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Hi Brankic I am sorry if you have already answered this question. Great theme by the way. Thanks! I am having trouble displaying portfolio items in grid format with thumbnails (like in the demo). I have read the help files but unfortunately the portfolio items are still showing in blog format. Any help very much appreciated. Thanks. Sheila

Hi Sheila,

there is a problem if you have same page slug and category slug. In that case, WordPress is showing category template. Try to change permalink structure to default one to see if this is the case…


It seems that the “Choose Your Style” panel on the left side of the page is showing up for all visitors to my website… is this normal?? They can see the options to choose the background pattern, colors, and layout style. How can I disable this??

Also, is it possible to change my domain name after I have already set up my theme with my first domain name? I know how to make domain changes on my web server side, but will all of my permalinks automatically update if I do this?

Thank you, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

It’s normal if you choose YES in Brankic Panel -> Show Panel (Show panel with style options (like on our live preview))

It’s possible to move your WP to new domain name, but it’s not theme support related, so I can’t help you with this. Of course Google has answers to all questions…

@wookeyfilms – There is a help file in the zip you downloaded that will walk you through importing demo content. This will setup the site enough for you to understand how things work. I doubt the author is going to set it up for you.

@Bigbadbison and Arkant1 – The alt tag on featured images appears to be incomplete in the HTML. Email me at and I may be able to walk you through adding the alt text. It’s currently a theme limitation.

@Ltakacs – You’ll need to access your CSS files directly through the /css/ folder on your server. You’re looking for:

#primary-menu .current { color: #fff !important; }

Just change the #fff to #000 for black font instead of white. If you are uncomfortable doing this, just email me at the address above.

@milah227 – The “pipe” is part of sprite.png in the images sub-directory for this theme. If you’re comfortable modifying the sprite then that is the solution, otherwise it’d take a lot of modifications to do either of your requests.

@bakedginger – Verify that in the Brankic Panel you have “Show Pinned Menu on scroll” set to “yes”.

@chasefoto – Under Brankic Panel > Blog Page, verify that “Hide number of comments if there are no comments” is set to “yes”.

I am not affiliated with the makers of this theme so my answers are my own. Unfortunately I cannot easily answer most of the rest of you other than to think that there may be compaibilitiy issues after WP 3.5, Cache plug-in problems or Host/Server updates causing conflicts.

Best of luck!



I sent you a message 3 days ago and have not been given a response. This is really important that it is fixed immediately. Original message below please help as soon as possible.

—-Having a huge issue with the slider and skill toggles. I think there is an issue with the javascript. I have not made any changes to the site and it was working just fine until yesterday. Now the slider is just gone and the toggles reflect as if they can’t read the java. This site was suppose to launch yesterday, immediate help would be really appreciated!!!! thanks—-

Right now support through ThemeForest site has priority over email support.

Not sure what’s the problem. Have you installed any new plugins. It looks like a conflict with some of our scripts…

Hi, I am having trouble uploading individual images from the icons.psd. Can you please help me to retrieve certain icons from the file?

This is not theme related, so I’m not sure why you’re asking here this :)

You must have basic photo editing knowledge to work with PSD files…

Hello again,

Sorry for my double question but perhaps you forget to answer. How can I remove Portrait images from Frontpage? Like enitrely.

Is there a way to show a Pinterest feed from a particular board rather than a feed of all images? Thanks


we’re planning to make update of photostream widget with lots more features, but we’re to busy right now (with home renovation) so we can’t do it in next few months :(


I’ve already bought the theme and we are using it on one of our domains. If we want to use the theme also on another domain do we need to buy another copy?

Thanks, Aaron.


In theory – yes you must buy another copy :)

Hello Brankic (or anyone!),

I have one remaining question for my website using the BigBang theme please. The URL of the page in question is here:

When you click on the ‘grid’ button, I’m hoping it will take the user to the WORK page, but currently it links to another page ”/column-4/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/”, which I don’t need at all. Could you please let me know as soon as possible how to change this link for all portfolio item pages?

Thank you.



for each portfolio item you have to define parent page manually. Look beneath editor, last option in Brankic Custom Fields…

THANK YOU! Very much.

