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Hi Brankic, I have just purchased your theme and downloaded the zip, do you have documentation for your theme?

Have you opened this ZIP file? There is a HELP folder where you’ll find help file…

Hi there, having an issue with the sidebar on one of the portfolio pages: It’s working fine when no sidebar is activated (showing 4 columns nicely), but when I choose a sidebar for this page, the “inner-content” section resizes to 700px to allow for the sidebar but the “portfolio-grid” the portfolio grid area still takes up the entire full width and therefore overlaps onto the right hand sidebar.

Does that mean that any portfolio pages cannot be used with a sidebar? Seems an annoying quirk so please can you let me know if there is a solution?

Thanks in advance…

Sorry, but portfolio shortcode can’t be used on pages with sidebar :(

Hi Brankic, How do i get my blog posts to be listed the same way as your style with the picture on top and content below? In my site, it appears to the left. I have followed your size specifications for the horizontal images yet i cant get it the way you have.

Check Brankic Panel -> Blog. There are several styles you can use for blog pages and posts..

Hi again Brankic, How can I have 2 Blog pages? I have working the way I want but when created the 2nd one, it looks like a normal page and not able to post articles there like a normal page does. What settings should i configure to have 2 blog pages working? I am setting them as 2 separate tabs and not as parent-child relationship.

Not sure if I understand issue with 2nd blog page. Maybe you have same page and category slug, so WP is using category template which has different style. Check Brankic Panel -> Blog for category style setting…

I imported the demo content but I can’t get the portfolio page to work. The portfolio is filled with projects and I have categories but the portfolio page is empty.

How do I get the projects to display on the portfolio page?

You have to insert right cat_id. If you don’t want to insert shortcode again via Brankic Shortcode button, read the help file to determine right new cat_id value…

Sweet I got it to work now. Thanks :)

I can’t get the portfolio page to work. The portfolio is filled with projects, I have categories but the portfolio page is empty.

How send the portfolio page in the menu? How do I get the projects to display on the portfolio page?

Are you stigbratvold’s doppelganger :) ?

You have to insert right cat_id. If you don’t want to insert shortcode again via Brankic Shortcode button, read the help file to determine right new cat_id value…

how can I add an ad above the fold?

You have to use some plugin, or to change header.php (what we don’t support)


I sent you an email with several questions about this theme and submitted a question on this board 6 days ago. Did you receive these? Just following up so we can complete our website and publish. We are just waiting on these answers:

Where do we edit the home page banner images?

Where do we edit the section directly under the home page banner images: (Branding, Logo Design, Print, Copywriting)?

Where can we edit the footer Twitter widget, tags, socialize, flickr, left and right text widgets?

Is it possible to remove the SHORTCODES icon and link on the portfolio pages?

Many thanks, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

right now we don’t have full internet access because we’re in home renovation, and we don’t have full access to our computers. This is why we’re only answering to questions from ThemeForest discussion board.

Banner images are Extra images. Extra images can be used on any PAGE, so if you want to have slider on home page, you have to choose page in Settings -> Reading

Shortcode Icon boxes

Appearance -> Widgets

Remove shortcode icon? Where from? What link on portfolio pages?

maybe a simple question, but how can i change the footer ?

Appearance -> Widgets (Footer sidebars)

Hi, I am having a few issues with my site. 1. I want to make the full portfolio boxes a link when you hover over them. 2. All the Vimeo video’s I embed or enter into the ‘prettyPhoto’ source come out as really short in height and long in width (Stretched). How do I get it to appear as a regular size?

Thanks in advance!


1. Not easy at all. You can only have hover=”no” option in shortcode but in that case you won’t have preview option.

2. It’s a prettyPhoto issue. You can edit default pop-up size in javascript/prettyPhoto.js near the end of the file…

I hope this helps…

Hi I finished the website but I d like to use prettyphoto to open the link to our youtube videos from the homepage slide show. The slideshow opens any local images in the lighbox effect but if you add a youtube or flickr link in the extra images link it actually goes to the youtube site and does not open the video in lightbox. thank you


this can’t be done out of box, because this is not how we design our slider.

