAQ section.

YES , I prefer FTP overwrite, or you can activate another theme, delete BigBang, upload new version and activate it. Nothing will be lost – all settings are saved in database…

Thanks for answer, loving this theme more and more :-)

Hi there,

I’m very interested in buying this theme but I just need some info about the options for background images.

I was testing your demo site and I’d like to use the “backstretch photography” option. Is it possible to have different images in one page (e.g. rotating images) or different images per page?

Thank you

Hi claudita,

not multiple bg images possible.

For each page you can define stretched bg image. There is also an option to define one global bg image for whole site (of course bg image set for page override this setting for this page)

pre purchase question:

can i change font types and colors?

ie: change to arial/helvetica, and change to black color, also change the menu colors to gray.


This template is using Google Web fonts for page titles and some other headings. You can see where you define font-family – there you can define any standard font

There is Extra CSS field where you can add some new CSS rules and declarations. Basic CSS knowledge is a must.


I installed this great theme, but it seems that the home page is not installed at the root directory. Instead, my home page is located at /home, and a blog is located as the home page. I believe this is the same issue that josebelzunce is having above.




please use your purchase account when asking questions.

Also, check your Settings -> Reading…

hi there, i just bought this theme and its not displaying properly in Chrome on windows or mac. specifically the clients page and the home page. ive linked screenshots to whats happened : – clients page – home page

(on chrome for windows, the white line is a lot higher and the ‘recent work’ section is almost overlapping the red boxes)

Thanks in advance!

Hi again,

here is the fix. Just replace javascript/custom.js with (or wait for update – it will be approved in next few hours)

perfect, that javascript fixed both problems :) many thanks for the quick reply!

Thank you for noticing this Chrome bug !!!

Hi, when I choose a shape for the portfolio items it displays an ugly white square around the shapes. Ofcourse this is unnoticable when using a white background. But shows up when using any other kind of background. Is there a way to remove this white square? Make it transparant or something?


Hi Semantico,

this is impossible. This mask is already transparent in the middle, and it can’t be transparent “on the outside”. You’ll have to use solid background color, or boxed layout if you want to use shapes.

Hi, First of all: GREAT theme! Love it already! I have two questions for you, though 1) How can I make the spacing between two lines bigger? This is for the h1-h6 tag. I have edited the margin-top and margin-bottom but that only applies to the whole paragraph, not the individual lines. 2) Is it possible to get the same hover effect in columns as it is in the icon boxes? Please view the page and hopefully you’ll understand what I mean.


Hi Mhed,

1) Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
h1.title, h2.title, h3.title, h4.title, h5.title, h6.title {
  line-height: 30px!important;
2) Add this to Extra CSS
.page-id-61 .one-third:hover{
color: #fff;
This is only for page SHOW . In the source you can see class page-id-61 for “body” element on this page. Remove it if you want to use this hover on other pages where 3 column layout is present.

WOW , thats awesome! Thank you ever so much!! :)


Love this theme – can I add video to the slide show?



No videos in slide show. However, with some hard coding it can be done, but we don’t offer support for this.

Greetings! Really like the look and function of this theme and considering purchasing it for a project, but have just a few questions.

Does the home page slider and the portfolio support video content?

Please let me know when time permits.

Hi speacock,

sorry, but no videos in slider are possible.

found it!

I cant find the option to change the background image (preset ones listed in the ‘Choose your style’ tab). I can see that there is a ‘Show Panel’ option but this doesn’t permanently change the background. If this isnt part of the theme, my suggestion would be to add a drop down for the background in the theme settings underneath color :) Will i have to find the pattern images and upload them manually to get this working?


Nice theme. Is it possible to disable the top floating menu? I personally find it a bit distracting – can it be turned off via theme settings or a simple template tweak?



there is no option for this in Brankic Panel, but it’s easy to remove one line of code from the source.

Maybe it’s a good idea to add this to Brankic Panel?

When i access: from my android phone, it doesn’t seem to be responsive. It just looks like the desktop version. How can I view this on my phone to play with the theme on my phone before i purchase?

Try to remove header frame (CLOSE button)