Can I add different colors? I tried to add an additional css file to the colors folder but this doesn’t seem to do the trick. I’d like to keep the original color files if possible.

If you want to keep current color files and add new styles, it’s not that easy for beginners. It’s better to choose one of existing color files (in css/colors) and customize it…

Thank you very much for your answer. I have customized a color file like you proposed.

I’m having an issue with the header tags on my blog posts.

For some reason the header tags are working. This isn’t a problem on my portfolio items or any of my other pages, just blog posts.

I’ve already tried disabling all of my plugins to try and diagnose the problem, but its still happening even after disabling all plugins.

Where would the cause of this problem lie? Thanks

No longer under construction….any help would be greatly appreciated!

Actually I noticed that on your live preview you don’t have any sample blog posts that use header tags…


could you please clarify what header tags are :(


Guys, sorry for not answering your posts and emails for last few days. We’re in the middle of home renovation so we don’t have proper internet connection, nor access to our computers. Please be patient for few more days…

Two questions. How do I add this bar? ( I removed it somehow and have no idea how to add it back.

Also, there is something wrong with my shortcodes. When I click on the old brankic logo and choose one, it dosen’t seem to appear. I know I can just copy and paste it from the help folder but it takes more time.

best regards!


this area is managed with widgets.

If you have WP 3.5 you have to upgrade our theme

how do i change font of body text(post)?

I’m using korean.. ur font looks pretty in english but legibility decrese in korean. i tried change font at BigBang WP Template Global Options. if i change ‘url for google font’, all font changed it. just i wanna change some part. so i wanna method of changing font.

1. body text at post 2. particular session(ex. Text next to page title)

It’s not that easy. You must find Google Web Font with support for Korean…


im not part of bigbang help team but i can help you. I live in korea now and just did some work with this theme. email me mat(at)

you can add a new class in the style sheet that uses a korean font like gulim and then use those tags in the html side. google font doesnt have any korean fonts so it will be hard to find one that looks really good with korean

Thanks cadop,

I hope your solution is useful for arna0320

i have one more Q! i wanna change following picture for post page 1) change position on <div class=”post-info> as 1. 2) change width 600->700 on <div class=” post-content=””> as 2. but i don’t wanna position changing on postlist. just only on post

It’s beyond our support. You’ll have to hire freelancer…

Hi guys. For some reason we are not able to change the color of the hover on the menu bar via your options like you are supposed to be able to do. Any help here? The site is

You can’t change it easily. There is no option for that…

how can we do it then? You have the color option in the Brankic panel that says color. If you change the color to anything else that you have as options it does not work. I dont know why you’d say its not an option if you clearly have it in the option panel on the backend.

You can easily change color style. You can also modify CSS for each color scheme.

I said it’s not that easy to change it through Extra CSS. You’ll have to edit css/colors/color-X.css manually…


I wonder is it possible to use wide size picture in the page(when you click portfolio page detail) section?

from now the page sections is like 1:2 column.

I want to use 960X450 full size side pictures and the text goes

under the pictures~.

is it possible??

You can’t do it if you’re using portfolio custom post type. It’s possible only in “normal” posts…

Hi Brankic,

I am using landscape images and the portfolio shortcut is still distorting my images in preview (using shape=’circle’ with no height). I do not want to square off all my images as it’s a photography site and I would like the images to appear in it’s full glory. Please advise.

Thanks in advanced, Martin

Without URL I can’t help you :( Thnxs

Hi Martin,

Gallery page looks just fine for me:


I am very busy with my portfolio and just saw that suddenly the pictures doesn’t show anymore on my portfolio page. It just says ALL. I can’t find what is wrong, maybe you can help me?


Check the ID of category you’re using. Use portfolio shortcode button and choose right category…

Hi! The cat_id I have now is 14. But I don’t know where that comes from. On my portfolio page stands:

[bra_portfolio title=”Portfolio” cat_id=”14” no=”4” show_filters=”yes” columns=”4” shape=”” height=”“]

I think that there is something wrong? Where do I get the right cat_id?

It’s explained in the help file…