If you hire a freelancer (s)he can add some if/then conditions for video pop-up option…

Just bought the theme and like it a lot. Almost figured out everything except for one item. On your demo page you have a large full width image slider:

What is the shortcode to insert this onto a page? It does not appear to be anything within the dropdown containing the theme functions. Thanks!


thanks for purchasing.

Sliders are made of Extra images. These images are in editor below the featured image…

Actually, disregard that last post. Figured that out. Heres the new issue.

On my individual portfolio items, the button that returns you to all seems to be broken and linking to a page that does not exist: column-4/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/

I think this is because I imported the default posts and then removed them. How do i change this back to link to portfolio?


for each portfolio post you have to define link to parent page. This is last option in Brankic custom fields…

Question: How can I add keyword-rich text into my H1 and H2 headings in my Brankic1979 template? I haven’t been able to find the headings. Thank you.

Blog question – I’d like to build up my blog before adding it to the menu bar on my website. Can you tell me how to do this? I’ve never blogged, so explain as elementary as you can. Thank you.

Create posts and assign them to some category. Unless you’re using latest posts widget, nobody can see URLs to these posts.

Once you have enough blog material just add your blog category to menu and that’s it…

I need to provide the cat id for the new portfolio category I’ve just created but don’t know where to find it.

I saw the notice that you are renovating and have no internet connection….when will you be back to answer questions? My site was supposed to be live days ago and I cannot move forward until the java files are fixed. I have left multiple messages on the same issue. The java seems to not be responding or miss placed. I have reinstalled the theme after deleting it and the files. I have used a brand new downloaded version of the theme to be sure there were no missing files. PLEASE HELP


not sure what’s not working. Nobody else reported any issues on their installations…

I actually corrected the problem myself. However, an additional issue I have been having is the widgets do not work properly on the pages. I have tried it many different ways, my URL is

something is forcing the widgets below and not beside. I double check the space taken by the content of the page and it is not interfering with the widget space so I don’t know what to do to fix it. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you!

Have you inserted widgets into all sidebars? Right now I can see only one widget in your footer area…

Hello again,

Sorry for my double question but perhaps you forget to answer. How can I remove Portrait images from Frontpage? Like enitrely.

Hi there, Any idea if this theme is WooCommerce friendly? Just want to check before I install it…


sorry, but we haven’t tested WooCommerce with Big Bang :(

I thinks there is no reason why it shouldn’t work…

Disregard my earlier posted questions. We finally figured out most of it on our own. One remaining question—There are navigation buttons on the portfolio pages – an arrow forward, arrow back, and a center button that had a grid that when clicked should load a page with this directory: column-4/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/

However, the main content block has the following message: “No posts were found.” and there is a side bar menu from our blog page.

Do we need to add “posts” or some other content? If so, where? OR is it possible to remove that center icon from the portfolio navigation?


Please update the theme to latest version. After that check if this is something with permalink settings. Try default one. If this is the permalink issue try to change slug of portfolio category…

Center icon on portfolio single page navigation should be defined for each post via Brankic Custom Field – last option.

To hide this icon, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
li.all {display:none;}

Hi guys, How do I remove the “Choose Your Style” tab that appears on the website? Thanks


Go to Brankic Panel -> Show Panel (Show panel with style options (like on our live preview) and choose NO

Hi Brankic.

I have two questions.

1.) Is there a way to have vertical twin slides and horizontal images in the same portfolio and the width remains consistent? Currently when i select twin slides, it panels horizontals and verticals together and the horizontal images are super tiny

2.) how do you change the size of the portfolio thumbnails



you can’t have both twin slides and normal slides in one slider. However, you can manually create twin slides (joint 2 images into one) and use normal slides (if this makes sense)

2. You can’t change it’s size. Depending on the layout (2,3 or 4) columns thumbs are auto resized.