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I am trying to remove my title and tagline from my blog page. Right now “Ciera Design | Brand Identity + Graphic Design Portfolio + Blog + Shop of Graphic Designer Ciera Holzenthal” is showing. How can I remove that or update it? None of the options seem to be doing anything. Thanks!


It’s because you have same slug for the page and for category and in that case WP choose to use category template, and if you’re using category template blog name and description is used.

One solution is to change blog category slug to something else (posts instead of blog or similar)

I changed my blog category name and slug to “all posts” but it is still showing the title and tagline on my blog page. Am I missing something?

There should be another thing. In Settings -> Reading Posts page should be empty…

If this doesn’t help, try to use default permalink setting to see if this is related to permalinks or not…


I have upgraded to version 1.7.7 of the theme and it seems my blog won’t display. I am using WP 3.5 and have set the blog styles to style 4 and have the post page set as blog under reading. The page displays a title of Archive for blog….underneath no posts were found. Could you help?



please leave blank Settings -> Reading -> Static Page -> Posts page

Hi I just bought your theme, and the installation failed because it says style.css is missing?

ooops sorry its okay now :)

Is it possible to have just a full page image for the homepage?


Create new page, insert only one image and choose that page in Settings -> Reading -> Static page

Hi, Thanks for this theme! I would like to translate the words “Site Navigation” from the navigation bar that shows up in small screens. I translated my whole site already but can’t find where that words are. Thanks in advance.

Hi Edmundo,

you’re right, this is not easy to tranlsate :(

You have to translate it in javascript/custom.js

While activating the theme coming this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/penrake/public_html/ on line 3

Please give me solution

Update your WordPress…

I am experiencing a broken link situation that appears to be generated by the theme. In the portfolio pages there is a navigation button that links to the following extension: column-4/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/

Can you please give me some guidance on either removing this icon in the navigation or repairing the auto-generated links?


for each portfolio post you have to define link to parent item. This is last option in Brankic Custom Fields below the editor.

If you want to remove it add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
li.all {display:none;}
we website error: Not Found The requested URL /jquery-1.6.3.min.js was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. help?????

I don’t see this error on your website. Was it because of some plugin?

The active page in the top level menu bar is not highlighting.

Please advise.


you have to use Appearance -> Menus -> Primary menu


When I make a blog post that has a video, it shows up on the blog page but when I click on that post and it takes to me to that post’s page, the video doesn’t show up? How do I fix this?

Also, now when I make a blog post and publish it, it’s not showing up on my blog? How do I fix this?



Please disable all of these plugins. If this doesn’t help, please contact me via contact form on our profile page and let me know…

I disabled all the plugins and it helped, my post are now showing up on my blog but there still one problem…

The posts that contain a video link, they play but if you click on the post and to watch the video on the individual post, the video doesn’t appear?

Any idea how to fix that?

Hi Matt,

May I see the URL?

Try this. Edit javascript/custom.js and delete (near the end of the file)
if ($(".post-media img").size() == 0 && $(".post-media iframe").size() == 0) $(".post-media").hide()

Hello, I followed your directions on how to upload demo content and it doesn’t look anything like the demo… I erased everything then re-uploaded like you mentioned in your troubleshooting directions and it still doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Jeremie


have you read whole section in help file Importing Demo Content.

Importing XML is only 1st step…

My client page loads weirdly. The grid arrangement sometimes gets messed up. I need to reload the page to correct it.


This happens on some servers. Really don’t know what’s causing this.

what can i do?

I’m afraid – nothing :(

We’ve tried to fix this, but nothing seems to work :(

Hi Brankic,

Preview image slightly squashed is at: or

Please advise.

Thanks, Martin


because you’ve disabled right clicking I can’t inspect image elements so I can’t see what’s wrong :(

Sorry, that has been disabled please try again.

Hi again,

Images looks just fine (on my computer)

i get this error ???

Not Found

The requested URL /jquery-1.6.3.min.js was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2 Server at Port 80

please helppp

It looks like some plugin issue. Try to disable one by one plugin to see what plugin is bad…

Hello, I love your theme. Just wondering how do I access the background patterns as per your live preview? Thanks, Melissa

This patterns are in the ZIP you’ve downloaded. bigbangwp/images/pattern/


mate hope all is well. i have been under the hood of your theme and think i have done well with some moods.

One question: When I save a feature image on blog type 3 the image gets saved as 270×270 image.

Eg file name -270×270. Therefore, i believe there is resizing being done.

What php files does this?

It’s in includes/bra_admin_functions.php
if ( function_exists( 'add_image_size' ) ) { 
    add_image_size( 'blog-square', 270, 270, true ); 
Hey Brankic, my website is almost finished, your theme is great, I’m glad ! I have 2 questions : When I create an Instagram photostream in my primary menu, there are 3 seconds of latency before the photos appear on the page. (58 photos, stream = -1) So I decided instead to create a link to my Instagram page in my primary menu. 1 – How to speed up the display of images in my Instagram photostream? and if this is not possible, how to make the “instagram” button menu, point to a new window? 2 – I wish I had more white space below the gray line at the top of my blog page, just above the title of the last post, which now looks “stuck” below the line. How to do that ?

Thanks for your answers, best, Guillaume

Hi Brankic, thanks for your answer ! ;-)) I added the code in the Extra CSS field in Brankic Panel, changed the value to 50px or 100px, nothing happened. I already added this another code below when I asked you a couple of days ago, and nothing happened either, so I decided to not show the page-id-7… a problem with my extra CSS ??

.page-id-7 .section-title h1.title {
 font-size: 22px;
font-family: Arial,sans-serif  
text-transform: uppercase;

Many thanks !!!!!


you have PRE tags before and after the code I gave you. Remove it…

Oooops ! Thank you very much !

Hi there! I have one additional questions about the functionality of my website.

When you click on a project from the portfolio page, there are arrows (left and right) under the project description. These arrows are supposed to cycle through ALL of my projects, but they seem to only work for one project before and one after.

How do I make them cycle through all of the portfolio entries?

Many thanks, Liz

Hi Liz,

these arrows cycle only through same category. To cycle through all items, you’ll have to edit single-portfolio_item.php (Appearance -> Editor) and change
'in_same_tax' => TRUE
'in_same_tax' => FALSE

When I go to import the xml. file it brings me to the “Assign authors” page. Once I press submit at that page my browser looks like its going to load the next page, but never does. I have tried multiple browsers, and it still freezes at this step everytime. I have waited overnight, and tried several times. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


it’s because of your slow hosting :(

Try to contact contact support and tell them the same and check if they can modify settings for your website…